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How Can You Promote Your Business by Using Instagram?

Instagram encapsulates more people than any other social media collectively holds. Thus, it is highly beneficial to acknowledge Instagram Giveaway Ideas to boost your business. Since the production of Instagram, it has taken a toll on everyone and because of its booming success, Mark Zuckerberg bought it just after two years of production. Instagram has so much more to offer to your businesses and one such thing is Instagram giveaway contests.

Why Should You Go for Instagram Giveaway Contests?

Instagram giveaway contents are the most optimal ways to jumpstart your business because such contests can help you to increase your count of the followers at a much faster speed than any other contest or strategy. Obviously, you can harness a lot of other ways for the same purpose but this arsenal can not only increase your follower count but it can also teach you how to deal with your customers. The benefits of opting this path are:

Instagram giveaway contests result in higher engagement of the people than any other posts. It has been estimated that these posts obtain 3.5x more likes and about 64x more comments as compared to any other post.

You won’t have to conduct contests every day to reenact your customers because these contests will help the people to realize your goodwill. So, they will be happy to become your long-term follower.

With the help of these giveaways, your content will be more exposed to the people which will ultimately increase your number of followers.

More people will share your website on their accounts which will increase the engagement of the people.

Top Contest Ideas for You to Choose From

Although Social Media Agency can take care of such ideas, you should also be familiar with some of the top winning ideas to increase the awareness of your brand. All of these ideas are mentioned below:

1.Double-tap to Win

For this contest, you need to tell the people to like your post to enter the contest to win. You can also ask people to follow your profile or like your Facebook page as well. In this way, you can increase your follower count along with raising awareness of your brand.

2.Post a Photo

This type of contest includes the uploading of any photo that your customers like but they will have to upload a photo with a hashtag that you specifically created for this contest. There doesn’t have to be a winning prize for this contest instead you can tell your customers that whoever wins, he/she will get to be featured in your next post.

3.Caption Contest

In this type of contest, you can either ask your followers to upload the best caption on any one of your photos or you can ask them to like the best caption. Whichever caption holds most likes, will be declared as the winner. However, it is better to choose the winner yourself because, in this way, people won’t be able to inflate their likes.

4.Tag to Win

Tag to Win Contest is the most straightforward contest there is because all you have to do is to ask your followers to tag 2-3 people in the comment section to enter this contest. People will tag their family, friends, relative, etc., and once they are tagged, they will also follow your account which will help increase your count and this will always remain in a loop resulting in a tremendous increase in the growth of your business.

5.Post a Selfie

This contest is quite similar to that of Post a Photo but in this contest rather than posting any photo, the followers will have to upload a selfie with your product. In this way, your products are promoted. Moreover, you can create a unique hashtag and ask your followers to use this hashtag whenever they post. Thus, you can search for your hashtag and choose whatever selfie you think is the best and name him/her, the winner of this contest.

What Role Does a Social Agency Play?

As already mentioned, a social agency can take care of your giveaway ideas but it is capable of doing much more than just come up with petty ideas. A social agency can help increase the awareness of your brand a large number of ways such as:

This agency builds an effective schedule consisting of a specific date and time on which the post should be made. This is because, at that time, the majority of your followers will be online.

The uniqueness of your content can make or break your whole audience and this is what every agency acknowledges. Therefore, it comes up with a very unique and exemplary content that will blow your audience away.

The one thing that attains the trust and loyalty of your customers is by replying rapidly. Your customers or followers may have a lot of questions regarding your products and services. Therefore, all their queries must be answered right away and this is what this agency provides.

Social agencies plan the timings of all of your contests and make sure that they don’t clash with any other contest or repeated too many times.

You can enhance your brand awareness by making a lot of connections and social media is all about them. The social agency utilizes social media most effectively and engages a large number of profiles with yours.

If you are running a startup business then you need advertising to promote your products and services. But you need a professional to decide which ad will bring more traffic as compared to others.

The social agency keeps track of the performance of your business and provides a monthly report stating how well or how bad your business has performed in the given month. If the performance was bad, then this agency also comes up with alternative strategies to consider in the upcoming months.

Final Thoughts

Instagram giveaway contests and social agencies can certainly help your businesses to skyrocket but you need to cautiously devise which contest and which agency you will opt for this purpose. Because sometimes they don’t provide what they promised. So, be cautious.

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