How to Make Money From The Casino Without Playing?

Many people are interested in the issue of making money online. Gambling seems to be easy money but by gambling in slot machines or betting on sports you can both win and lose. To avoid possible risks, webmasters and bloggers prefer to earn money on affiliate programs of online casinos, spreading ads of gaming sites, you can earn without investing money. Cooperation with the leading sites opens up good prospects for making money. Gambling is a highly profitable niche, but the competition is also high. Nevertheless, since the digital casino market is constantly growing and expanding, you can find your place in it.

The rating gambling affiliate programs bring income to their partners in the form of commissions deducted from the punters referred to the platforms. Their participants have mutually beneficial cooperation. Webmasters attract new users and get a financial reward, and the casinos increase the audience of users. The income received from the attracted gamblers is divided between the partner and the casino itself.

Forms of payment in programs

Affiliate models differ from each other. With the deposit form, the partner receives a certain percentage of payments, deducted from the deposits of the invited gamblers. In most cases, traffic is checked before it is connected.

  • CPA: fixed (one-time) pays are made in the form of click-per-action only for the attracted players. For a webmaster to receive income it is enough a player uses his affiliate link to go to a casino and register at the casino;
  • Revenue Share: using the Rev Share system, webmasters get partial profit, which is a percentage of losses of the attracted players (15-60%). Commission for funds transfer in payment systems is taken into account. If attracted players win often, the affiliate balance will go into minus. Many webmasters, who have negative balances, reduce them to zero at the end of the calendar month;
  • Hybrid: a mixed model usually combines CPA and Revenue Share payment systems. In the initial stages, cooperation is conducted only via RevShare. In case of satisfactory results of the traffic quality check, CPA is activated!

A player who comes to play through an affiliate advertisement is assigned to the webmaster forever, and the profit pours in every time the person makes a bet. And if such players are not one, but even a few dozens or even hundreds, the most successful affiliates can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from casino affiliate programs for making money online.

Where to get traffic from

Gambling entertainment is not allowed to advertise in most major exchanges (such as Direct, Facebook Ads, and AdWords). Webmasters get traffic for the gaming platforms offered by other methods: they buy it in teasers, leak from social networks, as well as place promotional materials on public pages, negotiating with their owners. More advanced specialists create sites in order to get SEO traffic. Casino advertising on your own sites is a rather laborious method, but it is effective and depends solely on the actions of the webmaster. Search queries on the subject of gambling are plentiful.

Professionals can buy advertising or create it on the following resources: thematic, entertainment and gambling sites. As statistics show, The best possible conversion rate comes from traffic from thematic resources, reaching 25%. Communities of social networks and thematic resources can contain various content: descriptions of slot machines, tips on games, winning tactics, gambling entertainment news, review of bonus programs, promotions, etc. The conclusion is that you have a good chance to catch up and overtake them if you put a little more effort and carefully think about the structure of your site or any other platform. Many interesting features can be adopted from the top gambling review sites, study them and try to do something similar.