Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Do you dream of diving in crystal clear water of the most beautiful beaches in the world? In summers everyone wishes to spend holidays in spectacular places to enjoy the beauty of nature. The heavens on the seashore of the world make the vacations more amazing and worthy. People who love visiting, wish to take sunbath, relax, and, spend quality time. There are different types of visitors, some visitors like to visit beaches full of people. They wish to enjoy the nightlife fun and parties and some people want to spend their vacations on the peaceful beaches having stunning landscapes. For visitors who love to visit peaceful and relaxing beaches here is a list of Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World.

1 – Rabbit Beach, Lampedusa – Sicily

The small island present in the south of Sicily is the Rabbit beach. It is included in the list of the most visited beaches in the worldRabbit Island is located next to Lampedusa. Rabbit Island is home to the population of loggerhead turtles. Other wildlife makes this beach more worth watching place. The average temperature of the Rabbit beach remains almost 70 degrees Fahrenheit, but this temperature doesn’t halt from planning the trip to this beach.

Before planning the visit or trip to the beach does not forget to check out the Amazing Discounts for Travel. Leftovers of Roman ruins and prehistoric huts are pieces of perfect imperfection. The other name of the Rabbit beach is Chingoli Island. The Italian government has declared it a natural reserved habitat for wildlife. It is like paradise on earth.

2 – Grace Bay, Providenciales

Grace Bay is the second most beautiful beach in the world. The presence of Jagged hills makes it more appealing and worth watching. These hills are filled with pear plants. A huge amount of coral reefs are present on the seashore. White sand and crystal clear blue water make it a stunning place for a long walk. The pacific atmosphere and turquoise water of the sea seem like a piece of heaven. The name of the Grace bay beach is kept on the name of the Grace jane Hutching.

 For having a long and good time different perfect resorts and hotels are present on the beach to prevent the visitors from any kind of inconvenience. Grace Bay Club resort is one of the beautiful resorts in the world. Different kinds of restaurants and bars make this place amazing. But visitors place themselves in danger by using the powerboats irresponsibly otherwise it is a safe place to visit.

3. White heaven Beach, Australia

As it is clear from the name is a paradise. It is also included in the most visited beaches in the world98 percent of this beach is silicon that is a very high percentage. The white sand is present around the 7km of this beach that is why it is famous as white heaven beach. The white sand does not absorb heat, this quality makes this sand suitable for walking and running without shoes. Moreover, this sand is more soothing than any other sand.

The incredible landscapes and turquoise blue water present the most amazing view. A peaceful atmosphere and serenity spell the magic around the visitors. Different useful things must be along with you to make your trip more spectacular. For this go and search for Best items for Travelling. White heaven beach is considered the most famous beach in Australia because it is an eco-friendly beach and safe to visit. It is a perfect place for swimming and hiking.

4. Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico

  This spectacular beach is located in the Caribbean Sea. For relaxation and enjoyment, beautiful landscapes are present that present a soothing view. The sea is home to the different varieties of fish and clear blue water makes it attractive. It is considered the natural reserve island for wildlife. The Army of the United States uses the west side of this beach for practice. Famous apps in the USA are used for travelling with comfort.

Nature has surrounded the whole beach, no restaurants and bars are present on it. The greenery around the beach makes it a more perfect visiting place all over the world.

5. Lopes Mendes Beach, Brazil

This amazing beach is located in Brazil. The forest behind the beach and blue clear water make it one of the most visited beaches in the world. It is also a nature reserve for the protection of endangered animals and other wildlife. Howler monkeys live in the forest it is home for them. Visitors become speechless after watching the beauty of this sea and beach.

No extra effort is required to reach this beach. Two hours’ walk is required to reach the destination. Or a taxi can be hired to reach there.

6. Eagle Beach – Aruba

This beach comes on number six in the list of Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. Eagle beach is located on the island of Aruba. It is well-known for its beautiful white sand and presents captivating views. Divi Trees are the speciality of this beach that provides shade to the visitors. These trees are unique and worth watching.

 Tourists come to enjoy Camping, swimming, and hiking with family especially in Easter week. It is home to different animals. Turtle’s nests can be found all over the beach. A variety of huts and bars is present on this beach. Different water sports help to spend the quality time with the family or loved ones.  

7. Maya Bay, Thailand

Shooting for the different movies is also done on this beautiful beach. This place is included in the most visited beach in the world. This beautiful place consists of white rocks and sand. Long trees and scenery make it a more beautiful place for visiting. Cars and vans are not allowed on this beach, this step has helped in keeping this beach unspoiled. Little huts or a single cafe is present here for the delicious food and cold drinks. 

Final Words:

The world is full of beautiful places for visiting with the family where you can spend quality and memorable time with them. Everyone needs a vacation from the hustle-bustle of life. This article would help you in deciding the place from the Top 7 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World where you can relax and enjoy it.

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