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What Are In Frame Kitchens

In today’s world, there is an array of design features and styles to incorporate into what is considered to be the heart of the home, the kitchen. For many homeowners out there looking for a new kitchen or to give a new lease of life to their outdated one, they may have come across the term ‘in frame kitchen’ but not really understood what it meant. Choosing the right style of kitchen is always a daunting task, especially now that modern kitchens have become multifunctional living spaces that need to align with the personality and daily lives of their inhabitants.

Now more than ever, kitchens are expected to carry an aesthetic appeal whilst serving a practical purpose because after all, the kitchen is a hub for activity. For those that are looking to adopt an elegant statement to their kitchens with timeless design features, an in-frame kitchen is the perfect solution.

What is an in frame kitchen?

inframe shaker kitchen are the result of what is considered to be a more bespoke style of finish with higher quality craftsmanship. The kitchen doors within an in frame design are inset with a wooden frame that is fitted to the front of a kitchen carcass. This particular finish gives a much more traditional look to kitchen cabinetry and presents a high level of quality, durability, and longevity. Due to its structure, the door and drawers of an in frame finish is smaller as its inset within the frame, meaning the door will open within the frame.

Why an in frame kitchen is a great investment

There’s no denying that an in frame kitchen can offer a beautifully distinct and traditional look to a kitchen. The aesthetic nature of the finished look speaks volumes in understated grandeur and will become the talking point of any type of kitchen. It’s become very popular for buyers over the past few years due to the visual elements alone that help achieve a truly bespoke finish. Recent trends have also meant that buyers are requiring durability and longevity from a kitchen which an in frame design most certainly offers.

The fact that in frame cabinets and drawers are made of solid wood and require specialist craftsmanship ensures a desirable level of durability and also the extensive attention to detail that they are renowned for. In frame kitchens also require special hinges and draw mechanisms that will make doors sagging over time much less likely as opposed to the standard kitchen designs. All of which makes investing in an in frame kitchen a sensible option as it will give a luxurious feel to a kitchen whilst ensuring that it is brimming with life in the years to come.

Cost of an in frame kitchen?

Generally, due to in frame kitchens requiring custom craftsmanship with exquisite detail, these types of high-end kitchen designs will always cost a little more money. Roughly speaking, buyers can expect to pay up to 50% more than a standard kitchen. For some, this may affect their decision to opt for an in frame kitchen. However, buyers should be reminded that by paying extra for an in frame kitchen, the extra cost will ensure that a buyer has:

  • A timeless statement brimming with aesthetic elegance and fine attention to detail.
  • A bespoke finish that has been tailored by high quality craftsmanship.
  • A higher level of durability and longevity compared to an ordinary kitchen design, making it a sensible investment for the years to come.