What should you know About Auckland New Zealand

Auckland is New Zealand’s largest and most multicultural city with a colourful Polynesian population not only one but two fine ports and a ring of volcanic cones, creating plenty of opportunities to admire the beauty of this city. Auckland is the most colourful city in New Zealand. Like all harbour towns, Auckland offers you many of the best places to stay, but to be frank, town views from this magnificent area of city and volcanoes are probably as good? You don’t even have to choose from some of our advice on the best hotels in Auckland New Zealand.

The Auckland area has spread into an endlessly growing neighbourhood and surrounding other communities, so that some of our hotels may look a bit ‘off-centre’ if viewed from a European perspective as the best place to stay in the Auckland region. But you must remember that open spaces and large blocks of land are more dependent on cars and public transport, and although they seem a long way away, the train from Harbor Bridge is probably just 15 minutes or so. Fifteen minutes on the ferry, for our recommendations in Devonport. One of its advantages is that the different suburbs have more of their own unique personality and feel of the village. So it’s probably quite useful to start by considering our Neighbourhood? Section.-Section.

Furthermore, we have tried, based on the kind of visit you might want, to make recommendations for the best places to stay in Auckland, and we list some great city break hotels, recommendations for the best places for families in Auckland, and also some of the best B&Bs in Auckland and guest houses in the area.

Where is Stay? Which Neighborhood

Due to the layout of Auckland, access to a car is useful, although most sights have reasonable access to public transport. The ferry provides easy access to historic Devonport, as well as several great beaches, Waiheke Island wines and olive groves, about 45 minutes, and Rangitoto, a large volcanic island to the east of the town.

  • The centre of Auckland or CBD is the busiest area of the city, with many restaurants and bars both during the day and in the night and many options in the hotel. Whether you’re not here for long, or whether you want to hang it up on your first visit, maybe? The city centre is a big choice then. It is also in central Aotea, the Art Gallery of Auckland, the Maritime Museum and the Sky Tower with its renowned observation deck, bungee-like facilities, the War Memorial Museum and the Memorial Domain.
  • Grey Lynn is a suburb of downtown, too, but it’s more artificial, less business-like and has a good selection of restaurants and cafes, but not all of the most important attractions. If you want to be central, it’s a good choice, but you want something more affordable.
  • Takapuna is rather central, but coastal too, so if you want to spend some time on a pleasant, sandy beach in your hotel, it’s a great choice. It’s also quite hip.
  • A short ferry ride from the centre of Auckland New Zealand is on the north bank of Devonport.
  • Devonport is known for its clean and safe beaches, its collection of eclectic shopping, its art galleries and its views of Auckland, historical and beautiful. It’s especially famous if you take the Mt. Victoria up the volcanic cones. Devonport is one of the best places for families to stay in Auckland, since the beaches are a bit tranquil and child-friendly. This is also a good choice for anyone interested in the heritage of Maori.
  • A trendy, artistic, night-life suburb with a rich air, shopping and chic places to eat, drink and make merry. Ponsonby is the most beautiful place. It’s not super central, but there are good transport connexions, leafy and elegant and very beautiful beaches.
  • In a similar vein, but with more villagey-like heritage, Parnell is the oldest suburb in Auckland and has impressive colonial mansions, luxurious gardens and magnificent markets, as well as numerous cool cafés, bars and restaurants in it.
  • As it is constructed on the water, it is clear that some of Auckland’s best hotels are close to the water, either at the Auckland Harbor redevelopment or in the marina area.
  • Staying at the port allows you a panoramic view of the water, from ferries to private superyachts and cruises, and the smart, trendy suburbs of the seafront with their bars and restaurants are close to you. The cruises to Devonport are easily accessible by boat, with genteel air, beautiful Cheltenham beach and beaches, or to Waiheke Island beaches. The city’s Maritime Museum, or the Art Gallery, is an easy stroll. Volcanoes are an important part of the landscape of Auckland, and on the isthmus of the city, there are several cones. While the volcanoes themselves have long passed their lava spurting days, magma is active still deep beneath the city’s surface, and Auckland is sitting on a volcanic field of about 48 extinct volcanoes. Probably the largest volcano on the field is one Tree Hill, with magnificent 360-degree views of the town from the summit. One Tree Hill also features a planetarium and a centre of information with volcanic field exhibitions. Mt. Eden, Mt. Wellington, Mt. Rosalie and Mt. Albert are other cones worth visiting.

For people who want something a little more rural, Orewa is another good choice. The Harbor Bridge is approximately half an hour away and right up against a long, sandy section of beach which is very popular with surfers, kite surfers and anyone who likes spending time on the water. You can even go for a walk, and you can stay here if you want to be closest to the wineries of the region.

This town is a busy, prosperous centre and a popular destination year-round. Do your homework and book well ahead if you want a room in one of the best places to stay in Auckland.

The Best Places To Stay in Auckland New Zealand


The Grand Windsor Hotel has been recently restored to its most intelligent glory, with its central design and surprisingly affordable prices. The decoration is angular but decaying, with candlesticks with marble floors, sunglasses, lamps, and big windows. There is an excellent dining restaurant (with an afternoon tea), plus a fitness center and spa.


  • Pullman Auckland is very broad, elegant, and situated very well, near to Albert Park and the port of Waitemata. And we would put it in every category since probably everybody who would consider staying at a large high-rise hotel should consider it. The views are great, the decor is stylishly simple, modern, but also very comfortable and the restaurant and the swimming pool are very nice. However, we have included it in the family area, because the 340 rooms, suites, and apartments are really ideal for every family, either you would like to have separate bedrooms and kitchen facilities or you all want to stack together.
  • Large, classy, and central Cordis Auckland is a very simple, modern monochrome and has plenty of space and room sizes to make it easy for families to find the right configuration. It looks a bit like an apartment building on the outside, but its 411 well-designed rooms and suites and a heated pool on the roof. A spa and fitness center and a fantastic bar and restaurant are also provided. Cordis also provides special family parks with activities for your young children and a children’s program includes activities for a variety of age groups.
  • Latitude 37 is located in the heart of Auckland New Zealand, near Wynyard Quarter, in an elegance complex arranged around a central courtyard with palm trees, and offers a luxurious one, two, three, and four-bedroom, self-catering apartment. Some have water views, all have fully equipped kitchens, simple modern décor, and a laundry service.

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