Top 11 Profitable Gemstones for Gemstone Jewelry Businesses

Gemstones are the forever kind of trend that people are following since ancient times. Still, in recent years it has seen a sky-high. People around the world are cherishing it wholeheartedly and welcoming them into their lives. Even the celebrities around are not shying away from showing their love for the gemstone their stylist matches up the gemstone jewelry with their red carpet looks, dress up their hands, wrists, and neck to give them a striking look.

Over the years, and due to the broad color palette, gemstone jewelry has created charm around people and has been incorporated along with their regular dressing. The jewelry made of gems gives an enchanting look and is also a great source of healing. They are the style edit that helps the wearer to shine from the inside out.

Let’s have a look at profitable gemstones for gemstone jewelry. that people are eyeing, and even you can get over with.

Moonstone jewelry

With the serene and the moon’s powers, moonstone is the touch of freshness on a stormy night. It adds up to the style of the wearer and enchants their entire being. Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group and has a rainbow shine in the light adularescence that shows the hues of the rainbow in the light. One can wear these stunning Moonstone Jewelry pieces on almost every occasion, and moonstone will add to your shine.

Opal jewelry

One of the oldest gems found on the earth and the stone with spectral colors, opal are the perfect gemstone that can uplift the mood and highlight the one who wears them. Opal usually comes in two colors: the background colors, which include white, yellow, orange, black, and more, with the other being color play, which makes the opal the most precious stone of the past. Wearing the opal jewelry and the ball gown or with the casual outfit can you the fashion touch you are waiting to add and compliment your unique dressing.

Moldavite jewelry

The olive green hue and rough finish of the moldavite give them the alluring touch that makes them one of the hot-selling stones of recent times. They are formed due to the interplanetary collision that happened millions of years ago, making them a gift to humankind. The patterns on the moldavite give them the terrestrial feels and make some of the eye-catching jewelry; they can easily be teamed up with other jewels and will give mush fascinating appearance to the wearer.

Agate jewelry

Agate the stone formed due to the water seeping through the cracks makes some of the best Agate Jewelry available in the market. Each stone is different and has wild patterns that give unique elements. Agate, with its fantastic designs, gives instant pop to the outfit making person ramp ready. A good thing about agate is that it is versatile and can be easily combined with an outfit.

Larimar jewelry

The semi-precious stone, which is actually pectolite larimar, is the blue color stone found on a remote location on earth that makes the beautiful larimar jewelry. These jewelry pieces are attractive and depict the calm summer sea, providing tranquility. Wearing larimar provides profound healing and is found on the Dominican Republic beach. They can be worn to social settings and will give class to the wearer.

Labradorite Jewelry

The mystical stone is believed to be fallen from the skies. Labradorite is the stone for the shamans, healers, and travelers embracing the humans seeking guidance and knowledge. They carry the magical light that shows the play of colors in the morning given a magical touch to a very simple gemstone. Wearing the Labradorite jewelry gives the magic touch and provides a style makeover adding to the inner beauty.

Emerald jewelry

Everyone’s favorite emerald, the gem with the green appearance, is made of the mineral beryllium. They range from 7.5 to 8 on moh’s hardness scale, making them easy to polish and later convert into beautiful emerald jewelry. Being the stone in demand emerald provides the set glory to the wearer and makes the center of attention without much effort.

Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

The brilliant, watercolor crystal Herkimer diamond is the doubly terminated quartz crystal with 18 faces that give them a distinctive look. These beautiful-faced beauties are found in Herkimer County, New York, and are identical to the diamond makes the beautiful Herkimer diamond jewelry which is one of a kind. Due to their serene energies and clear appearance, they give a certain sense of security to those who wearer them and are ideal for wearing to any social gathering.

Amethyst jewelry

The purple color stone and the birthstone for Feb amethyst, have been a popular approach for more than 2000 years. They are the quartz crystal that has been presented to the royalty due to its undeniable glow and are used in the form of the faceted stone, giving glimmer to those who incorporate them with their attire. Amethyst is the perfect gemstone jewelry that offers the highlight to the one who wears them.

Turquoise jewelry

The Egyptian mefkat and every designer’s favorite turquoise is the bluish-green stone that derived its name from a color. Designers play with the gem and incorporate them to give the fashion twist to the most ordinary combination. They are widely used as sources of wisdom, protection, and tranquillity and give positive vibes to the wearer.

Amazonite jewelry

With the serene water appearance and the highlight of the sky, Amazonite derived its name from the Amazon River and has been widely used in making statues, amulets, and jewelry for centuries. Amazonite is used for healing as great energy filters clear the aura and the smog of negative energy, putting a shadow on your life. Wearing the amazonite jewelry puts the wearer’s charm and heals the wounds and energy, making them ready to face the world.

The big plus of wearing gemstone jewelry is that they give pop the attire and add color to everyday outfits.

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