Reverse Email Lookup: 22 Free Email Address Search Tools

A key component of cold email outreach is locating the recipient’s email address.

Here, email lookup tools can be useful. Without it, your only option is to call them or send them a LinkedIn or Twitter message.

Low reply and answer rates are likely to result from all of these.

However, if you have someone’s email address and the right email tracking tool, you can get in touch with them directly, confirm that your email has reached their inbox, and learn whether or not they have opened it.

Others need a little more effort, even though some prospects make their email address publicly available on social media and on their website.

The good news is that locating someone’s email address doesn’t require you to be a skilled private investigator.

We searched the web for the most widely used email lookup tools on the net to help you source and approach your candidates with ease. Take a look!

What is Reverse Email Lookup?

You can enter an email address into reverse email lookup tools to obtain the owner’s personal information.

Along with an address and phone number, this typically contains a first and last name.

Additionally, links to their social media profiles and additional technical details about the email address itself may be available.

An example of data enrichment is reverse email lookup, which adds extra information based on a small set of data points.

It can be used in conjunction with other data enrichment tools, like reverse phone or BIN lookups, to complete a profile of a specific website visitor.

You can find out personal information about someone by using their email address with SEON’s email search tool.

By looking through social networks and public databases for links to that email address, it can reveal the email owner’s first name, last name, social media accounts, and much more.

Why Use Email Lookup Tools?

Employers and employees alike rely on email search tools. For three main reasons, they frequently employ these remedies:

Marketing: Online digital marketing or sales teams must confirm the validity of the email addresses they have gathered.

It’s a good idea to verify that you’re dealing with real people as soon as possible because you don’t want your email marketing newsletters to bounce.

Background checks are typically carried out by experts who need more information about a prospective employee, a client, or a business partner.

For every reason you can think of, including getting the full story on a new love interest, finding out more about someone who got in touch without warning, or, regrettably, cyberstalking, some people request them as well.

Risk analysis: Reverse email search can be used by both small and large businesses to find out more information about their users in the context of fraud prevention, risk assessment, and cybersecurity.

Although the aforementioned professionals are most likely to use them, these tools occasionally serve a purpose for both private individuals and other fields.

Of course, not every one of these solutions is the same. Let’s look at some things to think about before registering.

How Does Reverse Email Lookup Work?

The email address can typically be entered into the search bar and then entered. The outcomes will be displayed right on the website.

Some vendors also deliver reports in PDF format.

Use API calls or web browser add-ons for more complex lookups. Additionally, you can upload email address lists as CSV files or Excel spreadsheets.

Top 6 Key Points when Choosing a Reverse Email Lookup Tool

  • What am I aiming for?

Do you wish to develop more thorough customer profiles? You can deal with riskier transactions yourself. Do you require more details about your customers or prospects?

  • How frequently do I have to use the tool?

This might affect the kind of pricing model you should take into account.

  • How in-depth do I need the outcomes to be?

This relates to your search objectives, particularly if you are interested in risk management.

  • Does the tool meet my legal requirements for data protection?

If the wrong tool is used to collect user data, your business may be at risk.

  • How soon can the outcomes be made available?

Although some tools can take days to produce results, some people will need results almost immediately.

  • Will I require more information?

Finally, keep in mind that phone numbers can behave similarly to email addresses, so decide if you need to expand your search with additional tools like a reverse phone lookup or IP analysis. While some tools provide this, others do not.

Based on the five points mentioned above and the limitations listed below, we attempted to omit all the tools from this comparison article that were obviously outside of its purview.

What Are the Limits of Reverse Email Lookups?

The freemium business model used by some of these email search tools is obviously the first restriction.

The most common ruse employed by some of these businesses is that while searching is free, getting results is not.

Another irritating situation is when you believe you’ve found a free service only to find out it directs you to a paid one.

Another thing to think about is that it might be challenging or impossible to verify webmail addresses, especially for marketers.

For example, makes it very clear that it only supports professional domains.

Then there are speed-related issues.

You have no choice but to integrate an email analysis API into your system if, for example, you run an online store and need to instantly verify the email addresses of a sizable number of customers.

Tools for risk analysis produce results almost instantly.

In order to use other services, you must enter addresses one at a time and wait for the results for up to five minutes.

Additionally, avoid confusing email finders and reverse email search tools.

The opposite of what an email address search tool is intended to do is find an email address based on a name.

There are a variety of different products available on the email search market.

The issue of data quality comes last.

In a perfect world, you would want current and fresh data.

A quick test reveals that many of the tools mentioned here, however, must search through extremely old databases in order to obtain their users’ personal data, which defeats the purpose.

In fact, by manually entering the email address into a search engine with some background checkers, you can frequently obtain better results.

Top 22 Free Email Address Search Tools


The best tool for generating email leads is LeadBoxer.

With this GDPR-compliant marketing tool, you have access to all the tools you need to effectively capture and convert leads for your company.

LeadBoxer provides several methods for locating potential clients, filtering email lists, and dynamically qualifying leads.

One of the best email lookup tools available is this one.

Additionally, you can use the app to get alerts and updates when specific visitors convert to your website or open your emails.

You can also find out how to reach the people who visit your website. This lessens the need to invest time in locating leads to contact.


Discover more than 250 million professionals’ email, social media, and phone numbers.

A huge database of contact opportunities is available on RocketReach. RocketReach can locate almost anyone thanks to its cutting-edge database, which contains information on more than 6 million businesses.

Even phone numbers are available for you to call.

You won’t ever have to waste time prospecting manually again. Access to the RocketReach API and 170 custom lookups is available for $49 per month.

I find that

Find, which represents the amount of money itself as “The Yellow Pages of Email,” One of the most effective email lookup tools is that one.

Simply enter the name and company of your potential customer into the search bar, and Find That will instantly return a list of emails for that particular person.

By “confidence,” contacts are ranked in the list.

Thus, the email addresses that you see first are the ones that are most likely to be trustworthy.

There is a free plan that includes 50 searches each month. Starting at $29 per month for 500 searches, these are premium plans.


Use LeadGibbon to track verified email addresses with just one click.

You can use the Sales Navigator application to search by company size, location, industry, job title, and more.

The information you gather can even be exported to Google Sheets.

The system keeps track of names, titles, companies, industries, and locations in addition to contact information.

LeadGibbon has a sizable database and a match accuracy of up to 99%. is a comprehensive email solution that enhances your Gmail functionality.

It is an email lookup tool made specifically for Google Chrome users.

Email prospecting is merely one of the system’s features. The tool also has snooze, scheduling, and email tracking features.

Enter the person’s name and company domain into the search bar to use email lookup tools to connect with them. will compile a list of potential email addresses, which it then submits to a service for “verification.” Vocus doesn’t offer bulk search capabilities. Prices begin at $5 per month.

Voila Norbert!

Voila Any email address can be easily found thanks to Norbert.

50 free searches are yours right away when you create an account.

In the search bar of the tool, enter the company domain and the person’s name to find their email address, and Norbert will produce a result.

Only emails that the tool is able to locate will be charged.

The entry-level plan costs $49 per month for 1,000 leads (emails found).

Additionally, pay-as-you-go credits are available for purchase at $0.10 per lead.


You can search for emails by domain with Hunter, a well-known email lookup tool that was formerly known as “Email Hunter.”

Simply enter a company’s URL into the tool to start using it, and Hunter will return a list of emails that are associated with that business.

A free plan is offered for 100 “requests” (email searches). Paid plans with 1,000 requests start at $39 per month.


An email prospecting tool called Hiretual gathers data from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

This Chrome add-on locates email addresses and gathers extra data like a person’s salary range and level of seniority.

The service uses artificial intelligence to gather data from across the web to create a complete profile of the person you’re looking for.

Gmail and Outlook are both integrated with the service.

A premium plan offering 200 searches for $89 per month is also available.

The free trial offers 10 searches per week.


This email search tool is not only quick and effective, but also private.

By integrating the service with Salesforce, LinkedIn, or Twitter, businesses can personalise the Lusha experience.

Developers can also integrate a “Contact API” into their current technology stack.

A single user is limited to five searches during the free trial.

After that, you can select between the “Professional” plan, which costs $69 per month and offers 100 searches for up to 10 users, and the “Essential” plan, which costs $25 per month and offers 30 searches for one user.

A “Premium” option with 300 searches for 25 users is also available for $139 per month.


FindThatLead is a quick and simple-to-use tool designed for account-based sales.

When you enter a company URL into the search bar and choose “Find Leads,” a list of email addresses from that company will be generated.

Ten daily credits (searches) are included in the free plan each month.

As an alternative, you can pay $29 per month to upgrade to a small business plan and get 1,500 monthly credits.


There is an email finder tool on Toofr.

You only need to enter a person’s full name and the URL of their employer to find their address.

The monthly plan for Toofr costs $9 plus $0.01 per credit, which entitles users to one search.


You can look up email addresses using Anymail Finder by entering a person’s full name and the URL or name of the business they work for.

You can try out the tool once for free without creating an account. After that, by registering, you’ll have access to 20 free searches.

The cost of a premium plan for 1,000 verified emails is $49 per month. Only emails that Anymail Finder knows won’t bounce cost money.


Nymeria is the ideal tool if you’re trying to attract prospects from your LinkedIn network.

The browser extension searches through LinkedIn profiles to find verified email addresses and gives users the option to find emails with a single click.

Once located, emails can be exported to a spreadsheet.

The “Personal” plan from Nymeria costs $9 per month and allows you to search for up to 1,000 emails.

The “Professional” plan costs $19 per month and allows you to search for 3,000 emails.

The “Startup” plan costs $49 per month and allows you to search for 10,000 emails.

Additionally, there is an “Enterprise” option for 25,000 email searches at $99 per month.


An advanced email search tool that works with your CRM system is called Clearbit. Segment, Zapier, Marketo, and Salesforce are all currently supported.

Additionally, it has a “Connect” feature that integrates with Outlook and Gmail.

The “Prospector” system searches through 20 million companies to generate lists of targeted accounts that meet particular requirements for your business needs, such as the preferred technology stack or the number of employees within a company.

You can immediately import the contacts you need into your CRM system once you’ve located them.

Depending on your needs, pricing varies, but the “Prospector” package for Salesforce costs $999 per month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite is a Chrome extension and a powerful email tool that integrates with Gmail. It is a product of LinkedIn.

Once the extension is installed, you can use Gmail to create new emails by entering a potential address in the “To” field.

The system will use information from LinkedIn to find email addresses.

With the help of this tool, you can try your luck at email prospecting.

Compared to some of the other options on this list, this might take more time. However, the tool is free.


A straightforward and useful browser extension is Sellhack.

To find accurate email addresses, the service makes use of an “industry leading” 12-step email verification engine.

Even better, you can use one-click integration to send tailored cold emails to prospects right from your email account.

A bulk email lookup option is available. Prices for 150 search credits start at $19 per month.

The “Pro” plan costs $99 per month for 750 credits, while the “Starter” plan costs $49 per month for 350 credits.


Use a name, company name, or website to search for emails with HeadReach.

can look for leads by job description using the “advanced search” option (ex. Editor in Chief at Entrepreneur).

Additionally, HeadReach keeps a log of all your searches so you can review your history.

Pricing for 100 credits starts at $29 per month.

When the search tool successfully locates the person, you’re looking for, you will only be charged a credit.

You will get 500 search requests and 250 credits for just $49 per month.

You will get 500 credits and 1000 search requests for $89 per month.

Email Permutator

With the help of the free tool Email Permutator, you can create a list of potential email addresses by entering a person’s full name and their company URL.

With this tool, there is no verification service of any kind.

It will need to be used in a trial-and-error manner in order to accurately identify a person’s email.

Email Generator

With the help of the free tool Email Permutator, you can create a list of potential email addresses by entering a person’s full name and their company URL.

With this tool, there is no verification service of any kind. It will need to be used in a trial-and-error manner in order to accurately identify a person’s email.


BuzzStream creates a searchable list of prospects from search result pages and website lists.

The tool appears on the right-hand side of your browser when you search for blogs or influencers on Google, suggesting potential customers and email addresses gleaned from those websites.

Additionally, you can search for specific contacts and discover their email addresses and social media profiles using keywords like a person’s name.

When you locate an email, Buzzstream adds it for you to a spreadsheet along with other details like the website the email is linked to, the domain authority of that website, and the prospect’s Twitter handle.

Pricing for 30 prospecting searches begins at $24 per month.

Ninja Outreach

Using online social profiles and websites, Ninja Outreach assists in locating business leads and influencers.

Simply enter a few keywords, such as “technology company,” and the system will return a list of potential contacts from its internal database.

The system has a built-in CRM system that you can use to track your email campaigns and conversions.

Prices for limitless searches, limitless emailing, and resizable email templates for a single user start at $69 per month.

The most popular package, “pro,” adds a team collaboration tool for $99 per month.


A Google Chrome extension called LeadFuze creates contact lists and functions as an email lookup tool.

With LeadFuze, you can quickly and easily create relevant prospect lists.

On your behalf, the system checks through prospect information, email addresses, and social media profiles.

Additionally, LeadFuze offers email tracking, drip campaigns for follow-up, and targeted email creation.

Up to 25 leads are free to use the system. Paid plans with 1,000 verified searches start at $397 per month.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog! We hope you enjoyed our post on reverse email lookup tools which play a vital role in digital marketing in order to find emails for generating leads and other relevant factors to remember.

We know that finding your email address can be difficult, but sometimes you need this information quickly to get in contact with someone or complete a task.

In order to find your email address quickly, we put together 22 free email address search tools.