How To Save Teens From Online Frauds And Scams Using OgyMogy

Yesterday  I heard a random yet common story in the mart. The teen kid got looted by some con artist who was apparently his Facebook friend. He offered him some kind of business idea and steal all his scholarship money (OgyMogy). The lady was so upset and her friend was asking about the semester fee.

Can you believe that?  Poor timing Martha, very poor timing. Anyway, point is online frauds and scams are very common these days. It the basic rule to never share your personal information or your parent’s data with anyone. Especially if that anyone is some online friend /stranger who lives behind the screen and you have no idea about his or her real identity. Teens are vulnerable to new ideas and adventures. So they can be the easiest target for any kind of fraud both online or in real life.

It is necessary to keep an eye on all the activities of a teenager so that he or she can not get dragged scam. Obvious money related problems can be sought out with time but this kind of incident can affect their confidence level and mental health. Teens can be sensitive and can take these kinds of incidents to their hearts, resulting in getting drowned into depression and anxiety issues.

Parents become worried sick when kids especially teens behave like this so to help the worried parents in maintaining good mental health of their child saving them from all kinds of bullies, stalkers, and con artists one of the best ways is to get a monitoring app.

One of the best monitoring apps that can help you in keeping a strict eye on your teen lives is the OgyMogy.OgyMogy offers different packages, from which you can select the desired one. It supports both the mac and windows system incase you want to monitor the laptop or tablet of your kid. Or you can simply use the kids monitoring app of OgyMogy to track teens through their cell phones.

Block All The Bogus Ids:

Con artists and swindlers usually use fake names and ids to approach you. They can be in your friend list or followers. So to keep an eye on the social media platforms activities of your teen like FaceBook, Instagram etc OgyMogy offers many spy apps. It will allow the user to monitor your teen’s activities online like their chat history and give remote access to the voice book as well. So if you suspect any bogus id on the social media account you can simply block them. Spy app like Whatsapp spy app allows the user to have complete remote access to the chats calls and all kinds of media that is shared through the Whatapp. You can also read group chats as well. Thus OgyMogy now makes it easy to save your teen from any kind of scam.

Keep An Eye On Log Book Entries:

Never share any kind of bank information of your parents through a cell phone. You may get a text message from an anonymous phone number that you have won a lottery or any other prize and in return want your credit card information. This can be very dangerous. So OgyMogy allows the user to know all about the incoming and outgoing calls of the target person. You can record the calls as well and hear the recording whenever you want.OgyMogy saves all the call details with timestamp. You can track any new entries in the logbook. Thus OgyMogy gives you all the information regarding the calls and SMS of the target person.OgyMogy can recover all the deleted chat history and text messaged for you in case of deletion.

Know About His Company Outside The Digital World:

OgyMogy makes sure you know who approaches your kid outside the digital world. It offers the feature which allows the user to listen to the surrounding voice of the target person’s cell phone. Thus you can listen to all the chats and random discussion of your teen with his class fellows and friends or with any stranger by using OgyMogy. It uses the mic of the device to record any kind of voice surrounding the device. Thus if anyone will approach your kid and ask a suspicious question you will know in real-time.

Get OgyMogy and save your self from any kind of financial or psychological issues.

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