10 Free Online Resources To Ease Remote Learning Access

With the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the world has seen how technology has evolved our lifestyle. From weddings to doctor consultations, we are now capable of doing anything virtually from the comfort of our home. The same can be said for the education sector as well. Although millions of student’s in-person education were interrupted due to the virus, educators have curtailed the learning gap and stepped up their game to reach students in virtual ways by adopting remote learning.

However, making remote learning work can be challenging for students and educators. You can have the best tools at your disposal and still fail to deliver a useful learning experience. Hence, parents, teachers, and schools are now more cautious about finding the right resources to engage and instruct students.

I have also heard from students and the teachers how overwhelming it is to find the best study resources online to match their academic interests. That’s why I have come jotted down this list of free resources for students to explore.

Each of these academic tools has a strong user-base and something unique to offer to make your studies less of a struggle given the circumstance we are at present.

10 Free Online Remote Learning Resources To Get Your Hands On In 2021


Remote Learning

Achieve3000 has been dedicatedly helping educators meet students’ needs with complete digital solutions. Their academic program is designed to help students develop their critical thinking abilities and improve their understanding of the topics. The study topics range from social studies and science to current affairs and allow teachers to access through the device quickly and seamlessly integrate with Google Classroom.

Actively Learn:

Remote Learning

Actively Learn is an ideal platform to make learning fun and interactive. Educators can bring their resources and upload Google doc, webpages, or PDFs so students can answer questions and actively learn.

To save time and effort, you can find pre-created assignments to help students learn about various topics in ELA, Science, and Social Studies. Furthermore, students can engage in text-based discussions and share notes if they are stuck with a topic.


Remote Learning

If you want to enroll in an online certificate course, this would be the perfect pick for you. Alison is a brilliant online learning platform where you can find the world’s finest experts for a wide range of courses – be it IT, Business, Health, or Language. From CAPM exam preparation to psychology diploma, you can find more than 2000 accredited courses to boost your knowledge and build workplace skills.

Bedtime Math:

Remote Learning

Teaching math to kids can be a challenge for most parents. While hundreds of online tutorials are available online, screen time is a worry for many parents. But not anymore! With Bedtime Math, you can find interesting ways to make math engaging for kids with fun-filled math activities. Thousands of families with kids ages 3-9 have agreed that the activities have improved their kids’ mathematical skills.

Curriculum Associates:

Remote Learning

Curriculum Associates is a unique teaching and learning platform where students, teachers, and families can navigate various learning modules. You can find i-Ready activity packs for reading and math to keep students engaged in learning. Hold on; there’s more! Here, you will also find printable at-home learning exercises to practice for different grade levels and reinforce learning.

Khan Academy:

Remote Learning

Khan Academy is a popular online learning platform among most students worldwide. The website provides a personalised learning experience to students so they learn at their own pace and fill the gaps in their understanding of a topic/subject.

The website offers resources in math K-12, science, history, SAT, STEM subjects, and more as per a student’s requirements.


Remote Learning

At Nearpod, you can access thousands of personalised lessons with unique student activities to build a classroom culture even in the remote learning setting. Teachers can assign self-paced tasks, sync and control students’ screens, and track and monitor students’ academic progress.

Access 7500+ editable, pre-created lessons or upload your PDFs resources, Google Slides, or PowerPoints and receive real-time live session reports. You can also choose from 20+ interactive activities to improve your student’s engagement.

Pear Deck:

Remote Learning

Preparing slides is tough, and when it’s for your virtual classes, it gets all the more difficult. Luckily, you have Pear Deck. It is an add-on to Google Slides, allows a student to create an interactive presentation for their virtual classes. You can find a template library to transform the look of your slides.

With Pear Deck, educators can customize their questions and create personalized activities and audio clips to engage students. You can conduct Q&A sessions with your slides and closely analyze what a student thinks. As students’ answers are displayed anonymously, there’s no room for them to worry about giving wrong answers and feeling silly in front of their classmates.


Remote Learning

If you are looking for quick guidance with your science courses, Labster is here at your aid. The website provides virtual laboratory simulations and has over 100 lab experiments covering all science, general science, and engineering subjects. You can learn at your own pace and cover the lessons you have missed due to the school closures.

However, the software is available for colleges and universities affected by the pandemic. To get free access to the study materials, course mapping, and online training, all you have to do is inform your college or local district of your interest to use Labster and complete the registration. 


Remote Learning

Pandemic or no pandemic, you cannot submit an assignment without creating accurate citations for the used sources in your paper. But how do you manage to cite your projects without the support of your professors?

Worry not! Bibcitation is a free online citation generator that allows you to generate unlimited citations free of cost. There are more than a dozen of styles available. Just enter the citation details, choose your preferred style, and voila! Your citations are ready. You can also find citation guidelines for different types for quick understanding.


In the current scenario, remote learning is ideal for students, teachers, and parents to bridge the learning gap. Online education may seem tricky, but it can become an excellent alternative to in-person instruction with time and practice. Free online tools and resources have given easy access to world-class education to all. So, use the tools mentioned above to make the most of the remote learning setup. Good luck!