Things To Consider Before Installing A Smart Lock System In Your Home

If you are worried about the security of your home, consider installing a smart lock system in your home and get a little more convenience and security to your home. When you use a keyless entry system, you just have to define a custom code to enter your home of you can also make use of your phone to enter your home.

These smart locks are becoming highly popular day by day. As the main purpose of installing these locks to enhance and improve our security, so we cannot take a risk of hiring a cheap locksmith who is not skilled enough for the job. Similarly, you cannot compromise on the qualities of products used as you cannot put the security of your loved ones at risk.

If you are planning to install a new smart lock system in your home or office, you need to consider a lot of things before installing as technology is evolving day by day. In this article, we have tried to cover a few things that help you buy a trendiest yet reliable smart lock system for your home.

Look For The Battery Life

This is the most important thing to consider when you are planning to install a smart lock system in your home. It makes it to the top of our list because long battery life is quite important especially if you are going to rent out this property. If you are a frequent visitor, you can change the batteries with ease, however, when it comes to a rental property, you should never compromise on the life of the battery. Your WIFI connection also affects the life of the battery, so make sure that you get a connection that uses very little power.

Your Door Should Be Properly Aligned

You want to install a smart lock system so that you don’t have to put your shopping bags aside when opening the main door of your home. What if this smart lock system does not work properly because the door is not properly aligned and you have to push, pull, or lift the door to lock it properly? You have to have a check on the alignment of the door and notice if it remains the same or not, no matter how cold or hot is the weather outside.

It Includes Proximity Auto Lock Capabilities

Sometimes it happens that you forget to lock your door, however, if it is a smart lock system, you can lock or unlock it from a prescribed distance. However, this distance is usually limited to around 30 feet. You just need to remember that you can carry out this function only from the outside property. However, if you get a smart lock with keypads, you cannot get this function because they don’t enable it for security reasons.

It Must Be Easy To Upgrade

This is another must-have feature that you should look for when you are installing a smart lock system. You must be aware of the fact that security needs change over time and if the smart lock system that you have already installed in your home is not easy to upgrade, you would have to change the entire system when upgrading the security. So, you must go for the installation of a system right from the beginning that keeps your options open for later updates. Later, when you have to add another security feature, you simply have to go to the control panel and add another function in your lock system.

It Must Be Compatible With The Alarm System

If you are living in a sensitive area, installing a burglary alarm system is a must for you. Whether you have installed an auto-lock system or a conventional lock system, it must be compatible with the alarm system of your home. As soon as someone tries to intrude on your property, the lock system will switch on the alarm system and you can take all the essential steps to make your property and family from the intruders.

Assign Some Guest Keys

This is another added feature that you can get in your smart lock system. When you have installed a smart lock system in your home, you don’t have to make an extra pair of keys for all the residents or your guests. All you have to do is assign a guest key for your guests and you will be no more bound to receive them on your gate. When someone unlocks with a guest key, you are instantly informed on your smartphone that someone has made an entry.

Look For Voice Control

Voice control is another feature that you are getting in your smart lock system these days. Most of the smart lock systems provide extra control of voice from Alexa and Siri’s voice control. If you give your lock a spoken unlock command, you will also have to provide a spoken PIN code, only then your door will be unlocked. This PIN code is created to optimize your security protocols. A large number of affordable locksmiths and lock makers are now using this command to unlock doors.

Get Your Door In The Best Condition

There is no point in getting a keyless security system if your door is not in optimal condition. What if the hinges of the door are loose? Also, if the door is made of poor quality material, you would not be able to operate your smart lock system for long. So, it is highly imperative for you to first have your door in optimal condition and then think of installing a keyless lock system in your home.

Keep Alternate Entry Options

Have you ever imagined what would you do if your auto-lock system fails? You cannot avoid tech failures and if you do not want to get stuck outside your home, you must also think of alternate ways to enter your home.

Bottom Line!

You can find a variety of smart lock options after contacting the best lock vendors in your area. Just make sure that you get all these things done when installing a smart lock system in your home.

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