Lumbar Spine Surgery Cost In India

India is a country where each individual will get the affordable cost for lumbar spine surgery which ranges from USD 4,000 to USD 6,000 and this is a quite reasonable cost for lumbar treatment as the other developed countries will charge around USD 15,000 for the same procedure. We Care India is a medical tourism company in India which have tie-ups with many renowned and leading spine hospitals where we have highly qualified and experienced spine professionals who are treating all kinds of spinal problems with ease and allow patient to live life with the perfect and stable spine.

As we all know that spine is the pillar of our body so this cost for lumbar spine surgery in India is nothing to protect our pillar. By paying for your spinal treatment your disease will be eliminated from top to bottom and it will not re-occur in your entire life which means you can enjoy all your favorite activities, however, to live this life you also need to follow the prescription as given by your spine surgeon so that you can easily enjoy your rest of the life.

What is Lumbar Spine Surgery in India?

Lumbar Spine Surgery in India also known as lower back problems which can occur in any stage of life. It has been found that most of the lumbar problems occur due to herniated disc which puts pressure on the spinal nerves and they lead to narrowing of spinal canals around the spinal cord. Spine surgeons usually perform decompression and fusion procedures to treat lumbar problems.

What is the reason and methods to perform lumbar spine surgery?

The reason to perform lumbar spine surgery is to protect the pain in the lower back and spine surgeons perform two methods to protect the lower back and these are:

(i) Decompression: The purpose to perform decompression is to relieve pain that has been caused by the pinched nerve. In decompression procedure, the spine surgeon will remove the small portion of the bone from the nerve root which gives the patient relief from the pinched nerve and also provides more space so that the nerve get heals faster.

(ii) Fusion: The purpose to perform lumbar fusion is to stop the pain that occurs in the lower back. In spinal fusion procedure, the surgeons will use the bone graft which helps in stopping the motion at a painful segment and this will give the patient relief from pain that has been generated from the joint. Usually, the spine surgeon will use the spinal instruments, bone graft procedures, and bone stimulators together to perform spinal fusion for better results.  

Does the quality of treatment is affected by affordable lumbar spine surgery cost?

No, quality of treatment will not be affected by the offering the affordable lumbar spine surgery cost in India because the spine surgeons at all the hospitals under We Care India will take care of the quality that they offer you the same international standard treatment at an affordable cost so that people across the globe who are not able to afford the expensive treatments as easily avail the benefits and protect their spine from damage.

The aim of the surgeons at these hospitals is not to make a profit from any person’s pocket who is already struggling for their survival. They wish to treat as many people from the cause of low back pain which is creating a lot of problems and this is the reason they offer reasonable lumbar spine surgery.

Nowadays, India has become the most favorable destination especially for international patients where the cost of lumbar spine surgery is very expensive and all the people are not able to afford the treatment and they travel to India for reasonable and affordable treatment where they also get the highest success rates in pain relief.

How to afford lumbar spine surgery easily?

There are various options through which people can afford lumbar spine surgery. The following are some common ways to pay for the lumbar treatment and these are:

  • People can pay for their surgery by using their personal savings which they were done in the past but can be useful when required.
  • To pay for their surgery, people can take loans from the bank against property, mortgage, gold, etc., and later on they can pay to banks in easy installments.
  • People can use their credit cards for which they have a maximum limit based on their credit history.
  • Without paying any interest in the bank, people can borrow money from their relatives and can pay them accordingly.
  • There are many NGOs in India who help poor people to get their surgery done. In case, you are not able to afford it at all you can take help from these NGOs.
  • Generally, all spinal surgeries are covered by insurance companies and if you have insurance then check with your insurance provider that they cover entire or partially for lumbar spine surgery. This is one of the best ways where you need to pay some hundred dollars or nothing from your pocket.

What are the reasons for choosing India for lumbar spine surgery?

There are various reasons which attract people from other countries to choose India for the lumbar spine treatment such as the cost of the treatment which is one of the major reasons to bring more people to India. Apart from the cost, the highest success rates in pain relief, treatment by experienced and trained spine professionals, 24*7 full support, personal and medical care, use of advanced technologies to treat lumbar problems, use of equipment that has been purchased from the international market, best infrastructure, modern facilities, etc. attracts the attention of many people across the globe.

The cost of the entire lumbar spine surgery in India will range between USD 4,000 to USD 6,000 which includes the cost of standard medications used for the treatment and the patient will get everything under one roof without any complications.

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