Top 51 Best Free Mobile Video Editing Apps For Android in 2024

Videography and editing have become quite popular in the last decade. What was essentially professional work can now be done by amateurs like you and me. This has been made possible by the tools and devices we have at hand. Our android phones have allowed us to do so. The computing features of our phones have allowed us to edit videos on the go.  The quality of videos has certainly gone up due to this as well. Before this, a lot of people used to export their videos to their desktops for editing. But now, we can edit our videos at a similar level on our phones. Here know about the best free mobile Video Editing Apps.

There are many video editing apps available for video editing. Not just premium apps but free apps as well. You are really spoilt for choice since there are a plethora of these apps. Thus, below is a list of the 51 best free mobile video editing apps for your android device. 

Free Video Editing Apps for Android


FilmoraGo on android is one of the greatest and most amazing video editing apps. It provides all the essential functions you would expect from an app of such caliber. You get the ability to add music, images, and various effects to your videos. FilmoraGo is a free video editing app and it is quite popular. It is highly rated and is one of the most highly reviewed play store apps in its category.


Don’t you wish to just make slideshows and presentations on the go? Well, vivavideo is a great app that lets you do just that. Not just that, you can do a number of other cool things as well. From text effects to various image filters, it has quite a lot of features. However, the free version has a duration limit on videos and has a watermark on edits. Thus, it is best used for short videos.  

Quik Video Editor

Won’t it be good if the app itself could make a video for you? Well, Quik video editor by GoPro can do so. It analyses the images you provide and creates a short video for you. Various other effects can be added to make it more interesting. The addition of filters and music is also possible. 


Well, you probably must’ve heard about it, it is one of the most popular video editing apps out there. It has drag n drop features as well as other video editing tools.  You can easily add transitions and edit various types of media files. It is a free app but has a watermark and has ads.


Funimate is a great fun video editor. It is not the most robust application out there, but you can create professional-looking videos and image edits.  There are quite a lot of features available for you. It is definitely a good and unique app that you should try as well.


Magisto is a great free video editing app. You can essentially convert any of your videos into a music video with this app. Features like the addition of soundtracks and images make it quite good. The app is convenient and can be seamlessly used by amateurs and professionals. With just three simple steps, you can make a video.


WeVideo is a great cloud-based free video editing app for android. It has a great feature for editing, creating, and publishing videos. It has a great UI and design. You can create a specific type of video or choose any number of artistic styles. As a cloud-based service, you need to upload the files before you edit them.


Free android app with great video editing, androvid is quite popular. It has various features such as editing, the addition of images, and soundtracks. The app offers a number of other features including transition effects to make your videos look professional and cool. It also has a converter that can convert any video file into mp3 for free.

Adobe Spark

Adobe is a household name. Adobe Spark offers a lot of fun and interesting features. Adobe spark allows you to add an extra flair to your videos.  It can automatically add images to your videos. It is a fun free video editing app for android to use. 

VidTrim Pro

Vidtrim is a great app for video editing as well. As the name suggests, it is great for editing videos and trimming them as well. You can create various short videos with it. It also has one of the best UI and designs of any app out there for android.  It has two versions: the free trial version and the premium version. 

Adobe Premiere Rush

Another great app, the Adobe premiere rush (previously known as adobe premiere clip), is free. It has a number of features to offer. From trimming your videos to adding music and filters, you can do it all. You can even get your videos automatically by it or make them on your own. 

Power Director

Power director is a fully-featured free video editing app for android.  It even supports 4k resolution and other great effects such as slo-mo.  Various transitions can also be edited as well. While you can access quite a lot of features, for advanced features, you must pay a subscription fee. 


If you are looking for a lighter app with the most basic features and nothing more, then YouCut is for you. YouCut is easy to navigate and use and can be helpful for amateurs to create a good-looking video. It is definitely a great free video editing app for android if you want no watermarks on your videos. 

Film Maker Pro

Film Maker Pro is another best free video editing app for android.  It is especially useful for beginners. Although its features also allow professionals to work with it. It has a number of free tools and basic editing features. 


VideoShow is a great free video editing app for android. You can create your videos on this app almost instantly. Just add the photos and video, and it will make the best video with music added. VideoShow also allows its users to add a ton of graphic stuff. You can add GiFs, images, and much more into your video.


Vita is a great free video editing app with templates. This allows for easy and clean video editing for people who want to work less on editing. There are a lot of other transition effects, soundtracks, and filters you can add to your videos with Vita. You can even increase or decrease the video speed. 

VN Video Editor

A lot of up-and-coming influencers want to create videos without the watermark. Not a lot of apps provide that feature for free.


Action Director is a great free video editor app for android. It has been given the editor’s choice in the play store as well. So you know it is great. It provides watermark-free video editing with a lot of features. You will have to watch an ad to do that, but it’s definitely worth it. 


VLLO is another best free video editing app for android. A lot of people want a crisp, clean UI to edit videos on the go. This video editor allows you to do that. VLLO is a great app without a watermark as well. It is a great app for influencers and people wanting to edit videos for their social media accounts. 


Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash


Kruso is also another video editor app for android that has become quite popular. Primarily due to the fact that it does not show its watermark. It also boasts robust and clean video editing features. It is great for trimming, merging, and cropping your videos easily on the go.

PixArt Video

PixArt Video is a great video editor that allows watermark-free video editing on Android devices. It is not the most robust app out there. It has light editing capabilities that are great for editing videos on the go. It is a decent app that is great for beginning your editing journey.  

Super Studio

Super Studio is great generic free video editing software. It does not boast any special features but does offer watermark-free editing. However, the price you pay is the occasional ads and video you might get to see. 


Inshot is a popular free video editing app for android. It has become quite popular due to its no watermark policy. A lot of people are using it due to its features to make short videos of high quality. A plethora of features also makes it one of the best free video editing apps on android. 

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker filmmaker is one of the best video editing apps for android. It has a simple, clean, and crisp UI that even amateurs can use. It has some of the most essential and basic video editing features as well. You can trim and insert various effects and transitions into your videos easily.


A lot of people post video collages; have you wondered how? Well, Picplaypost lets you do that. It is a great free video editing app for android.  You can create a number of videos and make a great collage out of these to post on your social media accounts. 

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a great video editing app for amateurs. A lot of beginners are overwhelmed by video editing and its features. However, wondershare filmora has great functions as well as an easy mode to help beginners. You get various transitions and filters as well.

Video Editor

Video Editor is a good free video editing app for android.  It has more features than most of the free video editing apps on android. This makes it the best tool for people interested or with knowledge of video editing. You get a lot of effects and options to play around with within this app.


Alive, like its name, aspire to make your videos alive. It has standard features, but the standout feature is the fact that you can check others’ creations as well. It is basically like your social media feed where you can post and see others’ creations. It is a great app to create short and interesting videos. 


A wonderful app for android, lapseit is filled with features. You can create a ton of different types of videos. With lapselt, you can create, shoot or edit a video easily. A great free app with a premium version with more features.


Vizmato is another tool that lets you record videos and then further edit them. It has a number of great and unique features ranging from transitions to filters. The free version does offer some flexibility; however, the premium provides complete freedom. The free version is still the best choice for anyone.

Cute CUT

Cute Cut is a great video editing app that is useful for creating short videos for your social media. It has a good range of features that let you use its features to make creative and interesting videos. It has a premium and a free version as well. The Premium version is obviously the better one. 


If you are looking for a basic and super clean UI in an android video editing app, filmr is for you. It is a fun and great app for beginners and advanced editors. It has a number of functions and filters that are quite useful. Its popularity has risen quite a bit in the past couple of years.


Easy movie is another great free video editor for android. It is a good app if you want to create videos for marketing purposes and want to add an extra flair to it. It is an all-in-one platform for creating videos and editing. So if you have a business, for example, an escape room, you can use this to market and create amazing videos of your escape rooms.


BeeCut is a great video editor to start editing videos. It is reliable and easy to understand as an app. It lets you perform basic functions and edits while providing a number of features. It has a premium version as well. The free version is not all that bad.

Viva Cut

VivaCut is another best free-to-use video editing app for android. It has a lot of features that professionals can make use of to edit their videos. Offering dynamic designs instead of just templates, it is a great app that users can freely explore and use. It has both, a free version as well as a premium version with full unlocked potential.


Goplay is a great screen recording and video editing app. It provides a lot of freedom to screen record and then edits your videos. It is a great app for mobile streamers to use as well. You can easily capture your screen and use handy tools to edit the said video.

Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro

Ashampoo movie studio pro is a great video editing app that lets you edit and produce high-quality videos. You can edit and enhance your videos to 4k resolutions and add amazing transitions as well. You also get access to other features of adding images and music in the background.

FonePaw Video Cutter

FonePaw Video Cutter is a great tool for creating amazing clips. This video editing app lets you utilize a number of basic and simple features to create clips from different formats as well. It has a free version and a free trial as well. You can easily use its audio and video joiner to create amazing videos. 


Vlogit is a great free video editing app for android users and especially vloggers. Created by wondershare (another great free video editing app), it is a great editor to make watermark free vlogs.  It is the most popular and highly-rated app of its kind and definitely one that you should try.


Kizoa is a great free video editing app for android that allows you to be creative and tell a story. It is the best app that lets you edit videos and make memories of a lifetime. It allows you to make slideshows and various other effects to make your videos special. It can be used for making marketing videos as well.

Vimeo Create 

Vimeo Create is a great tool by a great company. This free video editing app for android lets you create custom templates and make the right edits to your video. You get access to a number of features such as customized fonts, layouts, and much more. 

Motion Ninja

Motion Ninja is a great video editing tool for creating amazing videos. It is a tool that can be used by both amateurs and professionals alike. It helps in creating videos with its motion design features and graphics. It has effects such as slow-motion and velocity editing.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a great android video editing app. It helps in creating video templates of almost all kinds. You will be able to create high-quality videos with outros, animations, and visualizers easily.  It can even be used by amateurs to create cool video edits seamlessly. 


Noizz is an up-and-coming video editor. It is one of the most recommended and popular app on the play store for the year 2021. It offers endless personalization and various interesting and great features to make videos spontaneously. It is great for creating special short videos with great effects.


EasyCut is a great free and robust video editing app for android. It offers a lot of features such as collage, video effects, trimming, filters, and music addition.

Shot FX

Another great video editor app that lets you do a ton of stuff is Shot FX. It helps in making great videos with special effects. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can easily make amazing videos with great visual effects with this app. It offers high-quality video editing and various interesting and cool features.


Videoleap is a great free and robust video editor app for android users. If you have ever wanted to create professional-looking videos, you should definitely use this app. You can make the videos on the go and make use of a number of features it has to offer. 


VSCO is a great video editing tool for android users. VSCO offers a ton of advanced video editing features such as filters, effects, trimming, transitions, and much more. It is a great free video editing app that amateur and professional android users can use to make their videos look professional.


Movavi is a popular and highly rated video editing app. It is a free video editing app that offers clean and crisp video editing for android users. From video cropping, trimming, and rotations to unique filters, transitions, and even stickers, you get a lot of features in this app. It is definitely a great app to edit your videos. 


Splice is a highly popular video editor app that grew as an app of IOS platforms. Now that it is available on android, you get a number of features such as slow-mo, Music addition, text overlays, image additions, transitions, trimming, and much more. It is a great app for both amateurs and professionals.


Playplay is a unique video creation app for android users. It offers a plethora of editing features and tools. It is a highly recommended tool for professional video editors. However, even amateurs can edit their videos through it. A lot of professional-looking marketing videos can be made through this app.


The above list of 51 best free mobile video editing apps for androids is one of the most comprehensive. You are really spoiled for choice when it comes to video editing. In order to choose the best app, you should try each and every good video editor apps. While most apps have similar functions, the UI and designs can be different. Depending on your art style and video, you can experiment and find the best one for you.