Health and Happiness Never Be At Rest, Till Your Health Is Better And Your Happiness Best!

Health and happiness can be termed synonyms in today’s life. Cause if you have health you stay happy, both work hand in glove. In real terms, it’s about work-life balance, the mantra for a successful healthy and happy life.

When work is a priority, health goes for a toss. Therefore one needs to prioritise. Strike a balance between how to time your priority for work with the priority for balanced health.

The mantra is not too difficult to follow if you chalk a flow chart of how to maintain a good health vis a vis the assignments that you need to deliver each day in office. Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain a balance between health and happiness — the better wealth — ultimately!

Chalk out the day’s assignments, a night before.

The ‘me’ time in bed is the happiest moment of the day, rather night. That is when you weave your magic for the other day. The golden rule is, keep your not-pad handy. Make notes either on a paper slip or your mobile note pad. Note down the work that has the topmost priority and is likely to be missed if not noted, it is not something you do daily.

It could be as simple a thing or rather difficult to remember later in the day. For instance like fixing a nurse for grandma’s nursing when you leave for the day or asking the milkman to deliver two litres of milk as curd is something that has gone amiss three days this week on the lunch table.

Similarly, like prioritising personal ‘first preference’ of the day, you need to prioritise your ‘first preferences’ for work. It could be related to your assignment help, you prioritise them similarly, according to your need and what you are likely to forget later during the day. With the jottings complete.

Follow your hobby before deep breathing to sleep

The precious ‘me time’ where jottings are done in precisely six to eight minutes, it’s time to read yourself to sleep or listen to your favourite music. It should be preferably light, on your earphones to relax your taut nerves and let them unwind with relaxed breathing that accompanies any hobby that you cherish, it could even be a quick sketch in your bed-side sketch diary. And before you knock out for healthy sleep, don’t forget to switch out your aroma lavender lights to drive you to sleep within seconds. The number of sleep hours your body clock decides. With the crack of dawn,

Prioritise your health and wellness regime

Morning shows the light of day, your fitness regime is what you decide. What suits your body type, age and fitness from before. Competition between peers, and hence vying for a fit body with excessive unguided exercises is not the mantra. You chalk your fitness drive with what can be maintained at a steady pace. The best is to start the day with a litre of warm water or lemon, warm water and honey, if you are not acidic in nature bodily, else warm water is just fine to start the metabolism on the right note. Follow up

An unforgettable exercise regimen a must

With an exercise regime that can be followed daily, be it yoga, aerobics or even outdoor activities like cycling, brisk walk, jog or a laughter therapy to ward off morning blues. Remember to follow the exercise regimen daily on a timely basis followed by the ‘eat like a king ‘ breakfast that the body badly requires and is often gone amiss. Leave enough space in-between for a few minutes of quality time before you get back to your morning work assignments.

And before you leave for taking the days toll

Find a few moments alone to organise your day’s thoughts breathing deeply after being ready and with a quality hug to the near and dear ones, take the world full-on, in your stead.

There could be slips between the cup and the lip in completing the happiness quotient maintaining the health and happiness balance but never forgets in your health lies yours and your family’s happiness.

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Author is a Content Writer with an experience of four years. He has worked in several organisations. Currently, he is working as a content writer for health and nursing assignments at My Assignment Services. He provides content marketing consultation to the students.

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