Top 13 Best Free SERP Checker And Tracker Tools In 2024

For you to maximize your online presence in today’s competitive digital environment, it is crucial to understand how your website performs on search engine result pages (SERPs). Useful tools in this situation include the free SERP checker and SERP rank checker. These SERP checker tools provide helpful information about keyword rankings, search engine visibility, and overall SEO performance.

A SERP checker tool’s availability can have a big impact on your strategy and decision-making process if you work in digital marketing, SEO, or your website. By monitoring keyword positions, evaluating search engine trends, and looking at competitor rankings, you can make data-driven optimizations to improve your website’s visibility and organic traffic.

Numerous SEO features offer information on the competition, search volume, and difficulty of the keywords. Popular WordPress plugin Rank Math provides thorough SEO functionality, such as rank tracking, on-page optimization, and XML sitemap creation. It seamlessly integrates with your website and gives useful information about keyword rankings.  A website audit tool called SEOptimer can help pinpoint SEO problems and offer suggestions for resolution.

It evaluates elements like page speed, meta tags, and mobile friendliness. A Chrome extension called Keyword Surfer provides helpful information about search volume, keyword suggestions, and related terms right inside Google search results. These free SERP checkers and trackers offer useful functionality and insights that can be used to enhance your website’s performance, raise its search engine rankings, and increase organic traffic. Using these tools can be extremely helpful in your digital marketing efforts, whether you are a novice or an experienced SEO professional.

This article will examine the top 13 free SERP checker and tracker tools that will be available in 2024 and address some frequently asked questions about these tools. These SERP checker tools are designed to help you keep tabs on your keyword rankings, track your search engine performance, and gather useful data about your online visibility. These tools offer several features to improve your SEO efforts, from SERP check capabilities to detailed SERP rank checker functionalities.

The most well-known player when it comes to SERP checker tools is, without a doubt, Google Search. Tracking your keyword rankings in Google searches is crucial given its large user base and market share. However, other potent SERP checkers out there provide all-encompassing features in addition to Google search.

So continue reading if you are ready to learn more about SERP checker tools and how to improve your search engine performance. To help you make an informed decision and select the free SERP checker or SERP rank checker tool that best meets your needs, we will go over the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each tool on our list. Start now to maximize the potential of these SERP checker tools to improve your website’s visibility in the constantly changing search engine environment.

Following are some frequently asked questions about tools for tracking and checking SERPs:

How Do I Check My SERP?

By using SERP checker tools that are available online, you can examine your SERP (Search Engine Results Page). You can use these tools to check your website’s position in search engine results by entering specific keywords. You only need to enter your keyword, and the tool will tell you where your website is on the SERPs according to that keyword.

What is SERP tracking?

Keeping track of your website’s or a set of keywords’ positions on search engine result pages over time is known as SERP tracking. You can evaluate the success of your SEO efforts and make wise decisions to increase your search engine visibility by monitoring your SERP rankings.

What is a SERP checker?

A tool or piece of software known as a SERP checker aids in the analysis and monitoring of your keyword rankings on search engine result pages. It offers helpful details about the ranking of your website, organic traffic, and competition for particular keywords. For assessing your SEO performance and developing plans to improve your rankings, SERP checkers are crucial.

What is a SERP tool?

Software or an online service that provides a variety of features to analyze and track search engine result pages is referred to as a SERP tool. These tools help you track keyword rankings, evaluate the competition, spot trends, and gain an understanding of your search engine visibility. SERP tools are made to assist you in strengthening your SEO efforts and achieving better rankings.

What does SERP stand for?

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. This page is displayed when a user has entered input into the search engine. SERP contains a list of websites relevant to the searched term, along with ads, images, and videos.

Why is SERP important?                                   

SERPs are vital for the generation of traffic and for making the website’s presence felt. The higher the SERP ranking of your website, the greater the chance of the user clicking it. Make sure to enhance and maintain your online presence by keeping track of your SERP rankings and improving them as well.

How can I check my website’s SEO status?

Various SEO analysis tools can be used to check the status of your website’s SEO. These tools take into account all the details of your website, from keywords to backlinks, to gather this status. They help you understand what your website is either lacking or already equipped with to shine among the traffic. These tools are crucial for your website to flourish and thrive on the market.

How do I check my SEO score?

Many SEO audit tools can help you get an SEO score for your website. These scores are provided following an assessment. They take into account factors like backlinks, metadata, website speed, and mobile friendliness. An overall score indicating the success of your website’s optimization efforts can be obtained by conducting an SEO audit.

What is a good SEO score?

The score of your SEO is critical to the performance of your website. The scoring systems and criteria of different tools are not the same. Utilizing a specific tool may not prove to be beneficial. A higher SEO score is considered prominent. Maintaining a higher SEO score directly reflects the efforts that have been put into modifying the website from time to time.

How can I improve my SEO score?

There are many important areas to look into to increase the SEO score:

  • Improve on-page elements: It is mandatory to utilize a handful of optimized keywords in your content, especially in headings and descriptions.
  • Build high-quality backlinks: Backlinks prove to generate a lot of traffic. Make sure that you are using the backlinks of an authentic website.
  • Conduct keyword research: Content without a proper number of keywords is not able to generate much attention. Make sure to use optimized and trending keywords.
  • Regularly update and add new content: The audience would prefer fresh and trending content over that of the past. Make sure to be aware of the happenings.
  • Fix technical issues: The fewer broken links and errors, the greater the attraction.

How can I improve my SEO quickly?

Here are some steps to improve SEO right away:

  • Pay attention to long-tail keywords: The use of long-tail keywords that are not much in competition must be used.
  • Make use of social media: Social media can help you in sales as a large audience is available on social media.
  • Watch and evaluate: Take the help of analysis tools to get a better understanding of what is lacking and what needs to be rectified.

Keep track of the happenings around the world to alter the website and generate traffic. To help you maintain your SEO status by earning a higher SEO score, you can get help from the SERP checker and tracker tools.

Below is the list of the top 13 SERP checker and tracker tools:


Zutrix is a user-friendly platform for digital marketing and SEO that offers top-notch customer support. It provides robust backlink monitoring capabilities in addition to strong, accurate keyword tracking and analysis features.  The free trial enables users to test out its features without making a long-term commitment, and its pricing plans are reasonable, especially when paid annually.

Zutrix is a great option for companies looking to maximize their online visibility and beat out the competition, all things considered.  Zutrix is a good option to take into account if you are looking for trustworthy SEO audit tools with accurate data and tools that make complex analysis simple.



SEWrush allows its users to keep track of their visibility in the search engine result pages (SERPs). The users can also analyze the keyword position of the keywords in their domain. SEMrush is free to use and lets businesses benefit from evaluating their SEO campaigns. It helps the business to point out the areas that need improvement and make decisions accordingly. This helps improve the search engine’s performance with reliable data. 

Tools like competitor analysis, keyword research, and more in SEMrush help us check our website’s performance.  Businesses can get precise information on how their website performs in Google search results thanks to its integration with Google Search. Users can then assess their rankings for various keywords, gauge their click-through rates, and implement tactical adjustments to raise their visibility in Google searches.



AccuRanker will not let you down when speed is a crucial consideration. You have found the market’s quickest SERP Checker and Tracker, so you are in the right place. It is simple for even new users to navigate AccuRanker because it is not only quick but also very intuitive. Pricing is always a touchy subject. As a result, we have kept it simple. All features of AccuRanker are available across all pricing plans, except the variation in the number of trackable keywords per plan, making it appropriate for both businesses and SEO agencies.

Data should be accessible to everyone, according to AccuRanker. The AccuRanker REST API makes all data and calculated metrics readily available with no restrictions, making it simple for programmers and other technical individuals to create their custom applications or reports—something that is very important to businesses and SEO agencies.

Advanced Web Ranking:

Because it offers the level of flexibility and tracking required to understand, Advanced Web Ranking is one of the most popular rank trackers. Additionally, it describes the effects of the queries on traffic as well as how websites rank in comparison to their rivals in the various target markets.  Due to its integration with social media, site performance, and customizable reports, Advanced Web Ranking is one of the most important analytics tools.

Its ranking service is extremely beneficial to the team and the clients. Along with being reliable, it is also easy to use, and the reporting and insight enhancements keep getting better. Some users are still appreciative of the effort and quick support offered.

Advanced Web Ranking


Major Internet companies are choosing less-than-ideal actions to boost market valuation. Ahrefs observes an increase in advertising everywhere—in news feeds, search results, etc.—and a lack of respect for those who are producing the content.  With the ultimate goal of developing a search engine that shares profits with content creators, Ahrefs intends to remain independent and concentrate on assisting people in creating useful content and making it more accessible.

With the aid of the provided tools, you can enhance your website, identify subjects for blog posts, and monitor its effectiveness. With learning resources on our blog and YouTube channel, Arhefs will walk you through each step of the process.


Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is a robust and cost-free tool for tracking and checking SERPs. For website owners and SEO specialists, it is a crucial tool for tracking and improving their online presence.  With Search Console’s SERP rank checker, you can monitor how well your website performs in Google search results. It offers useful information on impressions, clicks, and average SERP positions for your targeted keywords.

You can check your website’s SERPs using Search Console to see how it appear in Google searches, find areas for improvement, and resolve any problems that might be affecting your search engine rankings. You can improve your SEO tactics and make data-driven decisions to increase the visibility of your website because it provides detailed reports on the keywords that are bringing organic traffic to your website.

Google Search Console


SERPStat can be considered a big unit that is determined to provide the best thorough SEO tool to help you in the betterment of the SEO of your website. It provides tremendous services and features to increase your SEO rankings by injecting properly optimized keywords.

Users can easily get a record of the position of keywords to help in decision-making and generate traffic. SERPStat is a crucial tool to own if you are serious about your SEO rankings and the sales of your products.



Moz is one of the oldest SERP checkers. It has gained huge popularity over the years courtesy of the services it has provided and is continuing to do so. Moz is another tool that is determined to help in every way possible to raise your SEO rankings

Moz uses high-quality features to assure that our website is outstanding and better than the competition. Moz is that tool that, if you don’t have it in your bag, you have a high chance of not generating much traffic.


SE Ranking:

To provide distinctive insights, the SE Ranking SEO platform uses cutting-edge data processing algorithms. The databases are securely stored and are regularly expanded. The SEO management platform from SE Ranking goes above and beyond expectations with feature-rich packages and reasonable pricing. Additionally, as your company’s needs expand, you can gradually scale back your subscription.

SE Ranking has a user-friendly interface and is pretty helpful in day-to-day SEO activities. The features it provides are easy to understand and follow, plus you will be assisted in every way to comprehend and alter your website as per the requirements.

SE Ranking


SerpWatcher is another helpful tool that can help you in your daily work. This daily is very good with upgrades. This shows how much this tool is in use and can be widely used. It is one of the most promising tools, and it is always coming up with something new.

The SERP rank checker associated with SERPWatcher is designed to help SEO professionals get a hold of keywords. The SERPWatcher has grown much over the years and is continuing to do so. If you are finding it difficult to work on your daily SEO work, it is the best tool to help you out.


SEO PowerSuite:

The best part about SEO PowerSuite is that many of its features are free, and it offers unlimited sites, keywords, and backlinks to track across all search engines. The problem?  There are none. SEO PowerSuite does not ask you to spend money on hundreds of servers to process your data because it is a desktop SEO tool.

Because of this, SEO PowerSuite is much more affordable and feature-rich than other SEO software tools. The multi-platform software can be used by both small and large SEO agencies as well as individuals in the industry.

SEO PowerSuite

Rank Tracker:

Monitor your ranking progress in any location.  Enter your website address and the nation, region, or city that interests you. You can toggle between mobile and desktop views in Rank Tracker to track your ranking development across various channels. For all the keywords you track for the Google search engine, Ranktracker keeps track of your GMB / Local pack.

You can track any language’s rankings for any Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Yandex location with Ranktracker, including local rankings. It is available for both desktop and mobile use.  For all of your keywords, Ranktracker tracks Organic and Absolute positions. Only with Ranktracker can you discover your true rankings.  Receive daily email notifications of the ups and downs of any of your websites.

rank tracker


Buzzsumo is here to help you create outstanding content, even though it gets harder every day. According to Buzzsumo, the key to producing top-notch content that encourages likes, shares, and top rankings is data-driven research. It also recognizes the value of your time as a marketer, which is why BuzzSumo makes thorough content research simple, quick, and accessible.

Buzzsumo has made it simple for you to spot trends, understand your audience, and keep an eye on your brand by compiling trillions of social engagements and billions of articles into one searchable app. As a result, you consistently receive the information you need to produce content that outperforms your competition, draws traffic, and engages readers. 



There you have it! Now you know the top thirteen SERP checker and tracker tools to help you with your SEO score. Make a proper selection from this list that suits your work and is easy for you to use. The utilization of these tools has helped a lot of business owners over the years, and hopefully, you are next in line. Just make sure to use a legitimate SERP checker tool. There are many other tools, but they may not prove to be of much use. Do not forget to visit your website once or twice a while to check the SEO progress.

Free SERP checker tools still offer insightful information, even though paid SERP checker tools may have more sophisticated features and thorough data analysis. Website owners and digital marketers have long relied on tools like Google Search Console for their vital performance insights and Google search integration. Paid SERP checkers are much better, though; you must try the trial of those tools.

Webmasters and digital marketers now have a useful way to monitor and enhance the performance of their websites on search engine result pages thanks to these free SERP checker and tracker tools. These tools allow you to monitor your keyword rankings, evaluate your website’s visibility, and make informed decisions that will help your SEO strategy. When it comes to understanding your website’s ranking on Google searches or evaluating the results of your optimization efforts, free SERP checker tools are valuable tools for maximizing your website’s search engine presence.