6 Unusual Flavors Of Ice Cream You Won’t Believe Exist

Ice cream is a beloved dessert, but it’s also pretty predictable. The same flavors come around every summer, and you can count on the fact that they’ll taste exactly like you remember them. But what if I told you there are ice creams out there that don’t fit into those normal categories? They’re not even made with regular ingredients—they’re a little weird. In fact, they might seem totally gross at first glance. Well, guess what: They’re actually delicious! Here are five unusual flavors of ice cream that will probably surprise you:

Crab Ice Cream

Crab ice cream is a type of ice cream that is made with real crab meat or crab flavoring. While it may seem like an unusual flavor combination, it is actually quite popular in some parts of the world, particularly in Japan.

“It was quite a challenge to make people eat crab ice cream.”

Heston Blumenthal

It’s worth noting that crab ice cream is not for everyone, as noted by famous English chef Heston Blumenthal. Some people find the idea of mixing seafood with ice cream to be unappetizing or even off-putting. However, for those who are adventurous eaters and enjoy trying new things, crab ice cream can be a unique and exciting culinary experience. If you want to learn more about what people have said about ice cream, try looking at this collection of famous quotes with ice cream.

Grasshopper Ice Cream

Grasshopper ice cream is chocolate ice cream with mint chocolate chips and marshmallow swirl. It’s a popular flavor in the United States, especially among people who like to pretend they’re eating something healthy when they’re really just indulging in some high-calorie goodness.

Former president Bill Clinton has been known to favor this flavor, which makes sense given his love of all things minty (and green).

Bubblegum Ice Cream

Bubblegum ice cream is a sweet and sour ice cream. It’s made with a mixture of bubblegum and other flavors, like vanilla or chocolate.

Bubblegum ice cream became popular in the United States in the 1970s when it was first made by accident by an owner of an ice cream parlor who wanted to add some strawberry syrup to his strawberry-flavored ice cream but accidentally added too much sugar instead. The result was so good that he decided not only to keep selling it, but also make other flavors out of this recipe as well!

Squid Ink Black Sesame Ice Cream

What do you get when you cross squid ink with black sesame? A delicious new flavor of ice cream.

While most people have heard of black sesame before, it’s not always easy to find in stores. This unique treat brings together two seemingly disparate flavors that actually complement each other perfectly well–and the result is a creamy, sweet dessert that will make your taste buds dance with joy!

The flavor of squid ink can be difficult to describe: it has an earthy aroma and a slightly bitter taste, but what really sets it apart from other flavors is its color: a deep purple hue reminiscent of ink from an ancient quill pen (hence its name). When combined with black sesame paste or powder for this recipe, these two ingredients create something truly special–a richly hued dessert packed full of antioxidants that won’t weigh down your stomach after eating too much!

Beer Ice Cream

You may think that beer is a flavor, but it’s actually an ingredient. Beer ice cream is made with actual beer, and it’s not just for the folks who enjoy their brewskis. The popular European treat has been popping up on menus across the continent since at least 2006–and Americans are catching on to its deliciousness too.

There are many different ways to make this creamy dessert; some recipes call for stout or porter (a dark beer), while others use lighter lagers like Guinness and Heineken. Some even use non-alcoholic beers like Coors Light!

Curry Ice Cream

Curry is one of the most popular spices in the world. It’s used in everything from curries to chutneys, and even desserts like ice cream. Curry ice cream is a tasty treat that offers a little bit of spice and a lot of flavor!

Curry ice cream is made with ingredients like cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves–all staples of Indian cuisine–as well as some more unusual flavors like fennel seed or star anise (a type of Asian herb). This combination creates an exotic taste that makes you feel like you’re eating at your favorite Indian restaurant without having to leave home! Plus it’s healthy too; curry contains antioxidants which help fight disease-causing free radicals while also improving brain function, so you can think faster while enjoying your food!


We hope you enjoyed our list of unusual ice cream flavors. We know that some of these may sound strange, but trust us when we say they’re delicious! If you have any other flavors you think should be on here, then let us know in the comments below.