Everything You Should Know Before Buying MPPSC Notes

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is one of the toughest competitive exams that requires extreme dedication and knowledge to qualify for. The prime purpose of conducting this exam is to recruit eligible assistant state-level engineers. One must ensure to have a thorough knowledge of each of the subjects to ace the exam without any hitches. But without having the right strategy in the place, it becomes pretty tough to crack it. This is the reason why it’s best to take the useful tips from the experts who already have aced the exam a few times. In this article, we provide all the required details for MPPSC Exam.

They can provide the best insight into the preparation tips and guide the aspirants better. There are educational centers that provide the expert’s guidance, notes, study materials to help other students crack the exam without much hassle. But, in order to ace the exam with ease, it’s important to understand the entire process of the MPPSC exam, including its pattern, syllabus, preparation tips, etc. So, let’s take a look at the exam pattern of the MPPSC:

MPPSC Exam Pattern

Before one begins to prepare for the MPPSC exam or buy MPPSC notes, it’s important to understand the pattern of the exam. The benefit of e-learning is that one can easily craft an organized plan with definite objectives to ace each stage of the exam. The first phase of the MPPSC exam is the preliminary test which is basically objective in nature. The pattern tests the basic knowledge, speed, and accuracy of the students. Once the student passes the preliminary exam, there will be the main test which will evaluate the in-depth knowledge of the students on each subject. Then there will be a personality test or interview round where the characteristics of the aspirant will be evaluated. 

Tips to Prepare for the MPPSC Exam

After going through the exam pattern, a lot of aspirants feel overwhelmed when it comes to making a strategy. So, let’s take a look at the preparation tips underneath:

A.) Take Regular Mock Tests

Since the exam tests, one’s speed and accuracy, aspirants must take regular mock tests and solve the previous year’s questions to increase their speed. In today’s world, aspirants can leverage the e-learning platforms as there are several mock tests one can find, and it will increase their question-solving capability and speed as well.

B.) Prepare A Time Table

The time table is extremely crucial when preparing for competitive exams. It’s because the exam will test the speed and accuracy of the students in the preliminary round. And students need to cover a vast topic within a brief amount of time. Therefore, having a proper time table is extremely important. A time table will help aspirants to streamline the entire preparation. Also, people can understand the areas where they need to work on and the chapters which are left at the last minute for revision. 

C.) Know the Syllabus

A lot of students jump-start their preparation for MPPSC without understanding the syllabus. However, it should be their first priority to understand the syllabus thoroughly before starting the preparation. Each of the subjects needs the utmost care and attention to crack the main test. This includes:


The best way to prepare for MPPSC history is to read the NCERT books of class 11 and 12. It will provide a thorough idea of each part of the history, including the ancient, modern, and medieval. Apart from that, students can refer to the board books to understand the chapters thoroughly. But, don’t use multiple books for the same part or chapter as it will only multiply the confusion. 


Generally, the MPPSC exam pattern covers both the Indian and world geography section. The best will be to follow the NCERT books of class 6 to 12 for a better understanding. Apart from that, students must follow the newspapers too to get the right materials. 

Indian Politics:

Indian politics plays a crucial role in the MPPSC exam. Topics like central, state legislatures, news on Panchayati raj, election commission must be covered thoroughly to ace the exam with grace. But, one must follow a single book for this section otherwise, it will be pretty tough for the students to memorize all the events accurately. 


In the preliminary phase, the exam will only cover the basic knowledge, but in the main section, students need to have an in-depth understanding of the topic to pass the exam. Generally, the experts suggest NCERT books and the books of MP boards understand the topics of the science. 

Economy & Current Affairs:

Indian economy and current affairs both play a crucial role in the MPPSC exam. These two subjects give nightmares to most of the aspirants, especially to those who’re from a non-economic background. But with regular practices, one can have mastery over these two. These are the few tips one must follow in order to pass one of the toughest exams and secure their dream job.