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5 Reasons For Hiring A Disabled Blogger For Promoting Your Brand

Businesses these days often rely on influencers for marketing. However, most enterprises engage young and able-bodied bloggers for this task. Very few businesses dare to sign up disabled bloggers for this task.

However, associating with people with a substantial number of followers on social media platforms but suffering from some variety of disability can be extremely beneficial for any brand. Here is how a blogger with a disability can help your brand grow and become a revered name in the market.

1. Bloggers With Disabilities Enhance Your Brand’s Acceptance

Every brand wishes to be accepted by more people. But, creating greater appeal and making a brand more relatable is not an easy task. The psychological space of a large and diverse group of people remains even more varied.

Your business needs to win their hearts at the same time make them a part of your business. Unless you enjoy a monopoly on a certain product or service, you need some stance that will be equally acceptable to everyone.

Here comes the role of the bloggers with disabilities. Almost everyone feels empathetic about people who suffer from some extent of physical or mental disability. It could be a person with blindness, mobility restriction, neurological issues, and more.

No matter the disabilities, when you associate with a blogger with vision impairment or dysfunctional legs, you immediately gain the attention of your target customers.  Anything unusual always snatches the attention of people.

Also, most people consider this move of yours to be a humanitarian one and wish to be a part of it. Hence, they start reading and exploring the content posted by the blogger. As a result, you receive more engagement and your brand eventually becomes a household name within a very short while.

2. Businesses With Social Motives Find These Influencers Ideal

Some businesses do not solely focus on profit maximisation. They also focus on issues like social awareness, mental health awareness, etc. If your enterprise intends to make people conscious about issues like equal opportunities, human rights, social empathy, inclusion, etc., partnering with a disabled blogger can be a good start.  

What you say or intend to do does not matter as much as the things you really do. No matter how creatively you design your brand’s ad campaigns, posters, and banners, once you take a blogger with a disability on board, your actions begin to speak louder than words.

Additionally, these bloggers also help spread awareness about existing social discriminations and ways to fight them. They often share their life stories through which many people with similar challenges begin to relate to them and, in turn, with your brand. People find life experiences more interesting, reliable, and relatable all the time.

This is why bloggers or influencers with physical problems manage to win your customer’s hearts and confidence faster than your ad campaigns. Throughout this process, even though the bloggers or influencers remain at the forefront, your brand never loses focus on bringing them to your audience.

3. Disabled Influencers Help Propagate Ideals Of Equality

If you run an NGO, a school or any other social welfare organisation, you can depend on disabled influencers for promotion. These influencers talk about their experiences of how people discriminated against them, bullied them, and even ridiculed them for their physical handicaps.  

People from all walks of life go through such bitter and intimidating experiences at some point in time.  When they find someone fighting with the same menaces, they feel more confident. Plus, influencers with physical or mental disabilities also prove simply by being what they are that anyone can overcome life challenges at any time.

They make people believe that no matter the restrictions or impediments, with willpower, determination, and hard work, any adversity can be dealt with. Therefore, these influencers restore people’s faith in equality. Many people suffer from a lack of confidence, depression, anxiety and stress due to numerous reasons.

But, bloggers with disabilities give them a ray of hope. When a person feeling isolated or left out follows the content of a wheel-chaired influencer or a blind blogger, they regain their willingness to bounce back to mainstream life. Thus, for businesses like mental health care facilities, hospitals, and more, these influencers could be an asset.

4. The Overall Reputation Of The Brand Improves

No matter which domain of the industry your business belongs to, to elevate brand reputation, you can always rely on bloggers with disabilities blindfolded. As already clear from the above discussion, influencers with physical or mental infirmities always symbolise strength, willpower, and determination.

Through their professionally crafted appealing content, they effectively narrate their life journey with the audiences. These influencers also offer valuable suggestions to the followers about lifestyle, the right way to deal with challenges, fashion, and more.

Therefore, regardless of your business domain, you can associate with an influencer who can captivate your audience’s attention effortlessly. Plus, when you associate with disabled influencers, your customers instantly form a positive opinion about your brand.

They begin to appreciate your courage for taking the least trodden route and compassion and empathy for signing up someone with disabilities.

This move proves your business intentions and brand objective to be more humanitarian which certainly draws more people to your site. Hence, the overall reputation of your business improves and people begin to perceive your brand as a more pro-human one.  

5. Disabled Influencers Inspire Many People Suffering From Similar Conditions

Thousands of people across the world suffer from a wider variety of irrevocable physical and mental conditions. Some live a life chained to the wheelchairs while some suffer from acute clinical depression.  

In a world that primarily caters to the needs and interests of those with no such disabilities, people with handicaps feel left out. This is where disabled bloggers help. They become the beacon of hope for people with similar conditions.

Therefore, when a business signs up disabled influencers, people suffering from similar problems become its customers.

To sum up, for any business, engaging bloggers with disabilities can be a good choice at any time. These influencers bring to your business the prized elements of humanity, compassion, equality, and social justice. Inarguably, all these elements help your business stand apart and gain a unique identity.