The Must-Have Tools for Car Headliner Repair

Headliner repair can be challenging to do yourself if you don’t hire a professional. Professionals have all the tools and experience by which they perform repairs as fast as possible. But when you decide to repair your car headliner yourself, you take more time, and it becomes challenging when you don’t have all the necessary tools. 

It is essential for any person to have the necessary tools to make the repair work easy and convenient. So, the first step to perform any repair is to know about the required tools and collect them before beginning the repairs. Let us know about the necessary tools to perform the car headliner repair. 

Screwdriver Set

You will need a screwdriver to open and close the screws in the roof liner of your car. If the fabric is sagging from a few areas and you don’t need to remove it, you may not need a screwdriver. But if you need to remove it completely and replace it with a new fabric, you will definitely need a screwdriver. 

Make sure you get the correct size of screwdriver made for the screws present on the headliner of your car. There are different sizes of screws on a headliner, and you may need to use the screwdriver for other purposes. So, instead of buying a single screwdriver, it is better to buy a complete screwdriver set so that you can use it for all sizes of screws. 

Protective gloves

Although they are not essential, wearing gloves can protect your hands from the adhesive and sharp screws used to hold the fabric on the car ceiling. You can wear latex gloves or fabric gloves, depending on the type of work you are going to perform. If you want to perform minor repairs on your headliner, you can use latex gloves, but if you want to remove and reinstall it, fabric gloves will offer you the best protection. 

Conditioner and Cleaning solution

If you are going to repair your car headliner, you may also want to clean the fabric. You can use an upholstery cleaner and conditioner to make your roof lining look new. Visit any store that sells car accessories, and you can ask for a car upholstery cleaning solution. Some cleaning solutions come with a mixed conditioner. So, you don’t need to buy a separate conditioner for your headliner. 

Upholstery glue

An upholstery glue helps you to fix a sagging headliner, especially if it is sagging from the corners or edges. Upholstery glue comes in cans and spray- bottles. It is best to buy the one that comes in a spray bottle as it is easy to apply under the headliner fabric. If there is any special headliner glue available in the store, you should buy it; otherwise, the upholstery glue will do the job. 

Soft Brush

If you want to clean your car headliner, you will need a soft brush along with the cleaning solution. It is essential to have a brush with soft bristles, as using a hard brush can damage the fibers of roof lining. A soft brush helps you to clean the dirt and stains effectively and make your lining look as new. 

Paint roller

When you remove your headliner and decide to install a new one in your car, you need to remove the entire board under the roof lining. After removing the worn fabric, when you fix the new fabric on the board using the glue, you will need a paint roller to press it firmly and uniformly. So, get a plain paint roller without any texture to fix the new roof lining in your car. You may also use the paint roller to press the fabric if you fix it using an adhesive without removing it from the car.

If you don’t want to repair your car roof lining yourself, you can hire a professional service. Mobile Roof Lining Brisbane offers car headliner repair and replacement services in Brisbane, Ipswich, and Gold Coast. If you are located in any of these areas, you can hire them for repair or replacement of their car roof lining. They are just a call away from you and offer services at your doorstep. 

Final Words

These were the tools that you need to repair your car headliner. However, only the tools are not enough if you don’t have the skills and experience. You should also have some knowledge to repair the roof lining. You will need to gain some knowledge about headliner repair and replacement, as there are many accessories installed on the roof of a car that you need to remove and reinstall. Without the proper knowledge, skills, and tools, you could end up damaging the accessories. Also, if you plan to replace the headliner, take help from a friend as it is difficult to handle the entire ceiling board alone. 

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