Top 10 Coworking Spaces for Startups?

It’s only in recent years that the concept of coworking has picked up the pace. Thanks to its many benefits, this flexible arrangement has been working well for large companies and small startups alike. A coworking space allows you and your team to work alongside other professionals in a well-designed shared space. Such an arrangement helps split costs and share experiences for an enriching and wholesome journey.

In the past, startups would go the traditional route and choose a commercial office. But commercial offices are meant for well-established companies and startups find it tough to keep up with the system. In a situation where business is tough and restrictions are many, the coworking industry has stepped in to provide smart offices that are specially designed for startup owners.

Here are 5 factors that a startup owner should keep in mind while looking for a coworking space:

  • Hygiene – Your office space must be spic and span with regular cleaning and sanitization
  • Automation – It’s best to pick a space with a touchless biometric system, sensor-based lighting, and voice-activated lifts
  • No deposit – Considering the uncertainty of the economy, it would be wise to choose an office that doesn’t require a deposit. The money saved can be invested smartly for the benefit of the company
  • Flexible plans – A flexible option allows you to use only as many seats as you need, saving resources for business
  • Fitness/Recreation Zones – Having access to exercise machines, yoga, meditation, and recreational activities allows your team to stay healthy and happy in the workplace

If you need great coworking space for your startup, then here are the

Top 10 options that you must consider:


OfficeBing is the one-stop solution for workspace requirements with a well-arranged plug-n-play BPO setup. You can pick from a wide range of self-operated centers at prime locations PAN India, with flexible solutions that help save time and money. As the tagline suggests, OfficeBing has set up and presented well-serviced “Offices For Everyone.”


Finding a good work-life balance is a major challenge for any professional— Awfis works to make that dream a reality. With premium cabins, fixed desks, and flexible desk arrangements, this space allows you to work efficiently and comfortably. You can now have the best of everything thanks to the hi-tech infrastructure facilities like video projection, conferencing, and laser printing. It’s not just where you work—it’s where your work meets life.


91 Springboard allows individuals to customize their space according to their preferences. It is open 24/7 with tight security and conducts networking and community events for women. This efficient workspace is equipped with Wifi, LAN cable internet, CCTV cameras, projectors, medical services, locker facility, and more.


WeWork has a powerful presence in 115 cities across the world. Members of the WeWork community in India can avail of 24/7 building access, mail and package handling, super-fast internet, IT support, business-class printers, private phone booths, and more among. This flexible workspace provider hosts various networking events and wellness events to strike the ideal work-life balance.


is the world’s largest co-working space provider with options that accommodate various businesses. From private offices to fixed and Flexi desks, Regus has many ways of offering its space to freelancers and startups alike. Regus also has an app through which you can pick your space and manage your bookings conveniently.


Innov8 has steadily navigated its way to the top of the coworking market. Standing true to its name, Innov8 has come up with 2 innovative plans- dedicated desks and hot desks. A dedicated desk is suitable for small teams that need 24/7 access, and the hot desk works on a first-come-first-serve basis during the daytime only. You can choose either option depending on what your team needs.


InstaOffice celebrates work life in various centres across India. Some of the advantages of working at an InstaOffice are community events (with food and games,) partner benefits (with best discounts for hotels, shopping, restaurants,) meeting rooms (including training facilities and conference halls,) and unwind sessions (to inspire and encourage networking.)


CoWrks has 23+ centres in 5 cities across India. It caters to freelancers, startups, as well as small and medium businesses. Customizable offices, flexible contract terms, and enterprise-grade security are some of the distinctive features of a CoWrks space. The annual membership fees are determined based on the location and available amenities. The firm has developed an application called ‘CoWrks Connect’ that allows members to easily connect and interact with the global CoWrks community.


myHQ offers co-working spaces and work cafes across 300+ locations in India. You can opt for a flexible plan that allows you to work at any myHQ space with just a single pass. You can also choose and book a specific seat that you like at your favorite myHQ location. This well-established workspace provider offers benefits like comfortable seating, office supplies, fast internet, tasty food, and an ambience cultivated to suit your needs.


SmartWorks has prominent coworking spaces in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune. Each of their offices is technology-centric and offers futuristic solutions through proactiveness and a result-oriented approach. SmartWorks conducts various events, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities that are extremely important for startup teams.

Today, both startups and big companies have started to understand the benefits of a coworking space. With a wide range of smart and affordable options, you will surely find the perfect one that suits your requirements.

You don’t have to put down a big deposit or make a long-term commitment. Start with a one-day booking and make your decisions along the way! You can now put all your focus on your startup and leave the office-related arrangements to your workspace provider.

Are you ready to lead your startup smartly into the future?