How Does Six Sigma Certification In Healthcare Make It Perform Better?

The Healthcare system in India has been on a boom lately. Post covid, people have become more conscious about their health. Keeping the criticality of the sector in mind, pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare sector have been paying more attention to business processes lately. Catering to the customers’ needs, developing the right kind of product as per the market demands and trends, business compliance, etc have to be kept in mind. Also, with changing times, new technology and factors need to be inculcated in the business process. This can be done when people continually monitor and update the business process. This is the reason why the healthcare sector is demanding six sigma experts lately.

In this fast-moving era where everyone is striving hard to reach the top position in an organization, In the corporate world, the employees who hold the top position in a company are the ones who upgrade themselves with time. The demand of the industry keeps on changing. When the advancement of technology, better techniques and working models emerge. Companies that adhere to these changes are the ones who are successful in the long run.

To go with the flow, companies demand some of the latest skills which can be achieved by going through some kind of certification or higher studies. If one wants to keep on working while upgrading the knowledge, the best option is to go for certification. Nowadays one of the best certifications that the healthcare industry is demanding is Lean Six Sigma.

It is a program that combines Six Sigma methodologies and Lean enterprises. It is a set of standard procedures that are followed and used in business management. This helps in improvising the business process and keeping it updated. During this, the errors are removed from the process. This technique is being used by top-notch companies to have good business outcomes. improving operational efficiency, cost reduction, etc. The companies are looking for people who possess these skills.

Seeing the wide scope of the good results of keeping the business process updated, companies are adopting these techniques. The best part about this certification is that it is being used in every sector. Six sigma certification in healthcare is in the boom. The processes are being improved to meet the needs of the customer.

Need for Business process improvement

With changing times, the need of the customers also changes. The best way to keep up with the competitors is by following the latest ways and procedures of doing business. Consumer behavior plays a very important role in a business. Companies need to adhere to them to satisfy the customer. This is done by empathizing with their problems and solving them. To cater to the needs of the customer and update the process to remain in the competition, business process improvement is very important. As it is said that change is the only constant, the companies who embed these changes and satisfy their customers are successful in the long run.

This is done by improving the business process. Various tools and techniques are taught during the course to fulfill this aim.

Six sigma black belt certification online helps in idealizing the process. A perfect business process is 99% accurate. The value of six sigma means the chances of occurring 3.4 errors per million opportunities. This is next to perfect. Any process working at this accuracy is bound to be successful in the market as the accuracy is so high.

During the course, various techniques are taught to improve the existing process as well as the new processes.

  • DMAIC: Define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. This technique is used for the existing process.
  • DMADV: Define, measure, analyze, design, and verify. This technique is for new processes.

The DMAIC techniques work as follows:

  • Define: In this phase, we identify what are customer expectations from the process. What problems is he/she facing?
  • Measure: In this step, we try to identify the frequency of defects. How many times has the customer been facing the problem? A test case is analyzed.
  • Analyze: Here we try to know why, when, and where defects occur. The root cause of the problem is identified.
  • Improve: In this step, we try to find the solution to the problem. The defect is analyzed thoroughly and suggestions are scrutinized as to how can we fix the process.
  • Control: In this phase, we try to control the improved state of the process. How can we make the process stay fixed?

The step-by-step process helps in removing any kind of errors that appear with time. The ideal process should be centrally aligned when its working is analyzed. If it is left skewed or right skewed, then it has to be worked upon.

Similar is the case when we develop a new process. For it to be apt, continuous monitoring is required from the first step. This first, the process is designed, and then it is validated. If this process is followed, the chances of errors are negligible.

The six sigma certification has various levels and each level is for 2 months (approximately). The levels are as follows:

  • Six sigma green belt: This is an introductory course that helps in improving the business process. It gives a chance to work in a managerial position. All the concepts are introduced like process map, project charter, fishbone diagram, etc. It is the starting point for a career in this field. It is a two-month course followed by a short objective test.
  • Six sigma black belt: This is the second and more advanced level of the course. People who want to go solely in the field, opt for this certification. All the concepts are taught thoroughly and practically implemented. One gets to work on live projects as well. It is a two-month course followed by a short objective test.
  • Six sigma master black belt: This is the most advanced and difficult level of the course. People who want to head the departments like operations or want to do research, go for this certification. It is a two to three months course followed by a short objective test.

With each completed level comes expertise and knowledge. As the person gains more knowledge and advanced certification, he/she gets a handsome salary and a chance to work on good and complex projects. The employee demand increases.

Tools taught during the certification

The tools and techniques taught during six sigma certification online in India are as follows:

  • Process capability analysis, Normal distribution, and measurement systems analysis
  • Voice of customers
  • Critical to quantity
  • Project Chartered
  • Basic Design of Experiments and Design for Six Sigma
  • Fishbone diagram
  • Process mapping
  • Analytical, graphical, and numerical tools, etc

Advantages of Six Sigma certification for an employee

Nowadays companies are paying a lot of attention to these skills as it helps in satisfying the customers. These tools also help in determining the trend and predict futuristic activities to remain in the competition. The applicants learn the art of improving the business processes effectively and efficiently and this is the reason why Six sigma is a renowned certification.

  • Helps in salary hike
  • Ensure Compliance and process improvement.
  • Gain Hands-On Experience In Quality Management
  • This certificate/method is accepted by all the industries like healthcare, insurance, automobile, aerospace, telecom, FMCG, financial services, IT, HR, etc. This increases the scope and domain of the employee.
  • It helps in Nurturing Managerial And Leadership abilities.

The six sigma certification online in India helps in improving the decision-making skills and analytical skills of a person. Employees learn project management ability and learn about specific tricks and processes for improvement.

Six sigma certification in healthcare

The application of Six Sigma concepts and tools is being seen in various sectors right from FMCG to insurance and healthcare. The business processes can be tremendously improved by applying the six sigma concepts.

The healthcare sector is being benefited from the six sigma process, a lot.  People who possess Six sigma certification in healthcare get to work on the front line and as administrative staff. A sustainable culture is created which helps in improving employee engagement and satisfaction. Continuous improvement is needed in the business process in such an emerging sector that is health care. Various new processes are being developed and the existing ones are being improved after the intervention of technology in the field of healthcare has grown.

With the help of Six Sigma Certification, people achieve the goals like minimizing medical errors and improving process efficiency in high-stakes and sensitive environments. As we all know that the importance and value of the healthcare sector have improved tremendously in the past few years, and the processes need to be at the point. Any deviation in it can be dangerous.

Six Sigma methodology uses all the statistical tools and concepts to analyze the business processes and rectify the defects in them. The healthcare sector can be improvised by improving the customer service process. It is used while developing a new product or technology. The patients need the best treatment which involved procedures with the latest technologies. All these things need to be inculcated in the business process. For this six sigma skills are needed.

ISEL Global Education is the best institute that offers tailored videos and study material for every sector. They help in improving the knowledge of the applicant specific to a sector. Customized videos and study material is available too.

Having an accredited certificate of six sigma in this field helps in improving the value of the employee in the organization. It helps in enhancing your career to a great extent. There are different levels of six sigma if one wants to get knowledge from the basics. Before going for the green belt, one can go for the white belt and yellow six sigma certification. From these levels, one gets a fair idea about the concepts and techniques involved.

ISEL Global Education

The best part about the certificate is that it is offered by many institutes across India in both online and offline models. This flexibility helps the employees in accessing the course from anywhere and at any time.

Various institutes offer this certification. One of the best organizations is ISEL Global Education. The institute offers some of the best and top-notch facilities to the applicants. The good classroom infrastructure, 24×7 access to study material, online accessibility to classes, good teachers, etc is what makes it stand apart from other institutes.

The teachers of the institutes are veterans of this field. They explain the concepts in-depth. The theoretical, as well as the practical aspect, is kept in mind while explaining the concepts. The teachers are available beyond the classroom hours for doubt-solving sessions. All the study material is provided. With minimal requirements and fees from the applicants, ISEL Global Education helps in improving the career of the applicant.

The requirements for the lean six sigma certification are as follows:

  • The applicant should have a bachelor’s degree.
  • High-speed internet connection.
  • Good Hardware
  • Aptitude towards analytics
  • Willingness to learn
  • You should have basic English language skills.

The learning format of the program offered by the institute is very practical. They help you to learn the strategies for streamlining processes, dive deep into the analytical model of Lean Six Sigma, reduce waste, and improve efficiency which works for the improvement of the business processes.

It helps in developing leadership skills too. The course structure is designed in a manner that helps in understanding how lean principles and design for Six Sigma fit into the overall task of product and process improvement.

The deliverables of the course while pursuing it from ISEL Global Education are as follows:

  • Study material is couriered to the candidate’s address
  • Soft copy of the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook
  • Virtual classroom sessions of the instructor-led course session (Duration: 18+ hours)
  • Internationally recognized certification (One needs to pass the objective test to attain this certificate)
  • Pre and post-assignment.
  • Sample question paper.
  • Chance to work on live projects
  • Case study and evaluation notes.
  • The constant support of the trainer
  • Doubt-solving sessions, etc

It is an agency-based institute that helps in providing paid internships and jobs as well. The course is a complete package in itself. The content is also well searched and revised from time to time as per the industry’s needs. The complete information about the course is provided. Right from the start till one passes the exam, the institute provides continuous help and monitoring. The institute holds your hand in the career journey and takes you to new heights. Having a six sigma certificate in the field of healthcare that too from a good institute like ISEL will improve your career by leaps and bounds. So what are you waiting for? Apply today!