Want To Outsource Medical Billing? Then Look At These Top 18 Companies

Like most others, the healthcare industry is also driven primarily by data. And there is plenty of it to go around, with Statista reporting the global healthcare data volume at 2314 exabytes (beyond 2020). Medical care companies must manage this data and the corresponding functions flawlessly to deliver appropriate and timely treatment while also streamlining internal operations.

One of the biggest examples of this can be seen in the medical billing domain. This data-dependent operation is critical to the smooth functioning of a healthcare institution but also requires quick and precise processing of thousands of forms and data regularly. For that, such businesses outsource medical billing services.

By outsourcing medical billing, you let experts deliver accurate, actionable, compliant, and on-time billing services without burdening your resources. It reduces the chances of delays and claims rejections from insurers while keeping your finances in order. But selecting the right medical billing service provider for your healthcare center is not simple. There are multiple parameters to check to see if your potential provider will suit your requirements.

If you are considering hiring one and need help with it, use this list of the top 17 medical billing providers in 2022-2024.

Top 18 Medical Billing Companies You Can Outsource To In 2024

SunTec India

Location: Laguna Beach, CA, USA and New Delhi, India

Total No. Of Employees: 1000+

Founding Year: 1999

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Application Management, and Support, Custom Software Development

Clutch Rating: 4.6

Starting off the list is SunTec India, a multi-service customer support agency from the capital city of India- a global hotspot for outsourcing. The company has collected a slew of awards in its 20+ year history for its work and operational quality. It is ISO/IEC 27001:2001 Certified for Data Security, ISO 9001:2015 Certified for Data Quality, and is a Google, Amazon Web services, and Microsoft Partner. It has been recognized by as a Global Leader in Data Entry Services. Suntec India has served 7800+ clients from over 50 countries, including Fortune 500 companies and organizations like the WHO.

While its primary focus is on the IT industry support services, it conducts HIPAA-compliant medical billing services too, as a part of its Data Entry and Processing function. This function comprises 100% of its Back Office outsourcing. Clients can avail of related services, like CRM for their patients, making SunTec India more than just another medical billing service provider.


Location: South Jordan, Utah & Springfield, MA

Total No. Of Employees: >500

Founding Year: 1999

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call Center Services, Customer Service Outsourcing, Cloud Medical Software for Ambulatory Medical Practices, Medical Billing, etc.

Clutch Rating: 5

Lying just outside Salt Lake City, UT, and having a branch in Springfield, MA, AdvancedMD is a technology company dedicated to catering exclusively to the healthcare industry’s needs. It has an exhaustive list of services that includes, but is not limited to, electronic health records, telemedicine, patient relationship management, physician performance benchmarking, practice management, and of course, medical billing.

The advantages it purports to give include flexible scheduling, accurate reporting,  legendary billing, simplified charting, and easily usable patient engagement tools. Its platform provides complete revenue cycle management services with the inclusion of analytics to simplify medical billing services and payments.

The platform is 100% built on Amazon Web Services Cloud for agility and scalability reasons, offering monthly subscription plans. These come in the form of bundles that you can customize to your needs to go with standard ones.

Fusion BPO Services

Location: Draper, Utah & International

Total No. Of Employees: >14,000

Founding Year: 2004

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call Center Services, Customer Service Outsourcing

Clutch Rating: 4.6

Fusion BPO Services group is one of those companies that others seek to emulate. In its 33+ years of existence, it has grown to include offices in 14+ countries and 27+ locations, with employees supporting 40+ languages. The services provided include inbound and outbound call support, lead generation through such calls, call answering, and scheduling services across industry verticals, of which healthcare is one.

This industry claims 20% of its focus, and the healthcare call center is HIPAA compliant. You can get medical billing services done from the comfort of your location because of the remote support network Fusion has set up post-Covid. Their client list includes some of the top names of various industries worldwide.


Location: Lexington, Kentucky, Multiple States & International

Total No. Of Employees: 1000+

Founding Year: 2015

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call Center Services, Customer Service Outsourcing

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Helpware knows that it’s a relatively new entrant into the support services game, and it takes full advantage of this fact by taking a very modern approach to it. It intends to change the very perception of what constitutes outsourcing and applies this philosophy to multiple startups and fellow modern companies across industry verticals. Medical forms 15% of its total share of industry focus and gains from the agency’s robust office backend support.

Its USP is its unique approach to Back-office operations. It uses AI and personnel in adequate proportions to dynamically integrate your platforms, records, telephony, and contact touchpoints. You can also get personalized teams with dedicated leads for both the main operations and customer support. It aims to be a medical billing services provider that transforms the entire field with its strategic, purpose-driven, and future-focused operations.

Outsource and Save

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Total No. Of Employees: 500+

Founding Year: 2019

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call Center Services, Customer Service Outsourcing, and others

Clutch Rating: 5

Outsource and Save gets straight to the point about what it is and does right from the name. To be more specific, the company specializes in offering high-quality support services at low prices. It has set itself the mission to become the agency that understands the culture of the operating market and provides excellent services for its American clientele. And it has made some headway in this regard, as evidenced by the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

It supports companies regardless of size and industry, offering customer services, technical support, back office administrative work, Inbound/outbound sales, and customized solutions. Medical services form 30% of its industry focus, with medical billing forming 10% of its total back office workload. So you can rest assured that you can outsource billing services to this company and have your needs met with satisfaction. It is also racking up a strong portfolio of clientele despite its young age.


Location: Boston (Westborough), MA, San Francisco, CA & Pune, India

Total No. Of Employees: >1000

Founding Year: 2001

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call Center Services, Sales Outsourcing, and others

Clutch Rating: 4.5

The VSynergize Group has built a reputation for itself in the industry by being a Top Business Accelerating partner to many Fortune 500 companies worldwide in its 22-year history. It focuses primarily on the IT/Telecom sector and handles support services for Healthcare and other industry verticals. The VSynergize branded company specializes in Demand Generation, Digital Transformation, Business Process Automation, and Intelligent Automation development.

The qualities that set this company apart from the competition include its Omnichannel approach, 80M+ Proprietary Database, dedicated Client Success Manager Provision, and a Scalable Process that’s Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity-ready always. With over 50% of its clients falling under the >$1B market cap bracket, 20% of its back office support benign dedicated to medical billing and decades of experience in a diverse set of support services, VSynergy is a go-to medical billing services company if you want error-free, cost-effective work to get done on time.

Tri Source International, LLC

Location: Santa Clarita, CA & Tijuana, Mexico

Total No. Of Employees: >1000

Founding Year: 2007

Services: Customer Service Outsourcing, Call Center Services, Sales Outsourcing, and others

Clutch Rating: 5

TSI was established to operate with one goal in mind-to make outsourcing simple. And the company has worked consistently with that approach since 2007, taking the difficulty out of outsourcing and making it a seamless experience for its client. Having an office in Mexico adds linguistic diversity to the mix of diverse sets of services it provides. Besides these locations, it has centers in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and the United Kingdom for added diversification of resources.

It has created a pool of clientele in the top echelons of various industries, with 30% of its projects coming from enterprises valued at over $1 Billion and another 40% coming from the mid-market segment valued at $10 Million-$1 Billion. And it brings this experience to every one of its customer support services, including medical, which forms 20% of its industry focus. Medical billing company services constitute 50% of its Back Office outsourcing work, meaning your project will not only be in the hands of an experienced agent but also one with the resources to scale without fail.

iCare Billing

Location: Chicago, IL & Multiple US States

Total No. Of Employees: 500+

Founding Year: 2020

Services: Customer Service Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing, Cybersecurity

Clutch Rating: 5

iCare Billing is a support services provider that’s dedicated to serving private American healthcare practices, hospitals, and companies with the best healthcare information technology services. Though recently established, it has started strongly with a bevy of services like Medical Billing, Practice Management, Web Design Services, Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), and Provider Enrollment and Credentialing.

The compatibility of its RCM Services with multiple software products has made it easy for the company to grow and serve multiple clients quickly. It has a team of experts constantly working on EHR/EMR and related medical practice systems to ease clients’ reports access, denial management, and accuracy of claims submissions.

88% of its focus is on the medical industry, and 56% of its back office support comprises medical billing operations. Add another 22% back office operations share for data entry and processing, and an 11% share for claims processing, and you have got one of the best medical billing agencies in the market that can scale easily without harming accuracy.

P3 Healthcare Solutions

Location: Ontario, CA

Total No. Of Employees: 250

Founding Year: 2015

Services: Back office Outsourcing

Clutch Rating: 5

Unlike most companies on this list, P3 Healthcare Solutions is focused on just back office support for medical establishments across the US. It performs RCM that’s tailored to ease the workload of physicians and mid-level personnel by using expert analytics and never-ending innovation. It serves value-based programs like MIPS/AAPMs and medical billing requirements to transform complex problems into comprehensible solutions.

In conjunction with that, it also does HIPAA security risk analysis, medical billing audits, medical coding, Medicaid meaningful use checks, complete assistance for Certified EHR Technology, credentialing, and enrollment. P3 Healthcare Solutions was honored with MIPS Qualified Registry status for its efforts from 2016 to 2018. With most of its workload consisting of medical billing services, you will not have any problem in terms of accuracy, scale, and cost-effectiveness.


 Location: Sayreville, NJ

Total No. Of Employees: Between 10 and 50

Founding Year: 2016

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Business Consulting, and Customer Service Outsourcing

Clutch Rating: 5

AMBSI Inc. is the epitome of punching above one’s weight despite one’s size. This rather recently established company with a small staff footprint has big ambitions to carve its path by helping to outsource the medical billing services of healthcare establishments of all varieties and sizes. It states its purpose as wanting to increase reimbursements and recover outstanding claims quickly by improving the client’s efficiency.

It works for clientele that are in the Mid-market ($10 M to $1B) and Small Business (<$10M) categories and is 100% focused on the medical sector.  Medical billing tasks make up 100% of its Back Office Outsourcing portfolio, so you needn’t concern yourself with delays arising due to the inability to scale quickly whenever warranted.


Location: Diamond Bar, CA, and the other US States

Total No. Of Employees: Between 50 and 250

Founding Year: 2004

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call Center Services

Clutch Rating: 4.4

Much like the intent behind its name, BillingParadise wants to make the monotonous but important medical billing process an easy and rewarding one. The company has its RCM experts offering guidance to clients on selecting and attaining MACRA regulations, along with providing RCM automation tools. With a 100% focus on the healthcare sector, it has vast experience in the field and has dedicated 50% of its back office resources to those who want to outsource medical billing to them.


Location: Oak Brook, IL, and the other US States

Total No. Of Employees: Between 2 and 9

Founding Year: NA

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call Center Services

Clutch Rating: 4.5

MedValue has started on the right foot as a dedicated BPO services provider predominantly for the medical industry by getting featured on the Inc. 500 list. They support not just institutions but also physician groups, Medicaid MCOs, Managed Care Companies, MSOs, Third-Party Administrators, etc. they even have a HIPAA-compliant operation in India. They focus 65% of their services on healthcare-related work but are one of the medical billing agencies having 100% of back-office work catering to medical billing.


Location: Angeles, Philippines, and Sydney, Australia

Total No. Of Employees: 1000+

Founding Year: 2005

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Accounting, Custom Software Development

Clutch Rating: 4.8

Cloustaff may be placed outside the US, which only gives it offshore outsourcing advantages. It does HIPAA and other standard-compliant work for its clients in the US. This medical billing service company’s operational method is to provide each client with dedicated cloud staff full-time at a price point that’s lower than traditional recruiting. They bring corresponding innovations as well. They possess multilateral experience due to the variety of work they do, which they combine into their medical billing services, which constitute 12% of their total back office outsourcing functions.

Bottleneck Distant Assistant

Location: Springfield, MO

Total No. Of Employees: Between 10 and 50

Founding Year: 2016

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Call center Services, Custom Services Outsourcing

Clutch Rating: 5

Need virtual assistants for your outsourcing works like billing, hiring, and others? Then BDA should be on your call list. A new and small company, it is driving its fortunes and those of its clients to new heights with various services, including medical billing. The company takes a different approach to outsourcing-here, you choose your assistant directly from a list, contact them by booking a call, and you delegate your tasks. 30% of back office resources is the share dedicated by them to outsourced medical billing services at the moment.

Medics Billing Inc.

Location: Wilmington, DE & Lahore, Pakistan

Total No. Of Employees: Between 10 and 50

Founding Year: 2005

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Finance, and Accounting Outsourcing

Clutch Rating: 4.5

With over 17 years in the industry, Medics Billing Inc has amassed a lot of experience by serving many top-tier companies. It works with the latest tech and equipment to deliver the best possible medical billing services. The company guarantees a 20-45% cost savings if you outsource your medical billing services to them. It has the expertise to offer complete RCM to over 30 specialties. Their staff is trained to operate any client-based software for the job to save onboarding time and costs. Its industry focus is 100% medical, and 95% of its work is back office outsourcing. 80% of that is medical billing.


Location: New York, NY

Total No. Of Employees: Between 1000 and 9999

Founding Year: 2016

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing, Call Center Services

Clutch Rating: 5

Nestled in arguably the most famous city in the world, FirmsDesk has gained fame of its own. It has over 700 customer support specialists with over 10+ years of experience as employees of Amazon, Microsoft, and other top companies. It focuses on providing extended customer support teams services, with some back office outsourcing happening there too. 100% of that back office work comprises outsourced billing services for healthcare establishments. Its upside is that 50% of its focus is on enterprises smaller than $10M.


 Location: Sugar Land, TX & Philippines, Pakistan

Total No. Of Employees: 150+

Founding Year: 2010

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing, Call Center Services

Clutch Rating: 4.7

This Texas HQ customer services company has completed over 4000 projects in various industries since its inception. It’s low pricing, any-time support, flexible contracts, multi-industry expertise, and the use of the latest technology have made it a popular outsourcing option for companies of all types and sizes. It concentrates 25% of its back office outsourcing work to medical billing, with back office support services forming 12% of the total workload. So, with this medical billing services company, you know you get a multi-pronged approach to your requirements.

Premier BPO

Location: Clarksville, TN & International

Total No. Of Employees: 500+

Founding Year: 2003

Services: Back Office Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing, Finance, and Accounting Outsourcing

Clutch Rating: 4

Premier BPO serves the outsourcing needs of predominantly small and medium businesses. It is known for customizing its services according to the needs of every client and combining its solutions with present customer practices. This medical billing provider focuses 25% of its back office work on billing, with 20% of the overall company workload being on the medical industry.

In Conclusion

Medical billing can drain the resources of a healthcare establishment if it’s not handled correctly and on time. Only outsourcing the work to a reputed medical billing services company can get the job done. You will save money and lives while rescuing your reputation from harm. Claims rejection, related legal issues, and other problems will be a thing of the past, with only a profitable future to look forward to.