Morning Run and bone health

Amazing benefits of jogging Exercise. all are well aware of the benefits of the morning. Even so, many obstacles prevent someone from doing healthy exercise in the morning like this, for example, because they are in a hurry to go to the office to avoid traffic jams, complete tasks that will be collected soon, and so forth. But in fact, all of that can be solved if you want the benefits of jogging for the health of your body.

Here are the most common Benefits of Morning Run for Bone health

  1. Strong and healthy bones

Having properties similar to muscles, bones will also be stronger when stimulated. Pay attention to those who experience bone loss, besides being advised to take calcium and vitamin D supplements, it is recommended also to walk or run lightly whose purpose is to stimulate the bones so that these nutrients are used by the bones. Morning jogging is an excellent exercise to support bone health, not only stimulating movements but also morning sunshine which is a source of natural vitamin D which is also good for denser, crowding, and healthy bones.

The University of Missouri conducted a study comparing the bone density of runners and cyclists. The result is 63% of cyclists have less bone density than runners which is only 19%. This has meaning even though the benefits of cycling are also good for bones, but still, runners have better bone density than cyclists.

  • Muscles are not easy to hurt

Maybe you have experienced pain in the muscles of the legs after traveling long distances on foot, or waist aches after lifting weights. This will not happen to people who have strong and trained muscles as explained above.

The benefits of jogging make our bodies move actively which is good for the body’s metabolic processes as well as making bone joints well lubricated. In conditions like this, it will also make the blood flow smoothly so that the pain can be avoided and can be overcome. If at this time you complain of aches, and then try to do a morning jog slowly and feel the benefits.

  • Good for Legs, Pelvis, and Back Bones

As explained earlier, besides being able to increase muscle mass, the benefits of morning jogging also stimulate the regeneration of bone cells to become denser and stronger, especially the bones that move like the pelvis, spine, thighs, lower limbs and leg bones.

More specifically, when we run, the legs become the foundation of the body, so the leg bones will be trained to be stronger so that they are not easily broken. Isn’t this going to support your work, whatever it is!

  • Prevent Rheumatism

Complaints that are often experienced by workers and the elderly, one of which is aching or pain in the limbs, we term it with rheumatism. This condition can occur when the joints become stiff, calcification, inflammation, tense muscles, porous bones, and so on.

Morning run makes us actively move both leg’s hip and hands. The movement makes the muscles more flexible, reduces tension, makes the joints become well lubricated, and strengthens the bones. Experts agree the benefits of a morning run will help overcome rheumatic diseases.

  •  Overcoming Constipation

Not only is it healthy for the heart, lungs, bones, and muscles, morning jogging is also beneficial for healthy digestive organs. Movement of muscles while running also moves the muscles of the abdomen, and also stimulates bowel movements. Good news for those who have problems defecating, do not need chemical drugs especially those that are expensive, because there are natural ways to overcome them, namely by jogging or morning run. offers various kinds of knee and ankle support witch help to prevent the injury while running.

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