Know Mughal Culture in Agra

Agra is the midway destination to complete the vacation in India because none of the visitors can complete the journey of India without visiting the Agra city. It is included in the famous tour package because people consider it to be special. If a person is on the North India tour then they prefer to use the Golden triangle tour packages because it includes three main cities of North India and Agra is one amongst them all. Agra is located in the states of Uttar Pradesh which was the largest state when the city became part of the same. The best weekend destination for the people living in Delhi is Agra because it is only 210 kilometers away which takes only 4 hours to reach. Thus, if the person has reached Delhi, the capital city then it is useless to leave Agra for the tour. You can complete the trip in a day by using the same day Agra tour by car package from the travel company.

You do not need to do any prior preparation to go for a single day trip to the Agra city. Your journey would begin from Delhi by road and you will get everything that you wish to get on the road journey.

On Agra arrival journey you can start your journey with lavish breakfast ant street food of Agra. You will get the taste of Mughal cuisine and you will love it. Then the time would come to visit the tourist destination of the city and you can start your journey from the famous monument that is the Tajmahal. It was built by emperor Shahjahan in the loving of his youngest wife, Mumtaz Mahal who lost her life while delivering his fourteenth child. The entire structure is built upon the grave of the queen. Later, after the death of the Shahjahan, he was buried beside her. The monument is built along the river Yamuna accompanied by the Mughal Garden which gives it a beautiful background. The structure is made up of white marbles which glows like a diamond when the sun rays fall on the walls. It is the largest museum of the city where people offer prayers and it is closed on Friday for special prayer.

The next destination that you can visit in Agra is the Agra Fort. It is a red building of the city built with the red sandstone. The architecture in the building is very unique and it shows the Mughal artistic creativity. It is impossible to craft the same design in the modern capital. The Agra Fort was an important official building for the Mughals as all the meetings were here. The Emperor used to meet with the general public in the Diwan-e-Aam chamber and used to conduct the meeting with the officials in the Diwan-e-Khans.

The next destination that you can visit is the Baby Taj, also known as the Itmad-ud-daula. It is the replica of the main Tajmahal which was also built with the white marbles. The monument lost its importance after the construction of the bigger Tajmahal. People still love to visit the destination because they get to know a lot many things. It is good to have a tour to Agra with the same day Agra tour by car package.