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Why should damaged fibro roofs be repaired urgently?

A fibrous cement sheet is a building material also known as Fibro because it uses fibrous material. The most commonly used fibrous material to build cement sheets is asbestos. The fibro sheets are used around the world for roofing as it is but looks beautiful and gas easy application. It is commonly available as corrugated sheets with a matte finish. It is a common sight in Australian suburbs on housetops to have fibro sheets as roofs. 

The fibro sheets wither with time which is not seen as a good sign because the withering represents that the material structure is changing, which might prove to be harmful to house owners and neighbors. Fibro roofs contain asbestos, making the roofs last long and giving a beautiful look to the houses and other workplaces.

Why is the urgent repair of fibro sheets important? 

Repairing a damaged fibro roof on an urgent basis is important because withering and damage may cause high health issues and other damages to the people living in the house. The damage can be caused either by weather conditions or by drilling and cutting; put in simple words, any action that has the ability to expose the roof to air will cause damage to the fibrous sheets. 

It is extremely important to get the damaged fibro roofs repaired on a priority basis. It poses a physical threat and threat to the respiratory health of humans living under the roof because it becomes airborne and causes lung cancer along with other health issues. 

Apart from the health risks, asbestos also poses a risk to property as it lowers the chances of selling or insuring your property. Many insurance companies do not add fibro roofs in insurance cover. In contrast, many do not insure properties with fibro roofs, and the companies that provide insurance cover for fibro roofs are expensive.

So if your roof is damaged, you might want to consider removing and re-roofing your property. The proactive approach to replacing your asbestos roof will not only increase the value of your property but also help you save yourself and the family from having serious health hazards. 

Asbestos and related health risks

When the fibro roofs containing asbestos are damaged, the fibro particles start to release and dilute in the air. Once the particles become airborne, they set into the lungs causing major respiratory issues in the later stages. Statistically, such fibro sheets have killed many workers and have serious health threats to people who have fibro sheets done in their offices, houses, or workplaces. The issues like inflammation and infection in the throat to some serious diseases like Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, and workers and families. These risks occur when the damage to fibro roofs is caused by fire, hailstorm, or extreme weather conditions. Then sheets become loose, resulting in the fibro particles becoming airborne and causing health issues. 


It is a disease that affects the lining of the lungs and lower digestive tract. Mesothelioma is a direct outcome of asbestos that takes time to be diagnosed, and when it is diagnosed, it usually becomes fatal. 


The workers exposed to asbestos on a daily basis contract asbestosis in which the working of the lungs is affected so much that it causes severe shortness of breath and, in some cases, even fatal. 

How can Fibro roofs be repaired?

Fibro roofs containing asbestos are at high risk of being withered, even if it is not visible damage. The experts suggest that you should get your fibro roofs inspected to save yourself from health problems. If the inspection results are that the roof is damaged, you should get it repaired on a priority basis. 

The only way to get your roofs repaired is by calling asbestos professionals to ensure that the repair is well done. These professionals will reach and repair the places which you, as a layman, will not be able to identify. When your fibro rood is left in good repair, it reduces the health risks.

Many Do it yourself people tend to do several drilling, cutting, and other repairs at home, which unintentionally causes harm to the fibro sheets. The damaged sheets can disintegrate and pose harm to the family and the neighbors for serious injuries; therefore, it is suggested to have an asbestos expert inspect the roofs now and then to keep the roof in good condition and avoid any mishaps. 


Asbestos roofing has been in talks for many years now; it has been observed that these fibro roofs are harmful health-wise. However, the easy application and beautification that they provide to the house are unmatchable. But when thought about in the long run, fibro roofs are not safe. Fibro roofs containing asbestos are termed silent killers because their particles settle in the lungs of people living around and cause fatal diseases.