Trends Dictating The Future of Web Development In Phoenix

Web developers are always leveraging new technologies that can potentially catapult their digital presence. The ones that aren’t will face numerous challenges this year. According to some estimates, in 2021, about one-third of all website owners won’t implement new changes to their site’s design, functionalities, layouts, etc. Hence, there’s a great opportunity for new website owners to beat their competitors and increase the rate of conversions on their websites. Here are key web development trends website owners need to prioritize in 2021. Know about the Future of Web Development in Phoenix.

Investing in Cloud Computing Technology 

As per the latest Gartner report, the global cloud services market is expected to be valued at over $306.9 billion by the end of 2021. This rapid adoption of cloud computing technology across various sectors will impact the world of web development as well. Since cloud computing can technically eliminate issues like data loss and data overloading, expect many websites to switch from shared servers to cloud-based servers.

Development costs on cloud-based web architectures are cheaper. Now, website owners should leverage cloud-based web development platforms like AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, Azure Functions, etc. By switching to cloud servers, website owners can receive benefits like –  

  • Complete immunity from server hardware issues.
  • Pay as they play; cloud server plans are available for flexible prices.
  • It’s super easy to scale up/down server resources based on traffic the site experiences.
  • 24X7 uptime and availability.

Setting up these servers is very easy. More importantly, by using cloud-based servers, website owners can ensure their sites function faster and deliver high-quality user experiences to all visitors.

The Need to Develop Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs as they’re commonly referred to, are websites with various app-like features. Users can enjoy app-like experiences on PWAs and access features like offline mode or low-data browsing. PWAs are built using combinations of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. Delivering low-cost yet high-end web applications becomes much easier for companies that invest in PWA technology.

For example, even users who don’t have internet connections can access offline maps on the Google Maps PWA. All static files are fitted into this PWA’s browser cache, and they can be pulled up anytime by the users. Adding such features to your PWA can put your business way ahead of your competitors in 2021. Businesses vested in the mobile-first approach should consider developing PWAs.

Single Page Websites

Apple popularized the use of simple single-page websites when it launched the Apple Plug website a few years ago. So, should businesses stop stressing over creating complex webs of multiple web pages? All web development firms are offering to create such websites for their clients. Today single-page websites are not meant for all types of companies. An upcoming startup that’s short on content, cash, and time can benefit a lot by creating a single-page website that helps them target specific audiences with carefully curated content.

On the other hand, business websites that aren’t “mobile-first” or that aren’t targeting small sections of the audience are better off creating traditional multi-page websites that allow them to pack in several details and implement practices like keyword targeting and other advanced SEO strategies. If you’re considering creating single-page websites for your website, WordPress is the best platform. Partnering with a WordPress development company is a good idea for such firms.

The Use of Accelerated Mobile Page Technology

Launched in 2015, Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is an open-source HTML framework created by Google’s AMP Open Source Project. It was to optimize mobile web browsing and make web pages load faster. They enable web designers to facilitate better UX features. Also, the AMP site can’t contain as many advanced features as PWAs, their essential feature is speed.

Website owners with limited resources who want to create excellent user interfaces on their sites and deliver mobile-friendly experiences must consider investing in AMP technology. Plus, complex coding isn’t required to create AMPs, so the development process is very fast and convenient.

Making the Most of Voice Searches  

The introduction of smart assistants and speakers like Alexa or Google assistants has ushered in a new era of voice-based eCommerce. These devices leverage technologies like speech recognition programs, Natural Language Processing algorithms, and cognitively intelligent software tools to recognize user commands and provide apt responses.

Voice recognition technology is enabling modern-day consumers to obtain information regarding products, services, brands, etc., just by using their voice. Voice commerce is already a multi-billion-dollar market, and website owners need to prepare for this new form of customer engagement. To do so, they need to optimize their websites for voice searches. Whenever a target user verbally asks his or her smart device about a product/service that your company provides. your business website needs to be on the top of all search engine result pages. For all those who need experience in Web Development in Phoenix to handle all these things.

Now businesses need a partner with experts of web development in Phoenix who can fix their websites’ design, and speed, and optimize their content for voice searches.