Why Choose DNA Tests for Child Swaps in Hospitals?

Having a child is the most precious experience every couple wants to have. It is a happy time for the family to welcome a new member. But sadly, sometimes babies get swapped in hospitals, and this leaves an emotional as well as mental trauma on the couple and their families. It is very disappointing that child swap cases are still prevalent in India. You can easily find the news of baby swaps across India, irrespective of where you live. However, the good news is you do not need to worry now. DNA tests for baby swaps in hospitals can help you resolve the problem. The test report will ensure whether you are raising your biological or swapped child.

Child swapping happens most commonly due to the negligence of the hospital and nursing staff, and sometimes, it may even be intentional. DNA testing for baby swaps in hospitals helps reunite the parents with their biological child. If you have any doubt regarding the identity of your newborn baby, you should go for DNA testing for a child swap.

How Does a DNA Test for Child Swap Work?

DNA is the genetic material that constitutes the unique genetic identity of a child. Every child inherits half of its DNA from either parent.A DNA Test for child swap includes testing the alleged mother’s DNA and matching it with the swapped child’s DNA test results. If the test shows a match, the child is biologically related.

Let’s have a brief look at its methodology.


The baby and mother samples are collected separately by rubbing specialized cotton swabs against the cheek wall. This collects epithelial cells on the swabs, which are later processed to extract DNA. After the sample collection, the DNA is examined using the STR profiling technique.

STR Profiling Technique

● DNA molecules have approximately 3 billion base pairs arranged in specific sequences. The strand of DNA is cut into smaller fragments using specialized reagents and techniques in the lab, and these short fragments are called Short Tandem Repeats or STRs.

● Using PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction, multiple copies of the STR are amplified. In the end, capillary electrophoresis is performed to yield the characteristic DNA profile of each tester.

● The DNA profiles of both parties are compared and matched to find any resemblance. If it’s a 99.99% inclusion, the baby is biologically related to the mother. If there is a 0% inclusion, it means the child is not the biological child.

DNA Testing is an authentic way to establish a genetic relation between two or more individuals. DNA tests for baby swap in hospital help the couple avoid stress and have peace of mind.

How to Prevent Baby Swap Cases in India?

Nowadays, hospital staff are going the extra mile to prevent such incidents. They provide ID bracelets to both the mother and the child, and sometimes, they use fingerprints/footprints for child identification.

Baby Swap DNA Test

Some extra tips you can follow to prevent baby swap cases:

● Keep your baby along with you.

● Dress up your baby with distinctive clothes.

● Ask the staff nurse to check if the ID bracelets match.

● Birthmarks on the baby should be checked at first look.

● Check every other person who’s handling your child.

If you have any doubt regarding your delivered child, we recommend DNA tests for baby swap in hospital.

● DNA Maternity Test: In case your child is swapped accidentally or intentionally, this test compares the child’s DNA with that of the alleged mother. A child derives half of its DNA from its mother. This test is beneficial for immigration and adoption cases.

● Paternity Trio Test: Paternity Trio Test includes the DNA samples from both parents and the child’s DNA sample. The consent of the mother for the test is recommended. 

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