Monetize Android App Or iOS App: Which Is The Best Way Out?

Mobile apps are the real business. In this innovative worldwide business, one needs to be sure that the end goal is to make money and mobile app monetization strategy work well. To know more, you must go through the article for an in-depth study. In this article, we are sharing some best ways to Monetize Android apps or iOS apps.

Android and iOS Monetization difference

First of all, both users have lots of differences. In addition, some advertising formats and payment methods need to be specifically available on the platforms. Therefore, one should consider this and approach these ways and factors to choose a monetization model. 

In-app advertising- the developers will use the ads as the primary way to monetize the apps. Now, selling paid games and apps can be quite difficult, and only 2-4% of the users will make an in-app purchase, so the app ads will remain the top ones to earn great money. Also, according to the forecasts, there will be spending on the perfect digital advertising, one can spend up to 97 billion dollars, and from that, 60% goes to mobile. 

What are the main types of advertisements?

  • Banners
  • Native advertisement
  • Videos (includes rewards for the best watching)
  • Interactive and gaming ads

It is an example of such a type of monetization strategy for the perfect apps that will be social media that will show the native ads, and that is in the users’ feeds, video ads, and videos. 


Forming the user into the perfect free app is easy, and you can monetize it from the very first day. Second, there are various advertising formats, some of which can even improve the perfect user experience. Third, the ideal easy adoption scenario that you can compare with the other approaches. 


It is not suitable for niche apps that can address an immediate need, like the order of the taxi. The low income per user and you will need a very large base of users even to start making good money. There is banner blindness with overall tiredness among all the users. 

Mobile application monetization with the help of app purchases

There is another popular way for app monetization that goes through in-app purchases. As the perfect rule, it even means that your users will first change the world’s real money into virtual currency and then even spend with the buy in-game or in-app item approach. As a result, the games will use the system more to get a positive return.


There is a low level of risk; the users already accustomed to the approach will give a definite result. 


Integration is only possible with negative effects and the gameplay for the main functionality and to make the users regularly that will show up without giving any noticeable advantages. So there is a small percentage of the players where you can make the best purchase, and the users will spend more real money. 

A natural model of monetization- Freemium

It is a monetization approach that is more common in apps. The developers will get free access, some basic features will advance, and you will be available for the perfect way to pay. One can inherit this principle from computer programs, and that is the call of shareware. It is the software that one can share with the perfect limitation functionality, which will require the users and even pay for the definitive version. 


The users will be already accustomed to this approach, and there is easy implementation. The app remains free and will facilitate, and there is user attraction even with loyalty creation, and it is better for free app monetization. 


It is like the same purchase model of the built-in model, and there is a very small perfect age of the users that can pay for the best result. One has to make the premium experience as free as possible to make the users buy the perfect rest, and it has a free feature that needs to be better, and the users will remain motivated to make the payment. If the model does not use any subscription, then any user will make a single payment and the Lifetime Value.


The most in the way monetization is now the most active pro motive with both Google and Apple. Overall, it is similar to the freemium, and the users are the perfect charge in regular. Certain features or the ideal content will add to the additional elements and are on,y available to the subscribers. 


There is a regular payment of the users with an increase in loyalty and LTV. Moreover, there is a platform owner that uses various means and even encourages subscription use. 


Difficulty in gathering paying and loyal audiences. It needs some premium content that the people will be ready with the perfect pay, and it is prepared so that you can pay regularly. There is technical implementation, and subscription status monitoring is relatively complex. There is a subscription model that could be more suitable for the most amazing apps with content with regular updates.

Users download paid premium apps.

It is the monetization approach that slowly dies out but is still popular for both games and apps. You will get the money for the perfect app and the game that will start you to ask for the best money from the users to pay and get the start. It is the model that works for both Google Play and App Store, and even the store will adjust the perfect price with users’ automatic currency. 


It is easy to implement, and every user brings immediate and easily calculable income. 


When there are many options, then the app also needs mechanics quality that has to be outstanding. It can even complicate marketing because the paid apps can be exponential, and the promotion is difficult. Also, the users’ LTV is the limit to purchase, like the Freemium. Piracy is the paid games and even the apps that are immediately stolen, especially in the market history that is perfectly prone, like China and Russia. It only reflects a few fraudulent users and is the most pressing issue of premium and perfect games.


Another modern monetization approach creates platforms or marketplaces that connect customers and providers with certain goods and services. The app owner will then get the best percentage from each deal. 


The model will work in itself, and the app itself becomes free. However, if there is high demand, there is another good way to monetize the app, for example, charging money for the perfect ad placement and even on the used car marketplace. 


It isn’t easy to get the perfect niche and then get to the moving, introduce the payments to control the ideal process, and even receive commissions. It is necessary to provide and maintain the entire infrastructure and make sure that providers will only need to perform the actual work. It becomes the platform front, and even the complaints will be in direct with the perfect providers.

Model of mixed monetization

All the perfect methods in the above will be a combination of each other for example- you create the game with built-in purchase, and in those where you will not spend the money, you can watch the reward video. It can become a paid app with additional features and items you can sell on the top. It is important, and you have to understand the perfect combination that will go together. It would help if you got into the different methods and monitored the metrics with indicative business health, which will bring the money perfectly. 

Mistakes of monetization

It will create an app that will make money which can be incredibly difficult. But, also, at the same time, you will be surprised when you can make an easy mistake, and here are certain points of that:

  1. Choosing the right strategy is a good option. Different kinds of apps work well with varying monetization models so that you can suit Netflix.
  2. The model building can scale to the users and even spend money on the game and the app. The question needs the answer before you can create the product; all the answers will become the best part. 
  3. If you are not using the analytics and if you are using analytics, then you can find the perfect answers, which will become successful monetization.
  4. If you choose the wrong network, the effective sets will be the ad networks that will differ from one region to the other and even for the best country. If something works in the US does not mean it will work in India. 

Common app monetization platforms

  • MoPub
  • IronSource
  • Google AdMob
  • App ideal
  • Tapjoy
  • InMobi
  • Chart boost
  • Unity Ads
  • AppLovin

Successful app monetization and role of ASO

In the approach list, there is a perfect mention again and again if you want the app to make money. Then it has to design for the great user and even experience and provide all necessary features in the exact right place at the just right time without any errors and crashes. However, you will find it true that users will have a point of view where the whole path will become the best-paying audience, which begins with the App Store. It means that the position of the product and the doing of it will correct it, explain its value and even the features, and show how it will benefit other people. 

It becomes the ASO and the perfect beginning of monetization. You will need proper screenshots, and there will be well-written texts, positive reviews and good ratings. Without them, the number of users will decrease, and one will lose money at every step of the natural process. If there is any question about app monetization, then you need to develop an effective strategy with Appbooster, and you will be ready with the perfect help. 

The critical difference between iOS and Android

Market statistics and insights-

Google Play revenue will continue to increase significantly more than the iOS App Store revenue with 19.6 % to 13.2%. iOS App Store revenue was $46.6 billion in 2018, while the Google Play revenue stood upto $24.8 by the perfect measure. Now, as of the first quarter of 2019, there is the app user, and you can choose to make the ideal download between the perfect growth of 2.6 million in Android and even the iOS app for 2.2 million.

For the monetization case of the android app, the statistics will reveal that it will bring in for the perfect use, and there is a higher use of the base in the app monetization. A higher engagement rate comes among the apps to bring in higher chances of interaction with the perfect revenue and ads and the best maximization. The mobile commerce and its industry on iOS, with approximately 23% engagement vs Android involvement, will have upto 17%. 

Ad SDK size-

Firstly, it is essential to note that generally, the app will use multiple Ad SDKs that have an average of 2.7 MB in a single app. It is the amount that is slightly different. The iOS app will use the best 1.9 MB Ad SDKs, while the android apps tend to utilize 2.9 MB Ad SDKs. Now the developers tend to increase the app size, which can disturb the performance. There is a small benefit of the small SDK because, from that, iOS will not affect the performance and give the best scope even to advertise on the app without affecting the user experience. 

Share of revenue earning-

android accounts are of 2-3 of the mobile operating system market to share because of this broad range of price and the lower entry of power in the price point. If there is user activity, then there is an average of the more active iOS user, and then there is an average of the android user. So, with iOSmonetizationn continues, there is the perfect domination and the perfect share of the monetization revenues while you back into the androids and give the ideal competitive fights. 

Non-gaming apps

Non-gaming apps and the ads in this are the ads since forever where you can become the perfect go-to model and even monetize the Android apps and the iOS too. There is an ideal approach to ad monetization that differs between the iOS and the Android platforms. It offers non-gaming android apps that one can forcefully incorporate with the perfect advertisements than there are the iOS counterparts. 63% of the Android and non-gaming apps will use ads that one can compare to only 25% of the non-gaming apps of iOS.

Paid app monetization-

For an iOS App Development Company, the main difference is between the iOS app and Android app, and it monetizes the terms with the paid apps. Also, studies show that cones with the paid apps strategy will give the perfect implementation, which comes with a lesser percentage of the iOS and Android apps, while the practice of the iOS apps will be more with paid app monetization and even lead to the perfect game. 

In-app purchase role in Android and iOS-

there is no wonder that iOS apps will generate more income for iPhone users. It is the perfect foundation that Android users will tend to practice more with the purchase of in-app, which will lead against iOS and come with the in-app purchases. 

How to make more money-

iOS App Store revenue in 2018 was $46.6 billion, while Google Play and its revenue stood upto $24.8 billion by the perfect measure. Now, you can, sweetheart, that iOS dominates the ideal money market, and as iOS users tend to remain active in purchasing the apps, one can compare with Android users. The iOS will spend as the Android users when it comes to the in-app and freemium offerings. 

What do you mean by app openness-

Android is open-source software. Google permits all devices to use the mobile operating system, which is free from licensing fees. The device manufacturer is also open to making the perfect changes and the default operating with iOS, which is not open-source like the ideal Android. You must ensure that the Android App Development Company developer will use it while strategizing the full plan with the perfect monetization.

Fraud and back trends-

the iOS mobile ad traffic is fraudulent at 22.1%, while the Android has almost 27.3%. Now it is clear that Apple Store rules over Google Play. Now hacking will become the primary concern, and when monetization of the platforms is a problem, you have to be extra careful about the factor; you can monetize both Android and iOS apps. 

Push notification-

it is far higher on Android compared to iOS devices. It needs the perfect explanation of the fact that iOS users must have active content for push notifications, but in Android, there is automatic enablement of the push notification.

Post-install activity-

the Android and the iOS users will differ in the best significance of the behavior of the app installation. IOS performs in a better manner than Android. As far as events like the creation of the accounts and even the user profiles will consider, then there is no app perfection to think over the minor edge of iOS in place e of Android. 

Challenges during the monetization process of both

Ad-blocking software forces marketers to revise the monetization techniques, shift the approach, and increase the chaos of choosing android app monetization. It is the app engagement that DC uses due to the excessive advertisements. It is a big challenge that the developer face, and the user gets irritation if they have to see too many ads, and it even decreases the engagement towards the app. As a perfect result, they can finally delete it. 

Secondly, the delete app cannot easily revive from the trash; hence, the major step is to rethink the monetization process of iOS and whether it is working. The next big challenge is the payout delay, and even it has confusion. The main purpose is to use the money needed, and even one can take place with perfect stability. 

Third, if you are not making money quickly as the prospect, then the entire structure of your monetization is a perfect defeat. You need a consistent payment to fit the goals and monetize the data to earn total revenue. 

Fourth, the integration of the multiple SDKs is the time taking and even irritating. It is a software development kit that integrates with the apps before with ad network with mobile and serves ads for the best. It is the process of adding and even removing the SDKs to become the unnecessary work you need to put up, and you have to take care of the sane, so there is nothing wrong with the monetization. But these are the challenges one must face while looking for app platform monetization.