Top 10 Places You Must Visit On Weekends In jaipur

In today’s busy schedules, weekends keep a special place in everyone’s life. People eagerly plan their weekend getaways to relax and enjoy themselves with their friends and family. What would be better if you get a good deal with top-rated restaurants to make your weekend perfect. Jaipur is one of the best places people visit for weekends.

The relaxing weather, vibrant culture, and authentic delicacy attract people to frequently plan their weekends in Jaipur. provides you with the best deals with some top-rated restaurants in Jaipur. Further in this article, we will explore the best deals in many exotic places of Jaipur, which will make your weekends memorable and pocket friendly.

  1. Marriott Jaipur

Marriott is known for its international hospitality standard and exquisite cuisine. Marriot Jaipur is one of the best in the country. The Lounge 18 and Okra restaurants at Jaipur Marriot are among the best and most esteemed restaurants in the location. Apjpro provides you with the best deals with flat discounts with package deals. These discounts of up to 15 to 20 percent are best for the large family and groups planning for the weekends. Apjpro has the best package deals with a comprehensive buffet and A-la-carte menu for small families and couples to experience global delicacies at Marriott.

  1. Masala Ministry

It is one of the best places in Jaipur for vegetarian food buffs. The exclusive taste and flavors with authentic preparation make it a great place for lunch and dinner. Apjpro offers you the best deals on the fixed menu and A-la-carte to enjoy the exquisite menu of the Masala Ministry. It provides gourmet preparation with a casual dining experience and flavorful delicacies. It is an ideal place to enjoy the food with family and friends with budget deals of Apjpro.

  1. Ramada Jaipur

Ramada is the place that gives the classy experience of international cuisine, barbecue and grill delicacies, and mouth-watering taste with a wide range of mocktails and cocktails. Located in Jaipur city center, it has always been a tourist’s prime attraction. There are plenty of offers at Apjpro which can match everyone with their quantity and requirements. Apjpro offers you flat discounts of 30 to 40 percent with package deals according to the number of members.

  1. Holiday Inn Jaipur

Holiday Inn is one of the best places for family get together and weekend lunches. It is quite popular in Jaipur for authentic food and excellent service. The veg and non-veg menus are best known for their delicious preparation and attractive presentation. Apjpro has plenty of offers with 10 to 20 percent flat discounts with a wide range of package deals according to the number of members on specific days.

  1. Vegetarian Kitchen

A train-themed restaurant is a beautiful place offering a perfect atmosphere, excellent service, and delicious food. It is an excellent option for family get-togethers especially liked by children. People visiting for holidays and weekends enjoy a wide range of vegan options here. Apjpro has the perfect flat discounted deal of 15 percent on the A-la-carte menu, valid on all weekdays. This place gives the ideal experience of food and atmosphere with an excellent deal of Apjpro.

  1. Draught Bar

Draught bar is the perfect place to chill with friends and experience the party atmosphere with exclusive beverages and a premium selection of wines and handmade cocktails. This place provides the exquisite ambiance of the party with premium offers of Apjpro. The offer involves discounts and offers on premium beverages and starter combos. Apart from the combo offer, Apjpro has an exclusive offer of 30 percent flat discounts on the A-la-carte menu. The offers comprise fixed regulations regarding the number of members and specific days.

  1. Yellow House

It is one of the most distinct and unique restaurants of its kind. It is quite popular among the people of Jaipur and the tourist visiting for weekends and holidays. The Yellow house is known for its relaxing atmosphere, mouth-watering delicacies, and food-serving robots. It is the debutant restaurant of Jaipur, integrating technology with hospitality. You can experience the food and atmosphere of Yellow house with flat and combo and fixed menu offers of Apjpro. On flat discount, Apjpro offers 15 percent off the A-la-carte menu, while the combo offers have distinct terms and conditions.

  1. Pentagon

It is one of the best places to enjoy with a large clan of family and friends. It provides a luxurious experience with an exotic atmosphere, classy interiors, ecstatic touch of entertainment through music with lots of fun moments. With the budget-friendly offers of Apjpro, you can enjoy the place with its delicious food options and refreshing drinks to its fullest. Apjpro offers according to the pints with specific starter options. The combo offer has different beverages and food items at different prices.

  1. Kaleidoscope

It is one of the most excellent places, with a cool environment, refreshing ambiance, and authentic food delicacies. It is one of the couples’ favorite places, offering a quiet and romantic ambiance with options of outdoor and indoor seating arrangements. With Apjpro, you can enjoy the delicious food of Kaleidoscope with a 20 percent flat discount on food for 4 to 8 persons on all weekdays.

  1. Thali & More

When people visit Jaipur, they closely experience the vibrant culture and delicious taste of Rajasthan. Thali & More introduces you to the mouth-watering taste of Rajasthan with authentic food options like dal, baati, and churma. People like the cultural environment with unlimited thali options full of Rajasthani cuisine to treat their taste buds. With Apjpro, you can enjoy the A-la-carte option with a 15 percent flat discount on all weekdays for eight persons with associate terms and conditions.

To Summarize

These are the top 10 places in Jaipur that you cannot miss during your weekend holidays. These places provide you with an exquisite experience of mouth-watering delicacies and a relaxing ambiance with many memorable options to enjoy with friends and family. On, you can get plenty of offers with a combo, fixed menu, and flat discounts on these top-rated restaurants. These offers and discounts can add a budget-friendly flavor to your weekend plans with experience with international and Rajasthani cuisines and exotic experiences with tasty delicacies.