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Top 8 Unique Ways To Promote Your Business On Twitter

Social media is one of the important elements of any marketing campaign is social media sites can be used to promote businesses, celebrities, products, and services. One of the most influential social media websites on the planet is twitter and many companies and businesses have official twitter accounts used to communicate with the public and customers. There are many ways and techniques in which social media sites like Twitter can be used to promote your business. The following are examples of the top 8 unique ways in which Twitter can be used to promote your business online:

User Name & Brand Profile

Twitter has a tool with which famous companies, celebrities, and individuals can get their twitter accounts verified with a small blue tick. It is a smart choice to use the exact company name as the user name of the twitter account for maximum branding. The brand profile needs to be 160 characters or less and each word used in the brand profile must be written based on marketing data, and keywords associated with the brand to give accurate information.

Interact With Customers

Twitter has many small toolsets that offer your business a chance to create a loyal following online. When new promotional posts are put on twitter, through the twitter account, there are usually, many comments and questions posted on these posts. It is a smart choice to simply and honestly reply to customer queries and doubts on twitter to keep communication lines open with the public through Twitter.

Post Content Regularly on Twitter

Twitter is a 24/7 social media platform where companies and businesses need to post content regularly and provide customers with a form of active engagement online. Posting every day or even a few times a day on twitter promotional content about the products and services is a good idea. New tweets are appreciated by the public and customers as many times millions of target customers visit twitter at least a few times a day.

Create a Promotional Content Plan

Many types of tweets can be shared on Twitter daily which in their unique way have an impact on the promotional campaign of the business. The promotional content plan includes promotional advertising, daily updates, images, videos, text content, and even the strategic use of colors and emojis in the right way. The picture background and the profile picture should also be updated now and then to promote new plans for the business. It is a good idea for a marketing campaign to create a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly promotional content plan on Twitter.

Hire Influencers on Twitter

Social media influencers make very good money online because they have become a part of the social media marketing plan online over the last few years. A social media influencer is an individual on twitter who has gained millions of followers and credibility in their field of expertise. Businesses can hire such social media influencers on twitter to promote their products and services as well as their brands on Twitter. Social media influencers can range from local celebrities, experts in the field to even brand ambassadors and mega-celebrities on Twitter.


Tweeting original content is the basis of the promotional campaign but nowadays a retweet on twitter is equally important. Twitter has many tools like Hashtags and search options where companies can get a sense that other people are tweeting about their businesses, products, and services. For example, a company can get a business-related Hashtag to go viral and then retweet positive tweets about the business on their twitter accounts. Strategic retweeting helps create a buzz about your business and helps effectively promote the business.

Follow Competition, Key Users and “Like” Tweets

To promote the business it is important to remain one step ahead of the competition online. It is a useful tip to spend some time analyzing the twitter promotional campaigns of direct competition as well as leading companies selling similar products and services at an international level. This will give your business ideas about what type of marketing campaigns work on twitter in the sector or industry. It is also a good idea to follow key users who post regularly on twitter within the industry and to “Like” tweets which are positive for the business.

Gather Twitter Followers

One of the most critical aspects of the promotion of your business online and especially on twitter is the reach of the promotional tweets. There must be a regular, intense, and active marketing campaign on twitter to get more users to follow the company’s Twitter account. The twitter handle must be promoted on all online, print, and electronic platforms on every advertisement to get more and more people to follow the company’s twitter handle. Some companies have millions of twitter users following them on this platform.


Twitter has a reach in almost all major economies of the world and the above listed unique ways to help your business to promote effectively online using twitter. Speakaudible covers a wide range of subjects related to audiobooks.