Top Five Netflix Series Which Will Make You Laugh Your Heart Out

Laughing keeps you away from so many serious health issues and all it takes for you to laugh is a good punch (not the physical one) from the favorite characters of your beloved comedy shows. Netflix is one platform that has become a part of our lives and a majority of shows there have the potential to make us laugh, however, these shows are spread across the platform and people get confused about which show of them all they should watch. That is why we have come up with the following list of top five Netflix series which will make you laugh out loud to make things easier for you. Without wasting more time, let’s get started!

Fuller house

Fuller House is a crazy comedy show which is made with the intention to make its viewers laugh with all their strengths. The show is full of surprisingly funny moments and the fans cannot help themselves from waiting for the next season of the show. However, The Next Hint has reported that Fuller House season 6 will get released next year in November and till then, fans have to make do with the five seasons that have already been released.

Schitt’s creek

The story of this show is about a couple who has to move to a town that they had bought some years ago makes for a hilarious watch. If you think that you have seen it all in your life, then wait till you see half the crazy stuff this couple has to go through in this brilliantly written Netflix series.

Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black is one of those rare shows which can help you become a better version of yourself by making you watch the hardships that women have to go through in prisons. Just kidding, the show is not that serious and knows when to make its viewers laugh. It has some really great performances and makes for a great watch when you are getting bored with your life.

BoJack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is an adult animated comedy show about a hybrid horse-human who starred in a popular comedy show back in the nineties. Upon knowing that his success was short-lived, he resorted to several poor methods which eventually made for some really funny scenes. You should totally watch this show for the amazing storylines and the voice acting from some of the best talents of Hollywood.

Rick and Morty

It would not be wrong to say that Rick and Morty is the craziest show that has ever been made in the history of television. The show features the adventures of a grandpa and grandson duo who are infamous for screwing things across the multiverse. You must watch it if you have not already watched it.

Which one of the above-mentioned shows have you already watched? If there is any other type of content that you are looking for, then we have got the right recommendations for you and that too without giving away any kind of spoiler at all. Do visit our website to know more about some great Netflix shows and get an update on them.