Is Coffee Bad For Your Heart?

How good is the coffee you are addicted to? Well, this is a common question that has bothered coffee lovers including me also. Studies have shown that a considerable amount of coffee helps or caffeine helps to restrain many diseases. If you want to know more about such benefits then you can visit kitchen varieties. But now the question is coffee bad for your heart? Drinking a significant amount of coffee will get the chances of heart disease reduced. We have a lot of research and reviews that have both positive and negative sides. First, let’s talk about the negativities and then jump right into the positive side.

 The Negative Side:

Each and everything has the hands of evil right? So, there is a limit to everything. It is caffeine that is widely talked about. As told before 100 cups of coffee a day may kill you! Limitless caffeine is something worse and that is the reason why decaf drinks are so popular. The most common metabolic effects of caffeine are (according to some common research and data)

  • the central nervous system is stimulated by a high intake of caffeine
  • increases urination
  • sometimes it may affect the kidney
  • drinking coffee a lot will cause your body to be dehydrated
  • the risk of coronary heart disease is significantly increased by a high intake of caffeine
  • a high level of caffeine intake will result in an increased heart rate
  • several studies reported that it increases blood pressure
  • if you are a caffeine-sensitive person then you may feel a little spike in your BP level>
  • drinking coffee a lot can cause aortic stiffness. This leads your blood vessel to become less functioning and flexible

so, these were some of the facts (negative side) related to coffee and heart disease. But remember this is when you are taking caffeine at an increased level.

The positive side:

Though there are significant negativities they are when you exceed the prescribed level. But there are many helpful sides of drinking coffee. On the contrary, there are reasons why should you drink coffee for a healthy heart because coffee in a considerable helps to reduce heart diseases. So, let us get straight into the positivities.


  • drinking more than 3 cups of coffee a day will prevent you from atherosclerosis
  • Reduces risk and expectancy of many cardiovascular diseases
  • About 1 to 4 cups of coffee a day helps to reduce the risk of heart failure.
  • A significant amount of coffee intake helps to reduce the possibility of heart attack and stroke
  • Though some research says that drinking coffee may cause coronary artery disease but there is no actual evidence. A reduced rate of this disease is seen among the coffee drinkers.

The black one:

Though there is harmful to the digestive system how you consume it drinking it black is the best you can go for. Black coffee is extremely low in calories and helpful for you at the same time. no matter which one you are are having brewed, mocha or espresso, drink it healthy. You can have a look at our best espresso machine in case you are an espresso fan.

Therefore if anyone asks how bad or good is coffee for your heart then you can give the answer. So, drinking a considerable amount of coffee is extremely good for the heart and also works in the prevention of heart diseases. But an increased amount of caffeine will react to the opposite.  Tea, chocolates, coffee, nuts, and some caffeinated drinks contain caffeine, be aware of what and how much you are having.