A Detailed Guide About CSGO Ranks And Ranking System

The ranking system is the king aspect of Counter-Strike Global Offensive. To climb from Silver ranked account to Global elite, it is significant to understand the ranking system of csgo.No matter at what stage of rank you are, you need to understand the ranking system in detail to make your movement towards the higher rank easy. The fact is that not all the csgo players will be able to reach the highest csgo ranks, but by reading this guide they can improve their skillset from taking it from bottom to top.No one can say whether the ranking journey will be easy for you or not or it will be a journey full of hurdles as there are various other factors that affect the ranking system. Today’s blog is totally based on information regarding the ranking system, whether it’s Competitive ranking, Danger Zone ranking, or Wingman.

How to step into the ranking system:

Starting as a new csgo player will offer you no rank. You first need to learn about the game, techniques, skills, and strategy to play the ranked matches. You cannot directly jump into the ranking system. The main purpose of this is to make you comfortable with the gameplay. So if you are looking forward to jumping into the ranking system, you need to play the game in a casual server and achieve Private Rank 2.To achieve this rank go for playing different matches and try to understand how everyone plays, use weapons, and much more.

There are different modes of CSGO that you can choose to play these matches. Among all, Deathmatch is the most reasonable pick as it introduces you to a variety of weapons whenever someone kills you. But if you are a player who loves to play competitive matches, then casual matches are the most appropriate pick as it is more similar to CSGO competitive matches.

Now that you have chosen what to play, you need to wait for you to score the required XP. Once you are done with this, you are eligible to play competitive matches. You can look for these matches on the menu under the matchmaking option.

Csgo Ranking System:

Csgo ranking system consists of a total of six-tier and 18 ranks. You will start from the lower tier that has all the silver ranks from silver 1 to silver elite master.

Silvers are the lowest rank of CSGO and are for the players who lack the skills of communication and team play. After that comes the gold nova tier that incorporates gold nova 1, gold nova 2, gold nova 3, and gold nova master. The majority of the CSGo players are stuck at Gold Nova and working on theirs to move forward in the ranking system. The players of Gold Nova vary in skills. The ones that are on the top end of gold nova have a good understanding of weapons, and spray patterns, and have a good game sense. Now comes the next tiers that all only have the advanced players. These tiers incorporate master guardian elite to the highest rank of CSGO global elite.

Csgo Prime Accounts:

After playing a variety of matches and winning there will come a time when you will think of being a prime account player. At this stage, the only thing you need to do is attach the Steam account with your mobile number for verification. After doing so, play a variety of matches and reach Lieutenant Rank 21. The best part about prime accounts that attract many players is the level of security it offer.

There is no wrong in saying that you cannot save yourself completely from hackers but yes you can increase your chances by playing with CSGO Prime accounts. By being a part of the prime account community, you will be given the opportunity to play only with verified players. It is the best way to avoid smurf which aims to destroy the gaming experience of other players. You can achieve these CSGO Prime accounts by working hard and winning matches but if you don’t like that go to Ezsmurfs and buy csgo prime accounts for sale. You will get an account with 100% satisfaction and at the most reasonable rates.

Wrapping up:

Like all other characteristics of CSGO, the ranking system is one important aspect to understand. Without having a proper knowledge regarding the CSGO ranks system, no player cannot go up and achieve ranks. Every rank has a specific skill set, you will reach there only when you will be able to compete with players of that skill set. You can either achieve these ranks by hard work or by buying prime and ranked accounts from different relatable, trusted, and secured platforms.