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What Are the Advantages And Disadvantages of Washing Machine

We all have that one place in our home that is always piled up in dirty clothes and laundry. By the time you wash and dry them, you have another pile of dirty laundry that you have to do. With the technology we have today, the washing machine will handle dirty laundry and make life much easier!

Just like any other appliance, a washing machine also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. One can select a washing machine keeping the family needs and water availability in mind.



This is an advantage you must not ignore, especially if you are a busy person. Compared to hand-washing, it saves a large amount of time, and you can also engage in a different task without any supervision. It works a lot faster than hand-washing and adds as many cycles as you want, not worrying about that mysterious new pile of dirty laundry!


It is a well-known fact that hand-washing requires much more effort than washing them with a washing machine, especially if there are stubborn spots that need vigorous scrubbing. Washing machines need the ‘massive’ effort of just putting laundry, adding detergent, and pushing a button! Even adamant spots and stains are easier to remove using various options to operate your washing machine. Why fear when there is an agitator?


There are a variety of sizes in which a typical washing machine can be availed. It goes on from portable forms to large ones that hook to the water line in the laundry room (or basement). The smaller ones that can hook to the sink can be used in apartments. Apart from the place you live in, the number of family members and the number of large garments (comforters and bedsheets) can also decide the size of the washing machine.


Different kinds of cycles can be opted in a washing machine according to different materials. This segregation that varies from larger garments, silk, cotton, delicates, bags, inner garments like underwear and bras can save your clothes from damage if you use an appropriate cycle for your load.


The good news is that a well-reputed washing machine has cheap purchase and maintenance costs.


Although washing machines ought to make your everyday life easier, if not properly maintained will cause a major hassle. Appropriate maintenance is a must, and good servicing centers are proved necessary.

Disadvantages of Using Washing Machine

Plusses come with minuses. The advantages are bound to have disadvantages as well. Although washing machines get the upper hand in all-round convenience, some sacrifices must be made in case of a budget.

The three disadvantages are:


Additional water is required keeping in mind the different cycles one can opt for in a typical household. However, the difference is negligible.


It needs extra money to pay additional electricity bill costs for the operation of the washing machine.


As it requires detergent ‘powder’ in place of a detergent bar in hand-washing (which is more experience).

In the end, although machines come with their pros and cons, the disadvantages don’t become a big deal, and you can balance them if you think about it. It is still easier and convenient compared to hand-washing by reducing the time and effort.

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