Homeopathy for Piles Treatment – An Effective & Safer Alternative

Homeopathy works on the time-tested principles laid down by its founding father, Dr. Hahnemann. To the surprise of many modern-day healthcare practitioners, it not only works but, in many cases, works better than the conventional medical system. It works amazingly on various acute as well as chronic disease conditions and general health problems. Especially in cases of stubborn diseases or conditions requiring surgery, homeopathy shines better. However, timely diagnosis, proper consultation, and timely treatment are some key points to consider for the best results in homeopathic piles treatment. Homeopathic Medicines for Piles work well and can treat piles or hemorrhoid problems effectively without causing side effects.

Now let’s move on to the next section to get an answer to the question, “Does Homeopathy really work, and is it effective and safe for piles treatment?”

What are Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are specialized veins present in the rectum. These veins carry out specific functions like facilitating the bowel passage and keeping the mucus membrane of the rectum from bruises or injuries.

However, sometimes, these veins may swell due to inflammation or injury and many other causes. This condition is called ‘hemorrhoids’ or simply ‘piles.’ The good news is that Homeopathy for Piles treatment can effectively treat the problem.

Assessing the Symptoms to Get the Best Homeopathic Medicines for Piles

It becomes very important to properly assess the symptoms to provide the right Homeopathic medicine for piles. The symptoms of piles can differ from one type to another. However, some of the common symptoms include: 

  • Pain in the anal area
  • A lump of muscles around the anus 
  • Redness around the anal area
  • Mild and occasional to persistent itching
  • A red streak of blood in the stools
  • Pain while passing stools
  • Tenesmus – a condition where the person feels that they haven’t been able to pass the bowels completely, while it is not so
  • Fecal incontinence
  • Frequent infection of the affected area
  • Development of fistula in the anal canal
  • Excessive anal bleeding

Depending upon the above symptoms of patient severity, the following diagnostic tests may be required:

  • A Complete Blood Count Test: The CBC test analyzes your overall health condition and the possibility of any disease, inflammation, infection, etc. It can give an initial idea of a person suffering from piles problem.
  • Ultrasonography: Using high-frequency sound waves – Ultrasonography to get an image of the internal organs can help understand if the condition really piles or not.
  • Colonoscopy: Colonoscopy, as the name suggests, investigates the color part of the large intestine and the rectum.

Once diagnosed, the doctor may start your treatment using the best-suited Homeopathic medicines for piles.

Types of Piles

Depending upon the location of the affliction and specific symptoms, piles can be categorized into the following types:

1. Internal Piles – 

Internal piles are not visible externally and cannot be felt by hand, as they are seated deep inside the rectum. The usual symptoms of such piles are mild or no pain, the feeling of discomfort in the affected area, and bleeding, sometimes observed in the stools. Since this is one of the mild types of hemorrhoids, it can be easily and completely treated using Homeopathic medicines for piles, provided that the treatment is started timely and with proper medical consultation of an expert Homeopathy doctor.

2. External Piles –  

External piles are present outside the anus and are often accompanied by greater discomfort and more pain. They can be felt and seen as visible lumps outside of the anus. This is one of the most discomforting and embarrassing piles types. However, Homeopathy for piles of this type is also effective and safe.

3. Thrombosed Piles – 

Sometimes, blood in the swollen masses of the piles gets clotted. This can lead to an inadequate blood supply to the rectal muscles and can be critical. Such types of piles are also the most painful ones and may require immediate intervention. When symptoms first appear, one should immediately consult a Homeopathic practitioner. The homeopath will assess the symptoms and severity of the condition. Afterward, he/she will provide individualized homeopathic medicines for piles treatment to the patient depending upon their constitution.

4. Prolapse – 

When larger masses of the rectal muscles and the hemorrhoids protrude outside of the anus, this condition is called a rectal prolapse or anal prolapse. It causes discomfort, while pain and itching in the affected area are also common. When advanced to this stage, surgery may be required, but it’s recommended to consult a qualified Homeopathic doctor before going for surgery.

Homeopathy for Piles remains to be the best treatment option for piles of different causes and symptoms.

Homeopathy For Piles

Causes of Piles

Common causes of piles are as follows:

  • Inactive Lifestyle 
  • Being obese or overweight
  • Chronic constipation (for a long time)
  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy
  • Rectal muscle weakness or injury
  • Heavy weightlifting exercises
  • Regular or excessive use of laxatives

One may be inherently prone to developing piles. On the other hand, most commonly, the problem occurs due to straining while passing bowels. This may be due to poor digestion, chronic constipation, and physical injury. Homeopathic medicine for piles and constipation despite the type of cause of the problem.

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Piles treatment in homeopathy is safer compared to the conventional option. It alleviates the symptoms and also treats the conditions from its roots.

One common misconception is that Homeopathy for piles and other problems is safe even if the dosage is not customized. The truth is self-medication is highly discouraged. One should always get their Homeopathic medicines for piles only after consulting a qualified Homeopath.

Dr. Anu Kant Goyal is an expert Homeopathic doctor and the director of Excel Pharma, Mohali. He has been treating such patients using individualized homeopathic medicines for piles for many years.

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