Scary Costumes that Will Make People Scream with Fear This Halloween

Halloween is a time of the year to go all spooky and scary. We have collected some outrageously scary costume ideas for those who want to go for the scariest and trendiest costumes this year. When executed to perfection, these costumes are so scary that they will make people scream with fear this Halloween. 

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to find out which characters will make teeth chatters or inspire the loudest of screams!

Emily — The Corpse Bride

Halloween is technically the eve of the walking dead. So, it should not come as a surprise that one of the most convincing characters to portray this evening is The Corpse Bride. Emily is the dead bride who is dead but when woken up by Victor on the night of his wedding night. White dress, rotting skin, large eyes with Blind White Contact Lenses will be perfect on the spookiest night of the year.


The scariest meme that has been viral over the internet for quite a few years. The Momo meme is enough to scare out the wits of anyone, let alone the children. You can dress up as this eerie meme character by simply getting a Momo mask or you can actually go on and execute this whole look, complete with bug-eyes, creepy skin, and the most sinister smile to give even the strong-hearted a big scare.  

Michael Myers  

One of the most popular characters who love to go on a murdering spree. His iconic mask and overalls and his predisposition for a killing spree are something people can’t get enough of since 1978. However, the look you can try is more recent from the 2018 Halloween combined with his famous overalls. Get this iconic mask and wear it with Blackout Contact Lenses to make a scarier statement. 


If you can name one character as the modern horror icon, it would be Pennywise. He is the evil clown from IT. Although there are all sorts of Pennywise costumes and masks available in the market, the most realistic look comes from the wig and the perfect makeup. For the makeup follow some great tutorials and for the really frightening eyes of Pennywise, yellow UV glowing lenses are perfect. 

Rubie’s Insane Asylum Costume 

The most mysterious yet scary costumes to don this Halloween. Let people wonder why your hands need to be tied up. Is it because you are in reality a flesh-eating monster? Or you are a psychopath who would attack anyone your hands can reach. No matter what the reason is, Rubie’s Insane Asylum Costume is one hell of a scary get-up. Further, enhance this look by adding a muzzle (perfect for Covid-19 precautions — wear a mask) to keep the monster in (or maybe out). This costume is definitely a creepy one and your friends would totally get a scare. 

The Nun 

Whether you are aspiring for the petrifying costume from the conjuring or the shocking looks from the movie The Nun, you are sure to elicit some screams – especially if you plan on jumping out on people from darker corners (Don’t try it with the faint-hearted though). You can easily ger a full habit, a veil from any costume store. However, the actual jolt comes from the ominous black eyes that can be recreated with Full eye 2mm Black Sclera contact lenses. 

The Devil

Is any Halloween Party complete without the world’s most hated character? The Devil himself? Of course not! For a more sophisticated and posh party, you can make a daring entry wearing a red suit, horns on your head and to complete this persona of evil and hell, you can paint your face red, wear red devil contact lenses and carry a pitchfork with a pointed tail, trailing behind you. 


The 90s kids would understand that Child’s Play was no child’s play at all. Well, you can still stun everyone with this child’s play by dressing up as Chucky and scare the living daylights out of your friends. You can either wear a ready mask to copy the creepiest and deadliest doll or use some makeup to recreate this look. You will also need the signature jumpsuit with a striped t-shirt and a sinister smile that will express your passion for killing. 

Ghost from the Past

Ghosts are popular every Halloween. You can find them in all shapes and sizes. However, to be a little different from the rest. You can combine two of the favorite Halloween characters, a pirate and a ghost. Choose a full Captain costume (Pirates of the Caribbean Style) from the past but get it in white or simply dip it in white paint. Go for a full white look from top to bottom for a perfect Ghost from the Past look. 

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