Traditional Jewellery

Every piece of jewellery tells a story whether it is a necklace, chain, bangles or a simple pair of jhumkas. Traditional jewellery exudes richness, culture, and sophistication and therefore for women who have been looking for a traditional piece of jewellery in Saudi, we have got your back. We have the widest range of the most stylish and exquisite necklaces, earrings, chains and bangles for our customers.

Also, buy black bead chain in Saudi as here women are provided with quality beads at affordable prices. Buy gold jewellery in Saudi Arabia and wear them on numerous occasions, be it a wedding celebration, a house warming ceremony, a family function, a holy visit to the temple, or even casual day wear.

Antique Jewellery- Necklace, Earring, Chains, Bangles

Antique Jewellery is technically the jewellery with designs that have been lasted for a good 100 years. Buy gold necklace in Saudi Arabia and pair it with any ethnic outfit. Antique jewellery pieces include long chains, bangles, earrings, necklaces and are like very much in demand today. Owing to its timeless appearance, craftsmanship with extra precision, and the classy design, it has high-quality gems that provide a rusty look.

Antique jewellery provides the wearer with a classy look. And hence, most of the ladies prefer antique gold jewellery during the day of their wedding. Gold necklace in Saudi Arabia uses precious gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, and similar on these pieces of antique jewels to provide a royal look. Antique jewels give the wearer a royal look and at the same time not burn the buyer’s pockets!

Ethical Engagement Rings

Gold Jewellery in Saudi Arabia ensures the quality of the ring that our customers purchase. This is because buying any other ring is not as same as buying the engagement ring. Yes! This has to be really special! There are various choices for them to purchase while they plan to buy ethical engagement rings in Saudi. And hence, think well and purchase accordingly.

Bridal Chokers

Yes! Chokers are back! The exclusive collection of traditional and contemporary chokers for women is created specifically to let them flaunt on all your special occasions. Moreover, our customers can check out neck-hugging signature style choker jewellery in different shapes and forms.

The gold jewellery for the bride is heavily embellished with heritage stones, while some are really edgy and sleek having contemporary cuts and patterns. Since there is an immense variety, women get to pick from a wide range of styles that would work great for music festivals, weddings, and festivities.

Also, they will find fascinating gold jewellery for bride options with sparkling Kundan, Polki, meenakari and thread work. Whatever ethnic outfit they select, this traditional bridal choker necklace set along with matching earrings will be perfect to accessorize with.

Multilayered Necklace

The multilayered necklace is a saviour if you have to deck up for an event but our customers are not particularly fond of any heavy jewellery. This layered jewellery also helps in bringing down the pricing of the jewellery.

Moreover, our customers will find multiple choices of layered necklaces accompanied by a pair of matching earrings. The layered necklace price at our store is considered lower owing to the jaw-dropping offers that we provide to all our customers.

Not only will they find their choice of layered necklace here, but they will also find them at an affordable price. A layered necklace is a perfect range to suit all types of budgets. It also allows them to enhance their overall look whether at work or festivities.

Turkish Jewellery Collection

Being the leading names in the industry, we offer our customers with an astonishing array of Turkish Stone Pendant, Turkish Long Earrings, Turkish Antique & Designer Ring, Turkish Necklaces, etc. that are valued for stunning looks and elegant patterns.

Turkish jewellery provides a classy look and is also available in attractive patterns. Owing to its exceptional attributes, these entire products are a preferred choice among most of the jeweller loving clients. Moreover, these are fashionable in nature and can be carried with the utmost sophistication. Turkish Traditional Jewellery is the best choice to express love in anniversaries and engagements.

Casting Moulding Jewellery

Mold-making is particularly a delicate process which assures the best quality in terms of how a piece is made. The type of rubber that is used to make the moulds will greatly provide the best finishing of your product. Gold casting involves wax model and casting preparation, investment, burnout, melting, casting, Divesting, etc.

Gold casting allows the designer and jewellery stores to take an idea or design, create a mould and end up eventually with a physical reproduction of the final product. We also provide our customers with the option to cast and customize their own gold jewellery. Hence, they can plan the best product of your choice.

Why choose Sona gold and diamonds for the best trending jewellery for the bride?

At Sona Gold & Diamonds we have an exclusive collection of the finest gold and diamond jewellery at affordable prices. The craftsmanship that goes into the painstaking process of design until the perfect finish of each piece of the Traditional Jewellery making is what makes us stand out from other jewellers. Crafted with utmost love and care, our gold collections are sure to win your hearts.

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