Supreme quality IVF treatment in Bangalore

Infertility is a problem where a couple is not able to achieve pregnancy and enjoy their life as a parent. It is a situation impacting millions of couples worldwide and as one out of every six couples in dealing with the problem of infertility. For tackling this issue, various infertility treatments came into existence where conception was made attainable outside the human body. IVF is the most famous fertility treatment that involves fertilizing the eggs with the sperms in a petri dish. This treatment has improved the lives of millions of infertile patients and helps them in achieving their dream of parenthood.

When you have decided to undergo an IVF treatment, the next thing that comes in your mind is the place where you are going to receive the treatment. The fertility clinic that you choose for the treatment plays a major role in determining the chances of success in your treatment. IVF is a complex fertility treatment and demands a lot of effort both from the side of the patient and the fertility doctors. Extensive care is needed at each step of the treatment as a mistake in any step can result in failure of the IVF treatment.

Which Fertility Clinic is Best For IVF Treatment in Rewari

If you looking for the best IVF centre in Bangalore, then We Care India is the best place to avail the fertility services. The fertility specialists associated with us are highly experienced in performing fertility treatment. They make sure that the patients get the desired outcomes in their fertility treatment and enjoy the journey of parenting. We are a prominent medical tourism agency in India providing its services over the past thirty years. Our fertility specialists use sophisticated equipment for performing various types of fertility treatments and make sure that the patients get effective results at a reasonable IVF treatment cost in Bangalore.

The procedure of IVF treatment in Bangalore

During the IVF treatment in Bangalore, the treatment begins with the fertility medication to trigger the ovulation cycle of the woman. The patient may choose to undergo natural cycle IVF treatment as it may reduce the cost of the treatment because a low amount of medication is given to the patient during the treatment. In the conventional IVF treatment, the condition of the woman’s ovaries is monitored with the help of ultrasounds and once the eggs mature; they are retrieved from her ovaries with the assistance of a hollow needle.

Semen collection is a process in which the male partner is invited into the fertility centre and is asked to provide his semen sample. The doctor picks the best quality sperms and discards the bad quality sperms. The collected eggs are mixed with the sperms received from the male partner or a sperm donor in the process of semen collection. The mixture or embryo is kept in the lab for another 4-5 days or until it reaches the blastocyst stage. Once the embryo is fully developed, the next step is embryo transfer in which the embryo is transferred inside the recipient’s uterus. In the end, a pregnancy test is done to finalize pregnancy in a woman and a healthy pregnancy takes about two weeks to occur.

Suitable candidates for IVF treatment in Bangalore

Before deciding to undergo an IVF treatment at an affordable IVF cost in Bangalore, it is crucial to determine your suitability for the treatment. It is essential to analyze your condition to determine whether IVF treatment will be suitable for you. The fertility doctors at We Care India comprehensively assess the condition of the patient and recommend the best course of IVF treatment to the patients.

Following is the list of suitable candidates for IVF treatment in Bangalore.

  • IVF is a suitable treatment option for you if other minor fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF did not turn out to be successful.
  • Women with uterine issues such as endometriosis, damaged fallopian tubes, PCOS, etc.
  • Male with low sperm count, ejaculatory problems, erectile dysfunction, etc.
  • Single women who wish to become a mother can take help of IVF with donor sperm.
  • Women who are unable to carry a pregnancy to term or are at the risk of having a miscarriage.

Economical IVF treatment cost in Bangalore

The IVF cost in Bangalore is the most reasonable, which is why patients from across the world pick India in order to get fertility treatment. At We Care India, we have the best fertility specialists with over three decades of experience in providing the finest quality fertility treatment to the patients. They are adept at performing the best quality treatment and ensure that the patients receive success in their fertility treatment.

Affordable IVF Treatment in Delhi

We offer the lowest cost for IVF treatment in India and offer our patients the finest quality services. IVF treatment cost in Bangalore is INR 2,10,000 and may go beyond in order to conform to the specific needs of the patient. Our fertility specialists at the concerned hospital that patients get the best care and receive a satisfactory fertility treatment experience. Also, we have the highest success rate for IVF treatment in Bangalore, which is the main attraction to the international couples that compels them to choose India for receiving fertility treatment.

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