Everything You Want To Acknowledge About the Price of Diamond Jewelry

The pricing of all diamonds is calculated per carat. If the stated price says it’s 2500 per carat, and the diamond carat is 1.00, the total cost will be; $ 2500 x 1.00= 2500. That means the higher the carat, the more the price will increase. Assessing your stone’s value is crucial. If soon you are betrothing your girlfriend, then a diamond ring will be a field of interest. You will need to know how a diamond price per carat calculator works to reach the selling price. What are the other elements that contribute to the diamond price?

Diamond price per carat calculator has set defaults of 1 carat round diamond—Color G, clarity SI1, and cut, excellent, with no fluorescence.

The diamond world is a fun and exciting place to explore. First, you will learn the 4Cs that is the universal standard of determining a diamond’s value. These include carat, cut, color, and clarity. You can play with them to get your ideal budget. Does that sound a bit confusing? Well, we shall clarify below how you can achieve that;

Color of diamond

Do you love the colorless diamond, or you can be fair with some color tint? D is the highest grading, while Z is the lowest. Anything close to D, like E and F, can be great alternatives and cheaper.

Clarity of diamond

Diamonds come with some inclusions and flaws, and that’s what determines their value. Diamond graders use this as they evaluate a diamond. The more flaws a diamond has, the less value it will have. The grading will show how prominent and visible these inclusions are on a diamond. Some marks are not visible with the naked eye unless checked using a 10x microscope. Maybe you should look at this if you are on a budget since they won’t be as pricy as flawless. If you choose a diamond with SI1 clarity, you can save a significant amount of money compared to what you can pay for a perfect diamond.

Diamond’s shape

Every person has a preference for the ideal cut of a diamond. But the majority goes for round-shaped stones since they hardly show any flaws, and most of them have a brilliant cut. For this reason, they attract higher pricing than all the other shapes. So, if you want to cut costs on this, choose fancy diamonds such as oval, marquises, half-moon, square, cushion, princess-cut and more.

Diamond cut 

While we tell you to compromise on the weight of a diamond, color, and clarity, we would not recommend doing the same for the cut. Diamonds are meant to sparkle, and if you try to skimp and get a 4poorly-cut stone, you will not be happy with a dull ring. It’s not even worth getting a diamond if it will not sparkle. A cut represents the beauty and brilliance of the stone. 

A round diamond in G color-grade with clarity of SI1 and an excellent cut will cost approx. $ 6000. The same features with a cushion-cut shape will be almost half price. And that is around $ 3500. Making this smart move saves you great bucks.

Carat weight

How heavy do you want your stone? Going a little lower than your ideal preference is not going to affect your product. However, it can cut the cost of your ring significantly. Instead of getting a 1.00ct carat, go for 0.95ct. That should save you some substantial bucks. Skimping on your carat weight and fracture is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of a precious diamond without anyone noticing. Use a diamond price per carat calculator online and find the stone’s outstanding value that can fit your budget. During the polishing process, a diamond may lose up to 50 percent weight.

The second-largest diamond found in the Arkansas Crater of Diamonds on September 25th, 2020, is said to have 9.07 carats. Many wonder what the price of this could be? Medium quality of 9 carats ranges from $ 100000-$ 250000. Considering that this is a mid-level quality, you can play around with other attributes, using a diamond price per carat calculator, and check the value.

Diamond pricing

Even if you do not buy a diamond now, you would love to know its current prices. Maybe that might trigger something. Mother’s Day is one of the ideal reasons to buy your mom a precious diamond. Other excellent celebrations include anniversaries and birthdays of a particular person in your life.

As you can see on the price list above, which refers to the GIA certificate, the price range of a 1 carat of a diamond ranges from $ 1,900-$16000. And it is interesting to see the significant difference in the 2-carat diamond. It’s not double or triple, but four times the price of1 a carat. If you want to get the best diamond, you can choose the G-color, S1 1 clarity, and no fluorescence with the value for money. It should have a good polish and symmetry and an excellent cut. That will give you a fair deal.

Have you heard about the Rappaport price list?

If you delve further into this industry, you will come across a diamond price list created by Martin Rappaport. He used to be a broker in rough and polished diamonds in New York City in 1978. Later he developed the Rappaport Price List in 1978. Although the list is released every week, it doesn’t have to change.

The list focuses on individual loose diamonds (not parcels), including SI 3 or those better in clarity. Also, K’s color grade or better. Although relatively rare in the industry, the list provides L’s prices and the lower colors, I1, and intense clarity type.

In Conclusion, now, the mystery behind a diamond price has been erased. You don’t have to wonder how two diamonds have different prices. We have seen how you can get an affordable diamond and still stand out. And to get a better value of the diamond using an online diamond price per carat calculator, it is easy to make the right decision based on your taste.

What Are The Factors Of The Diamond Price Calculator?