What Are The Risks Associated With Facial Hair Restoration?

The face is the first point of interaction when you first meet someone. It is because facial features tell about a person. That is why many people visit Beverly Hills hair restoration for some facial hair restoration. However, just like any other medical procedure, it comes with its share of challenges. But before we get there, let us check why people opt for facial hair transplants. 

Why People Seek Facial Hair Restoration Services

Since the face is the first point of interaction, it is good to keep your face in good shape. That is why you will find people with major scars seeking reconstruction surgery. The bookings of facial hair transplant Los Angeles clinic keep trickling in. People are desperate to improve and increase their facial hairs. 

For men, a full beard increases their confidence. They no longer mind trimming the beard every morning. It is no longer necessary to remain clean-shaven while in an office, as long as the beard is neat. The beard gives men a feeling of masculinity. It massages their ego to have a full and thick beard. However, it is not the only facial hair that they seek to restore. Some men go for eyebrow and mustache transplants.

The emphasis on women’s hair restoration is on their eyebrows. Over the years, they have employed several means to make the eyebrows look perfect. Any hair loss that would affect the eyebrows would be detrimental to a woman’s confidence. 

Besides boosting confidence, other reasons could make one seek facial hair restoration. For instance, you may suffer a trauma that leads to scarring on one or several areas on the face. Usually, there’s no hair in the scar area. Thus you will need a facial hair transplant to cover the scar.  

There are several types of alopecia (hair loss condition). Some of them affect the facial hairs. It isn’t easy to walk with patches of hair on the face. In the past, men opted to smooth-shave to hide the problem. But it is difficult to walk with empty brows for both genders. That is why Beverly Hills hair restoration offers solutions to such issues. 

The medical conditions may lead to hair loss all over the body. They include the thyroid, which is responsible for hair growth. Cancer treatment also makes you lose a good amount of hair all over the body. With all these reasons that may lead to hair loss or scarring, then you can reclaim your confidence with a facial hair transplant in Los Angeles. 

The Risks of Facial Hair Restoration

Before you settle for any facial hair restoration procedure, it is good to know what risks you may face. Here is what you need to know. 

  • The hair transplant process involved prickling your skin with needles. Below the skin surface lies the nerve endings and blood vessels. Sometimes, you may find yourself with some nerve or blood vessel damage.
  • The facial hair transplant Los Angeles clinic needs to observe high standards of hygiene. Otherwise, you may suffer serious bacterial infections.
  • There is a possibility you may have some minor bleeding at the donor site and the face. But if you have a problem that prevents the blood from clotting, you may bleed more. 
  • You will experience some pain in the head and face after the surgery. The pain is absent during the surgery due to anesthesia. However, as the effect fades away, you will start feeling the pain. Stay with the painkillers close to you and take them as the doctor prescribes. 
  • You may develop some bumps around the plug-grafts. But it should now worry you as the hair will grow and cover the bump. It may, however, hinder you from shaving all the facial hairs.
  • You will experience some swelling on the scalp and the face. The degree of swelling is different for different people. 
  • You will notice some bruises and redness on your face. In some cases, you may have scarring on the donor area. That depends on the method of graft harvesting used. 
  • You will suffer post-anesthesia symptoms such as numbness and faintness. In severe cases, you may lose your awareness. To avoid that, do not rush to stand up after the surgery. Instead, rise in beats. Sit on the bed (Or Chair) you were lying on and wait for your brain to get balance. Then, you can rise slowly. Ensure there is someone or something you can hold on to in case you feel dizzy. 
  • You sacrifice the hair on your scalp for a facial transplant. Thus your hair may appear less dense than before. 
  • The most horrifying side effect is your beard falling three weeks after the transplant. However, it would help if you relaxed as it is normal and regrow after a while. You will have a full beard growth from 90 days after the hair restoration process. 
  • You do not have a 100% guaranteed success rate. The highest success rate is 80%. You could be unlucky if the 20% is not well distributed as you will be left with a bald patch on the face. 

The Benefits of Hair Restoration

When you take a step to visit Beverly Hills hair restoration, you have a clear mind of what to expect. The benefits of the transplant are many. But the major one is that the process is permanent. 

Other benefits are that you will use your hair, hence reducing the chances of cross infections. Also, the process is painless, and the recovery period is short. 


Facial hair transplant Los Angeles offers great services to fix your facial hairs. There are minimal risks involved. Also, the common side effects are mild and disappear after a short time.