The 8 Effective PDF Editor Tools For Android In 2024

Ah, so there you go again! Spending endless hours trying to make amendments to your PDF document? You open a file on screen, all geared up to make changes to your document, but something is off. You either see a flashing payment screen popping up or sometimes your document just refuses you to touch it. Sounds familiar, right? here know about the Best 8 PDF Editor Apps For Android 2024.

Well, we have all been through the endless struggles of trying to attempt to make changes to our document. But most of us fail terribly. This is probably because the Portable Document Format is not meant to be edited. This is a secured application format in which editing documents is not so easy. So whenever we sit down to edit our PDF files, we get a cold, bitter sensation of helplessness.

What will you do if your essay writer has overlooked a spelling and you want to correct it? But the problem is that they have sent you a PDF file. You will either face issues with conversions, fonts, layouts, etc. Try out these editing apps for the best results instead of giving in to frustration and finding yourself lost in the tedious isle of unedited files. Here are the 8 best PDF editor apps with built-in tools to help you easily read and edit your documents on your Android device.

Top 8 Free and easy To Use PDF Editor Apps For Your Android Device


This is a powerful android app that stands out from its competitors in terms of the depth and range of its feature set. Unlike the name, it is not only for PDF reading, but you can manage and create your own copies anytime on the go. You can also collaborate on your documents with the world via XODO’s connect service. The best part about this feature is that you do not have to register yourself. Take a sneak peek at all the reasons you should use this PDF editor:

  • It is a versatile PDF editor to create new files through your camera or from your gallery, or even office documents.
  • You can edit, highlight, annotate, save and send your PDF documents as and when you like.
  • Page cropping, full-screen mode, night mode, search tools, and high zoom factors are also enabled.

Intrigued with all the features? Download now and start working!

Foxit PDF Editor

This app allows you to share, read and annotate your PDF files easily. Because of its easy-to-use interface, this app has over a hundred thousand installs and has a super high rating on Google Play. It is not difficult to understand Foxit’s success because when you use it, you feel it yourself. However, the more advanced features like converting files, password protection, etc., can be vailed with a bare minimum subscription. Take a look at the free features:

  • Speedy and straightforward to use as your documents open quickly
  • Annotation tools allow you to highlight text, add notes, and share comments with other users.
  • Fill out PDF forms quickly, and you can export or import their data. Then, save your forms or submit them via FTP, HTTP, or email.

Carry out your tasks by downloading the app from here.

Adobe Acrobat

The most commonly heard names in the world of PDFs. It is mighty, and even the basic version allows enough functionality. It will enable excellent document compatibility for most situations, and you can view even the most complex PDF formats. The advanced features include signing and filling forms, conversion of files, annotation, etc. are available on a paid subscription. Have a look at the reasons why this is your best option:

  • Can open a PDF from the web or share a document from another app, and it quickly displays the document in a simple viewer.
  • Its excellent document compatibility allows you to use simple searches, zoom in and out, and everything else works exactly as you want it to.
  • Cloyd storage, OCR-powered scan, whiteboards, business cards, everything can be availed for the free version.

Since you don’t have to sign up, download this app for free here.

MobiSystems Office Suite

This PDF viewer is from the maximum productivity and business apps developer. This free office suite includes sheets, documents, cloud storage, and mail client with the calendar. This allows you to edit your PDF documents anywhere and across all android devices. However, a paid version comes with advanced features, but the basic understanding covers all necessary functions. Here are some of the perks of this app:

  • Edit documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, emails, etc., without converting or manipulating the files.
  • Offers full high compatibility with Microsoft Office and other file formats such as CSV and open document.
  • Cloud support and cross-platform function synchronize your data so that you can work with any file from anywhere.

Create documents quickly with this app; download now!

PDF Element

This editor from Wondershare is one of the best editors available for your android systems. It is compositely cheaper than Adobe Acrobat and houses a lot of functions. You can easily annotate, read and manage your PDF files on the go. In addition, the interface of this app is also pretty easy to use. Here are some of the key features:

  • Easily create and combine web pages, images, text files, etc. and convert them to PDF files. Also, convert HTML files, e-books, office documents, etc., into ODF format.
  • Fill, edit, merge or split a PDF document quickly and seamlessly without any hassle.
  • The built-in OCR makes image-based PDF files searchable and editable, and you can highlight, annotate, markup any PDF file.

Avail of all these features for free without any hassle here.


An extraordinary app containing all office suits for free. If you ever need a PDF editor for your app, this should be it. The primary aim of this app is to give its users an intuitive UI design that ensures various office applications across all android devices. Furthermore, the included WPS data recovery master allows you to recover your encrypted documents quickly. Take a look at the fantastic features of this excellent app:

  • A robust editing tool to create and edit images, texts, tables, charts, etc., with compatible Microsoft Office.
  • Edit and convert your PDF files accurately without any complications on layouts, fonts, or styles after conversion.
  • Collaborate and create impressive presentations and access them across all devices anytime, anywhere.

Download this all-in-one app for your Android device now!

PDF Viewer And Reader

A compatible app is generally used for tablet or mobile phone views. However, it is predominantly used by android users because of its easy-to-use interface and widely accessible features. The best part is that it is a free PDF editor app meant to create, view, and share your files on the run. Here are some of the highlighted features of the fantastic app:

  • Create your PDF files virtually from any Windows application; you can drag and drop your files to generate the PDF instantly.
  • Search, fill and open any PDF document easily as it is fully collaborative with Microsoft Office apps.
  • Search your PDFs on your device, toggle the view. Highlight, annotate and share easily across all platforms.

Download this totally free app and start using it.


An independent PDF app that is mainly run by ads but is free to use. It contains some nifty tools that make it unique. In addition, it handles PDF files easily without charging a dime. Finally, its user-friendly interface makes it a crowd favorite. So if you are tight on your budget but are looking for an all-in-one PDF editor app, this is the one. Quickly glance through the features:

  • Split and merge PDF files, and you can also extract sections of the text to edit or delete the files quickly.
  • Convert your PDFs to image files and share or reduce the size of the app at your convenience.
  • Organize your files, star your essential documents and view the files as you have last edited them.

If you are not easily bothered by ads, you can download this app for free.

Final Thoughts

Have a look and grab one of the best PDF editor apps from the above-given list. Then, tweak, highlight, edit, share your PDF files hassle-free with a blink of an eye. And, choose an app as per your purpose and explored its advantages, benefits, and uses.

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