Top 10 Clothing Brands to look out for in 2024

The fashion and clothing industry is growing bigger and bigger with every passing day. The e-commerce platforms have also boosted the reach of Clothing Brands resulting in more sales and profits. There are more than 12,000 renowned fashion and clothing brands across the globe and many more are in the assembly line.

Top brands offer the best quality products and services no matter whatever kind of commodity it manufactures or assembles. People spend a lot of earnings in buying clothing and other relevant items and thus it becomes necessary to invest in the best things possible to make more from your money and efforts.

If you are going to buy outfits this week you must buy clothing of the best brands. The abundance of brands makes people overwhelmed and it becomes difficult for them to choose an ideal brand. If you are also having a problem picking the best clothing brands then you will definitely find this post useful and worthy.


When it comes to top clothing and fashion brands, Gucci is considered among the leading brands worldwide. This Italian brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 and the place was Florence, Tuscany. In 2014 Gucci was the highest-selling Italian brand and get the 41st ranking worldwide.

This Italian brand operates more than 270 stores worldwide and had become a renowned fashion label and global contender over time. Gucci deals in multiple fashion products and commodities including different clothing items, outfits, footwear, bags, jewelry, watches, beauty products, cosmetics, deodorants, home décor items, and many more for men, women, and even children.


  • Founding Year – 1921
  • Founder – Guccio Gucci
  • No of Stores – 270+
  • Website –


Italian clothing brands dominate the fashion industry and you will see a lot of clothing brands of Italian origin. Valentino is also one of the brands founded by an Italian Valentino Garavani having its headquarters in Milan, Italy. In 2012 this brand was acquired by a Qatari investment company called Mayhoola. Valentino offers a great range of products such as clothing, bag, accessories, shoes, gift items, perfumes, etc.


  • Founding Year – 1960
  • Founder – Valentino Garavani
  • No of Stores – 100+
  • Website –

Flying Machine

If you are looking for the most popular Indian clothing brands then let me inform you that there are many. Flying Machine is one of them and has established itself as one of the most popular fashion brands in a very short time period.

Flying Machine brand is owned by Ahmadabad, India-based Arvind group of companies. This multi-conglomerate was founded in 1931 and is currently led by Sanjay Lalbhai. Flying Machine proffers a variety of outfits and relevant accessories including clothes, footwear, belts, sunglasses, bags, wallets, caps, and other relevant products.


  • Founding Year – 1931
  • Founder – Kasturbhai Lalbhai
  • No of Stores – 100+
  • Website –


Prada is one of the oldest clothing brands and was founded in 1913 by the Prada brothers, Mario Prada and Martino Prada. In the beginning, they were basically dealing in leather goods and products. Nowadays this fashion house is specializing in multiple commodities such as leather bags, ready-to-wear, travel accessories, shoes, perfumes, sunglasses, and many other fashion accessories.

If you want to buy apparel and fashion upgrades then you should make an effort to invest in the right place and products. Spending your hard-earned money on Prada clothes would be no doubt a great deal.


  • Founding Year – 1913
  • Founder – Mario Prada
  • No of Stores – 630+
  • Website –


When it comes to top Indian fashion brands, Raymond makes its place on the list every time undoubtedly. One of the oldest and most popular Indian textile brands, Raymond operates in multiple industries such as engineering, real estate, aviation, and many more.

Coming to its ready-to-wear products, Raymond is considered a luxury fashion label worldwide. Founded 94 years ago in 1925 this clothing brand has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. Raymond group operates in more than 55 countries across the globe and 1,500+ stores too.


  • Founding Year – 1925
  • Founder – Vijaypat Singhania
  • No of Stores – 1,500+
  • Website –


If you are looking for some traditional Indian clothes for weddings, festivals, engagements, or other occasions you will get some of the best ready-to-wear clothing items at Manyavar. This clothing brand proffers the best quality ethnic and Indo western for men, women, and kids too.

Entrepreneur Ravi Modi has founded Manyavar in 1999 and in just a few years the brand has expanded to more than 570 stores in India and across this blue planet. Want to try some Indian ethnic wear this festive season, look no more than Manyavar.


  • Founding Year – 1999
  • Founder – Ravi Modi
  • No of Stores – 570+
  • Website –


The sportswear industry is a billion-dollar industry and some of the brands including Nike rule this particular market. Nike is an American corporation that develops, designs, manufacture, and markets sport and casual footwear, apparel, accessories, equipment, and services worldwide.

Having its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon and currently, Nike is the largest manufacturer and supplier of apparel, sports equipment, and athletic shoes. The company was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman and later it becomes Nike in 1971s.


  • Founding Year – 1964
  • Founder – Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman
  • No of Stores – 1,150+
  • Website –


Burberry is a British fashion house and one of the world’s oldest fashion brands. Having its headquarters in London, Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856. This fashion brand is most famous for its trench coats made with very high-quality fabric and also distributes other products including ready-to-wear outfits, sunglasses, fragrances, fashion accessories, sneakers, cosmetics, and beauty products.

Employing approximately 10,000 people across the earth, Burberry is considered one of the top fashion brands in the world. It delivers what it promises, the best quality clothing and other fashion accessories.


  • Founding Year – 1856
  • Founder – Thomas Burberry
  • No of Stores – 500+
  • Website –

Dolce and Gabbana

Do the fashion things in a way Dolce and Gabbana brand is doing since 1985. D&G owners Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have skyrocketed their brand value and business in just a couple of years after its foundation and nowadays this brand generates more than 1 billion Euros each year.

This fashion label offers tons of fashion commodities and deals in various genres. You can shop best quality clothing items, beauty products, eyewear, jewelry, watches, and other fashion products for men, women, and children too.


  • Founding Year – 1985
  • Founder – Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce
  • No of Stores – 230+
  • Website –


When we hear the name Adidas we think of sports shoes and sneakers but this fashion brand proffers much more. If you are going to invest in some quality sportswear then look no other than Adidas. This fashion house distributes top-quality sneakers, clothing, accessories, and even sports kits. The sports apparels made by Adidas are the best of their kind, comfortable, stylish, and breathable at the same time.


  • Founding Year – 1924
  • Founder – Gebruder Dassler
  • No of Stores – 460+
  • Website –

Bottom Line:

You feel cheated when you find the things are isn’t worthy enough and the value of money you have invested. If you have ever faced this kind of situation then you must make sure to shop wisely in the future. Spending on shopping items of best and top fashion brands will make it possible to get more from your investment and it will be an undoubtedly fair deal.

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