How to Move Your Home Office Outdoors

Working from the comfort of your home has a lot of perks but it comes with a couple of downsides as well. Constant distractions and the inability to focus on the work ahead are just some of them. If you find the sunny weather outside alluring, why not move your office outdoors into a stress-free and motivational environment.

Chair ergonomics

Unlike the office chair and desk inside, you will have to improvise when it comes to the sitting area. Garden furniture is too comfortable for serious work, so you’ll need a special chair, as the swivel one might not fit on the porch or veranda. The chair you allocate should, before all, be comfortable and ergonomic so you don’t strain your neck or back while working.

More oxygen to the brain

Indoor office spaces often have poor-quality air because ventilation is bad. This problem is non-existent outside, as you breathe in the fresh air. This means that more oxygen will get to your brain, helping you think clearer and stay focused for longer periods.

For this reason, your backyard should have verdant foliage. If the yard is facing a busy street, then create a green barrier by planting a hedge to stop dust from entering your outdoor workspace.

An unsocial spot

In summer, the backyard becomes the center of social activity in your home. From barbecue parties to children running and screaming, the yard is a beehive of human activity. There is nothing wrong with this but you need a quiet spot to work in.

The spot you pick to set up your “porch office” should be secluded and unsocial. Usually, people choose a spot just behind the corner of the house, where they are out of sight.

Protection from above

Once you are certain you won’t get interrupted by other people, it’s time to arrange the spot you chose for the outdoor home office. Start by adding protection from above that will shield you both from the sun and rain.

However, this isn’t a DIY job, as installing a pergola roof requires professional roofers to be called in. Modern pergola roofs can be opened by a click of a button and they come with nightlights, so you can work after dark.

Bring enough food and drinks

Snacking whenever you want and an unlimited choice of drinks from your fridge is one of the major perks of working from home. However, after you snuggle in your comfy chair, it would be a shame to get up, would it?

Prepare all the meals, energy bars, and crispy snacks you will need in advance. A coffee table is an ideal addition to the exterior office, as you can keep bowls full of potato chips on it, for instance. Also, you should consider getting an affordable fridge or a minibar, so you will always have iced drinks near at hand.

Have one outdoor office

Once you have set up a home office outdoors your residence, there is no longer the need to go to the beach or the local café to work from there. Although you have access to open Wi-Fi networks, public places are too noisy to get any work done. Traveling to a nearby restaurant requires both time and money you don’t have, that’s why you have set up an office closer to home.

Wi-Fi access and a power socket

Going back to your home office, electricity and Internet access are the two most important technical issues to resolve early on. In most cases, you will find a power socket on the exterior of your home but if you don’t have a single one, then call an electrician to add it. Furthermore, you might have to reposition your Wi-Fi router to get a stronger signal. Consider getting a stronger antenna if the router cannot be placed close enough.

As you have seen from our 7 tips, moving your office outdoors is fairly simple. Instead of lingering at coffee houses for hours, you can establish a fully functional office on your porch. Just make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal, a pergola roof overhead, and a comfortable chair to lean back.