Top 20 Unique Ways to Propose for Marriage with Romantic Ideas

When your time to propose comes, you need to have several unique ways to propose. But it is hard to settle for one idea. First, you need a method that none of your friends have implemented. Do not be afraid to set the bar high. This list will give you 20 ideas you can implement for your proposal. 

Rooftop Proposal

Do you own a rooftop? No worries if you have none. You can borrow your friend’s rooftop for your proposal. Another way you can seek a romantic setting on a hotel rooftop. 

A rooftop will give you a beautiful view of your hometown. Thus, it gives you a perfect setting for your proposal. 

Hike Proposal

Do you love hiking with your girlfriend? Then you have a perfect chance to surprise her with a ring. On your usual routine hikes, go on your knee when you get to the peak. It will be the best proposal she could have ever imagined. 

Picnic Proposal

Select a good location for a picnic. Let surprised your girl why you are preparing the picnic. In your heart, you know a more excellent surprise awaits. After you finish snacking, you can propose then share a glass of wine. 

Recreate your First Date

Another unique way to propose is to recreate your first day. It works for the strategic people. If you remember the setting of your first date, you can use a similar location. You can even take her to the same restaurant. 

Boat Ride proposal

Boat rides are enjoyable. People use them when they want to relax offshore. Thus, you can use that chance to make your proposal. You can arrange with the boat crew to keep everything discreet. They can then stop the boat in the sea, and you make your proposal. Share some wine of champagne and take photos for the memory.

Proposal Under the Rain

Do not take advantage of the rain only when you need to cry. You can also make the rainy event a romantic affair. In this case, you will need to follow the weather forecast. Then plan with your friends to be around on the day you expect to rain. 

Pet Proposal

Do you own a pet? You can involve it in a proposal idea. But you will need to train it on how to act that day. It is an easy task since it will require a collar or a napkin with the words “Will you marry me.”

Family Tradition Proposal

Another way to propose is to observe family traditions. They all vary from one family to another. You can add some fun to the tradition by adding a new exciting activity. The extra movement will make it a unique way to propose. 

Propose on Your Partner’s Favorite holiday

Everyone has a favorite holiday. It could be Valentine. Christmas, Halloween, or any other holiday. Take advantage of that holiday she loves and proposes to her. It is one gesture for the romance she will never forget. 

Make an Ordinary Spot Romantic

Look at your favorite hangout spot. It looks so ordinary but holds most of your romantic memories. You can use the same spot for your proposal. Ask for some help from your friends to give the area a facelift. Then take her there as you usually do. Once she is surprised about the changes, you can go on your knee and give her a ring. 

Romantic Beach proposal

Beaches have been a favorite proposal site for a long time. However, the way you propose matters. Do not go for the ordinary sunset beach walks or making a sandcastle. You can book a hotel; along the beach and request to have your dinner table set beside the beach. Also, you can implement any creative idea you have in your mind. 

Winter Wonderland proposal

Do you remember how it was fun playing outside during winter? Then you can recreate the fun as an adult. Take your fiance to a beautiful site. Then you can propose to her on the perfect white background. 

Flower Delivery Proposal

Are you a fan of sending flowers to your girlfriend? Then you have a perfect chance to surprise her. One day ask the flower delivery to add a “Will you marry me” note on the flowers. Please make sure you are around when they deliver the flowers. After she sees the message, you can show up and give her a ring. 

Silver Screen Proposal

Plan with the theatre officials on your proposal idea. Just before the movie starts, the request with her name will appear on the screen. She can be confused a bit since she may have a common name. But before the surprise passes, kneel and give her a ring. 


Do you want to profess your love to her as the world watches? You can hire a plane with a banner asking her to marry you. 

Street Proposal

Street proposals are among the best and unique ways to propose. There are several ideas you can use in a street proposal. You can hire a band to sing the “will you marry.” make sure you walk by that street. Ask her if she can hear the song. Once she confirms, go on your knee and propose with a ring. 

Hot Air Balloon Ride proposal

Another way to propose is using a hot air balloon. It is similar to boat riding, only that you will be in the air. You can make your proposal mid-air and be your fiance’s before you come back to the ground. 

Say it with flowers

Use flower petals to write your marriage proposal. You can do it at home or in a hotel room. If you are in a hotel, you can request the room service to take the photos for you. 

Destination proposal

It is among the best proposal ideas. Select a destination she would love. Most likely her dream destination. You can propose the first day you get there or the last day before you leave. 


This idea is for people who love extreme sports. You can have your proposal written on the sand at your landing location. Ensure there is a table set for your dinner after the dive.


You can make any of the above ideas unique ways to propose. They all range from simple to expensive ideas. But, it would be best if you did not look at the price of the event. It is an important step that is worth spending money on. However, the lack of it should not stop you from taking your relationship to the next level. 

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