Top 17 Of The Best Free Sports Streaming Websites 2024

Digitization has brought about drastic changes to the world at large. It has transformed and revolutionized anything it has touched. We now have online essay help services & freelance essay writers dispensing education digitally and digital marketing tactics that give broadcast media a run for their money. In this article, we are providing the top 17 Free Sports Streaming Websites.

The media & entertainment industry has been similarly transformed. Gone are when analog radio or cable TV was the sole source of entertainment and movies, sports, and TV series. Today, the advent of the Internet, smart devices, and digitization has made it possible to access digital content anytime, anywhere. From online video libraries streaming websites and OTT platforms, media entertainment has evolved into its future iteration.

The internet spectrum offers countless digital content, online sports being one of them. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best sports streaming websites.

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17 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites 2024

Below are some of the world’s top free streaming sites to watch live sports streams without paying for cable service.

NFL Streams


One of the biggest names in free sports streaming websites, NFL Streams offers free HD streaming of all live events of the United States of America’s National Football Leagues, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, and a host of regional & global sports such as F1, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, etc.

Another excellent feature of the website is that it is relatively free of unwanted ads and promotional banners. In addition, NFL Streams is built using a secure & intuitive navigation system, making it easy for users to find their favorite games.

Start Streaming At:



Here is another completely free live streaming website that brings more than 70 sports and entertainment TV channels right at your fingertips in digital HD format. These include USA TV, CNN, CBS, FOX, HBO, etc.

123TV is not simply a sports streaming website but offers content in various categories such as movies, family entertainment, knowledge, and much more. Well-known for providing top-notch content with the latest & best video quality, the website offers a massive list of online sports streaming channels, making it the most popular sports streaming website among sports enthusiasts.

Start Streaming From:

Live TV

Live TV - Free Sports Streaming Sites

The next entry on our list of a free sports streaming website from Russia called LiveTV. Supposedly, it enjoys a list of massive viewer base and offers extensive sporting events for viewing.

The website boasts a lucid layout and UI. For example, sporting events are divided into multiple sections, each with different sports categories. In addition, some features offer live streams, live scores, and even a separate archive section, which acts as a blessing for those who have missed out on their favorite live matches.

Despite being of Russian origin, the website supports multiple languages.

Here’s the link:


Well, this particular app needs no introduction, especially among the Indian community. The Hotstar OTT service is top-rated in India and the South Asian region.


 Brought to you by Star India & Disney Corporation, the website has a dedicated sports section where users enjoy different sporting categories, including tennis, football, F1, cricket, amateur wrestling, golf, etc.

Most impressive is that users do not need to create an account to access the content, and content viewership is entirely free. Hotstar OTT offers its services in India, South & Southeast Asia, Canada, and the USA. Use a Virtual Private Network server, and you can use it from anywhere in the world. 

Visit at:

Fubo. tv - Best Site To Watch Online Sports Stream

Here’s another excellent option for those who love to watch their favorite games in high quality. The Fubotelevision streaming service is widely available in the USA, Canada, and Spain, where dedicated users watch games of various categories such as NFL, NBA, UEFA Champions League, MLB, NHL, UFC, etc. Of course, one can watch movies and different network television series too.

Unfortunately,  Fubo. tv offers a free trial period for only seven days, following which you need to pay to view their content,

Visit Website:


Stream to Watch

Stream2watch is known to be one of the largest sports streaming websites, simply due to the vast array of sports & sporting events it offers, such as cycling, tennis, hockey, wrestling, basketball, soccer, rugby, racing, cricket, and many more.

The website allows users to stream several popular sports channels like SkySports, ESPN, NBCSports, etc. It also provides a secure navigation system and a well-designed homepage. Events and games are displayed on a large central screen, and users can search for other sporting events using the dedicated onsite search feature.

While Stream2Watcg is entirely free, it is annoying that it keeps on displaying ads and promotional banners.


YuppTV SonyLIV Logo

Another Indian freemium OTT platform that delivers top-notch quality sports content alongside other stuff, Sony Liv, comes to users entirely free from sponsored ads and pop-up banners. One of the most prominent features of the platform is that it comes with an extensive library, but users need to pay a monthly subscription fee if they want more varied content and wish to have an ad-free experience.

Brought to you by the Sony Network, a well-designed and clean interface with seamless navigation is a given. In addition, the site/app offers high-quality visuals in 4k and even 8k resolutions.

Join Up Here:



Looking for an app for your smartphone that offers completely free sports and other content without any limitations or registrations? Well, TVCatchup is what you are looking for. Enjoy a large number of satellite television channels as well as live sports streaming all under one platform.

TVCatchup streams not only uninterrupted sports channels but also from several different categories. And, everything comes to you entirely free of ads and annoying pop-ups. 

Download the app and avail content of stellar picture quality. 

Here’s the link:


CrackStreams is yet another completely free and one o the best sports streaming sites out there. It enjoys immense popularity simply because of the thousands of streams in various categories such as baseball, football, basketball, boxing, MMA, etc.


The site averages a monthly viewership of around 1.2 million. Everything’s for free so that ads and pop-ups will assail viewers. Crack Streams is VPN-friendly.

Here are the website links:,, crackstreams. me


A boon for all soccer fanatics worldwide,  FootyBite is well-known for its seamless HD streams and widespread coverage of soccer games from around the world. Users can get access to live soccer streams and live scores of almost every major soccer league around the world, EPL, Serie A, La Liga, UEGA Champions League, and international sporting events such as Copa America, UEFA Euro, FIFA World Cup, etc.


One can also access scores and streams of NFL, NBA, NH, etc.

Connect here:


The best free cricket streaming website on the Web, CricHD offers smooth HD streaming of live cricket events from around the world.


The website offers simple navigation and a vast selection of live streams. Ads, banners, and pop-ups are frequent and distracting, but the site is VPN friendly and updated with the latest events every day.



Watch Live Sports Games With Footy Wire

Get access to loads of statistics and HD streams of match highlights of your favorite American Football League games. The website offers a plethora of authentic and accurate statistics such as team & player rankings, drafts, team selections, and even minute match details such as kicks, rebounds, tackles, goal assists, and more.

Footywire is a highly responsive website and has everything presented in definite categories, and also comes with a highly smooth search engine.

Visit here:

CBS Sports

CBS Sports Streaming Sites

Here’s another majordomo website that supports seamless online streaming – CBS Sports. Viewers can enjoy all live streams of their favorite sports as well as live scores, and access to the latest news articles, player info, statistics, and much more. The website’s layout is quite simple, the UI intuitive, and navigation a breeze. One can enjoy many sports via the website, such as golf, tennis, basketball, rugby, soccer, etc. The only downside is the geo-restrictions imposed that allow live streams to be viewed only in the US region.

Here’s the link:

VIP League

VIP League - Top Sports Streaming Site

This particular streaming website is available in 9 languages and offers streaming for many sports such as football, cricket, basketball, F1, rugby, etc. Everything is live and free to view on the website and is only a click away.

Here’s the link:

Yahoo Sports

One of the oldest sports streaming websites in the history of the Internet, Yahoo Sports is technically a sports news website launched in 1997. A go-to site for all sports fans, it is full of informative blogs, the latest news updates & articles, live scores, and free streaming for select sporting events such as the American NFL.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is compatible with your desktops, smartphones, and laptops.

Pay A Visit Here:


If you yearn for that first-row seat in the gallery while watching your favorite football game, then FirstRowSports is your best friend.

From live HQ streams to live scores, the website provides everything football fanatics need. Live soccer streams are updated half an hour to 45 minutes before the match commences, and users have the option to reload links in case of any disruption.

The only downside is that ads are unavoidable while browsing or streaming.

 Start Streaming Here:



The newest kid on the block, Sportsurge, is an all-new streaming website. Despite being brand new, the website is worth a try. It offers high-quality live streaming content in many sporting categories such as Hockey, Football, Boxing, Basketball, MMA, and Motorsports. In addition, the website is completely ad-free, but you may come across an ad while streaming.

Pay a visit right here:

And that wraps up this content. Hope it was an informative read-up for everyone alike.

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