Tips for Write a Successful Cover Letter

A cover letter could be as strong as an elevator pitch.

A cover letter is generally a single-page letter that tells about you and the purpose of the application. It briefly specifies your entire professional career and contains your introduction, the job (what you are looking for or applying for), your skills (relevant to the job application), and a call to action that urges readers to read your resume.

In some companies, cover letters are the most important part of the resume. Therefore, unless you are asked not to, include a cover letter when applying for a job position.

Read on to learn how to write a cover letter. Our tips are specifically curated for beginners who are starting their professional careers.

Don’t Repeat Cover Letters

For each job application, write a fresh letter that highlights the skills and qualifications necessary for that particular job. Your cover letter should show that you are aware of what the job involves and that you are apt for it.

Things you must find out before writing the cover letter are:

  • To whom you have to address the letter. (Example: the hiring manager’s name or the person that has advertised about the job).
  • About the job and company. You can directly call the contact person and find out what the company does, what the job description is, and so forth.

Use the answers to structure your cover letter. Make sure to use Mr. and Ms. and their first and last names when you address the person.

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If you don’t find a specific name, direct the team, such as Account Executive Committee Team or Content Writer Hiring Manager.

Highlight the Job and Add an Appealing Opening Line

A hiring manager generally combs through hundreds of applications every day for different job positions in the company. Mention the job and add a stunning opening that easily attracts the HR manager. This could be something about you, the passion you have for the job, your past accomplishments, or reasons why you find the job appealing.

Talk About How You Can Justify the Job Profile

The hiring manager doesn’t want to hear about how lovely the position is or how it will help you. In reality, the HR manager wants to know what you are going to do, why they need your services, and what you can do for the company with the position.

Things That a Cover Letter Must Include

Not sure what you should include in the cover letter? Here’s a list of important things that you must mention in your cover letter.

  • Your name and contact details (phone number, LinkedIn profile, and email address).
  • Include a professional email address (not something like
  • Your email id should have your first name.
  • The company’s name and contact details (the addressed person, his position, name of the company, phone number).
  • The title of the job (example: “Job Application for Content Writer’s Position).
  • List of skills relevant to the job profile. For instance, if it is for an advertising position, skills and experiences that you can add are creativity, management ethics, negotiation, thinking out-of-the-box, being proactive, etc. You can mention jobs where you have used the skills.

Explain Why You are Right for the Job

Explain why you are fit for a travel advertising content writer position (citing the above example) with suitable job mentions. For example, since you have travelled to different places, you know their people and culture, which will help you in your ad development process.

Add a Call to Action

Your cover letter should finish with a Call-to-Action by asking the HR manager to read your resume. It should also ask them to promptly call you for an interview soon.

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While these are what it goes into making a cover letter, remember what do not: typos and grammatical mistakes, lengthy summary, talking about other job applications, and boastful language.