Jewelry Repair Ways to fix common Jewelry Problem

Sometimes people get attached to pieces of jewelry. The details may be an heirloom or a part you bought on a special occasion. What do you do when it is all worn out or broken? You may realize that you do not need a new piece of jewelry. You can visit a jewelry repair shop and have it fixed. Some problems are small, and you can fix them at home. In this write-up, you will learn about the common jewelry problem and how to fix it.

Ring Resizing

It is by far the most sought out jewelry repair. It so happens since when you are purchasing an engagement ring, you want it to be a surprise. You may miss the finder size by a size or a half. The good thing, you can get the ring resized to fit the wearer’s finger. 

There are several methods of ring sizing. The methods depend on the material and the design of your ring. Since many rings are metallic, the jeweler cuts the ring at the shank’s bottom. The next step will depend on their needs. If you want it bigger, it will open the shank. Then, a piece of metal is added to the ring. The repair process is completed with some soldering tools. But, if you need the ring to reduce in size, a piece of metal is cut off the ring. The remaining open ends are soldered back together. After the repair, the jeweler then polishes the ring to hide the repair area.

There are some tips you should have to keep your ring in the right condition. First, you should never sleep with the ring on the finger. Also, avoid wearing multiple rings. They rub against each other leading to premature wearing out.

Broken Shank

Many valuable pieces of jewelry have high-quality metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Thus, you cannot imagine what such material would need jewelry repair. Although it is not a common problem, the shank of jewelry can break. It comes after the jewelry goes through stress. The stress causes a fracture at the weakest point of the shank leading to breakage. 

You fix a broken shank just the same way the ring is resized. The only difference is that no piece of metal is added or removed. The ring is then shaped and polished to give it a new look.

You need to avoid subjecting your ring to stress. Thus, always take it off when you are working out. Also, avoid hard gripping objects with your ring on the finger. Do not wear your jewelry to a pool or a hot tub. The chlorine in the water makes metal brittle, and thus, prone to fractures. You can use a silicone band to substitute your ring when working out or swimming.

Loose Gemstone Repair

Many jewelry pieces have gemstones attached to it. As the jewelry counts years, the rock might become loose. Also, a problem may arise after you hit the jewel by accident. If you do not take action quickly enough, you might lose the gem. 

The primary process of repairing a loose gemstone is tightening the pongs. Jewelers use the appropriate tools to tighten the prongs. Before they commence with the process, they check the jewelry under a scope. That way, they can note the condition of the rings. In some instances, the prongs need tipping. There is a risk of tightening worn out prongs. They break easily. 

You should always check your jewelry if it has loose gemstones. You do this by running your fingers over the stone. If it shakes, then you should get a jewelry repair as soon as possible. When you take your jewelry for a clean and check, ask them to assess the gemstone’s condition. 

Prong Repair

Prongs are the metal that holds the gemstone in place. After a long time of use, prongs wear off. They become loose and may end up breaking. Prongs are repaired in a process called re-tipping. 

The repair of the prongs depends on the extent of the damage. If the problem of the prongs is just some flattened tips, then the process is easy. The jeweler will ball up some metal at the tip. Then they will heat the metal and solder a piece that is required. They go ahead and shape the seat and the tip. Then tighten the prong to grip the gem firmly. 

There are instances the jeweler will need to replace the entire prong. In such a case, they take a piece of metal with similar dimensions to the prong. Then, they use metal to replace the old prong. Then shape, tighten, and polish it. When the clasp breaks or wears out, it is repaired through replacement. You can have the same design or change to your desired design. 

If several prongs are worn out or broken, then it is wiser and cheaper to replace the entire head. The jeweler will seek a new head from the market. Cut off the old head and replace it through soldering. 

Chain and Clasp Repair

Several pieces of jewelry are in a chain design. Many of them will require a clasp to wear. If anything suddenly gets hold of your chain as you walk, then the chain is likely to break. The clasp is also in danger. Another thing that may cause chain breaking is to wear and tear. The breaking of the chain calls for jewelry repair. 

A broken chain is easy to repair. The jeweler only needs to solder a similar type of metal to the jewelry. 

Polish and cleaning

As you use your piece of jewelry, it loses its luster due to exposure to sunlight or getting into contact with water. Thus, it would help if you took it to a jeweler for cleaning and polishing. It is the simplest form of jewelry repair. 

In most cases, the jeweler will dip your piece of jewelry in ultrasonic. The process is meant to remove all the residue that is making the jewelry piece look dull. Also, they can steam clean and polish to restore the original luster.

You can schedule the time interval to take your piece of jewelry for cleaning or polishing. However, if you do not use that piece a lot, you can wait until you notice a change in appearance.


The jewelry repair process is easy; you need to check if your pieces are in perfect condition continually. There are some easy repairs that you can do at home. You can save a lot on DIY repair processes.