Which Fertility Centre Offers An Affordable IVF Treatment Cost in Hyderabad 2024?

IVF Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

IVF is becoming popular day by day as the number of infertility cases continues to increase. ‘Test-tube baby’ is a layman’s term used to denote the conventional procedure of IVF. Many women are opting to undergo IVF whether infertile or single due to the higher chances of achieving a successful pregnancy it offers. Though the most common reason behind going for IVF is infertility; infertility is a situation that impairs the ability of a couple to conceive naturally and keeps them from enjoying the journey of parenthood. If you want to know the current IVF treatment cost in Hyderabad 2024, then you have come to the right place because we will be discussing it as you proceed further.

IVF Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

In IVF, conception is achieved outside the woman’s body with the assistance of fertility experts. IVF is the most frequently used method of assisted reproductive technology that makes pregnancy obtainable in an external lab environment. The effectiveness and easy accessibility of the method has made it a prominent ART technique used to treat the problem of infertility. ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) involves all the techniques that enable a human to get pregnant other than naturally.

During IVF treatment procedure, the female’s eggs are fertilized by combing them with the male’s sperm in a laboratory culture dish with the purpose of encouraging fertilization. After attaining healthy fertilization, this mixture takes 4-5 days to develop and grow into an embryo or embryos. These embryos are then transferred into the uterus of the female with the help of the embryo transfer process. Accordingly, pregnancy takes place within two weeks of embryo transfer.

At Go IVF Surrogacy, we have medical professionals having considerable experience in the fertility department and are widely known for providing IVF treatment at the best IVF cost in Hyderabad. Our certified fertility doctors and IVF specialist utilize sophisticated technology and the latest surgical methods to operate on their patients for various fertility treatments. We make sure that each of our patients receives a satisfactory fertility treatment experience.

To Whom IVF is Applicable?

The major reason that indicates a need for IVF is infertility. If you have failed to get pregnant even after having sexual intercourse for a period of 6 months to a year, then IVF is the next best thing you can try to experience pregnancy. Apart from that, there are some other various reasons and issues contributing to your inability to conceive. Choose us to get IVF at an acceptable IVF treatment Cost in Hyderabad.

Following are some reasons confirming your eligibility for IVF:

  • Women with blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
  • Women with critical uterine issues such as endometriosis, PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), etc.
  • Women with conditions such as pelvic adhesions
  • Women with irregular menstrual cycles
  • Women with premature ovarian failure
  • If the couple has undergone sterilization
  • If one of the couples has a physical disability that makes it impossible for them to have sexual intercourse
  • If either partner has a genetic disorder or chromosomal defects and doesn’t want to pass it on to their kid

Opt for Go IVF Surrogacy to get the best IVF Cost in Hyderabad

Go IVF Surrogacy is a prominent fertility clinic in Hyderabad famous for offering high-quality fertility treatments to the patients who pick us for their fertility treatment.  We have a certified team of skilled fertility doctors, embryologists, IVF specialists, and other staff members who are adept at effectively executing the IVF treatment. They work conjointly to ensure positive results in your IVF and exert all efforts to increase your chances of conceiving. They use state-of-the-art equipment and keep track of all the technological advances to give you the finest quality fertility treatment.

Latest IVF Treatment Cost in Hyderabad 2024

The latest IVF Cost in Hyderabad comes under the price bracket of INR 1,75,000 to INR 2,10,000 which may vary to accommodate the specific requirements of the patients and severity of their condition. This is the most affordable customized package we have created for our patients and we do not demand further charges, unlike others. This fixed price range includes the cost of the IVF specialist, embryologist, cost of the egg retrieval process, various lab tests charges, the cost of fertility medication, consultation charges, etc.

At Go IVF Surrogacy, you get the best infrastructural facilities and amenities at a low cost and the services of adroit fertility specialists. Besides the first-class facilities, we are widely acknowledged for providing the most coveted outcomes to the patients who commence their IVF journey with us. That’s why patients from every corner of the world pick us for getting the best IVF treatment cost in Hyderabad.

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