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Free Keyword Niche Research Tool

Keyword research is the foundation of your online business success. Whoever it is, if it does not do keyword research and jump to work on it, will fail (unless there is a luck factor). I’m just talking about online business purposes here JCPenney credit card login, so if you want to have abundant traffic without increasing the conversion value, without a sales hike or an increase in profits, then free Tips and tools to find this valuable Keyword Niche will not benefit you. know more about the Free Keyword Niche Research Tool.

In principle, the key to success in keyword research is looking for keywords that include high-value HPK / High Paying Keyword (either CPC or affiliate commissions), with the lowest possible competition. Here is a collection of free Niche research tools that I rely on doing keyword research before creating a blog for Adsense or affiliate.

Brainstorm an ‘idea’ that you like and within 6 months you are still comfortable managing the same. Get a list of about 20 words or phrases from topics that you really care about.

Search Number of Internet Users Search Keyword

Use Google Keyword Tool External. From here what is important you know is: Is the number of monthly searches more than 5000? Does the keyword finder want to shop for something or seek services and not just search for information? Is there any PPC (pay-per-click ads)? View with Google Ads Preview Tools. Though little meaningless advertising is not profitable, it may be unknown to potential people. If the answer to these 3 questions is “YES” then continue.

Researching How Strong Keyword Competition

Go to the Google page. Enter your existing keywords from the previous step. If the number of pages that appear is more than 1 million (1,000,000) the odds are good. The less the better. Gratitude if it only ranges from 100 thousand – 200 thousand. If you can get under a hundred thousand pages of competition then it will get better (meaning the work you do to optimize your blog or page for the keyword is lighter).

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If you can play your opponent does not have a big brand, for example, MW, NOKIA, NIKE, COCA-COLA, and so forth. Usually, the competition is too heavy if there are big brands that appear. Then check the individual traffic of sites that are now hanging out on Google for those keywords.

SEO Research

To see how tough our rivals are, try to find out how many people REALLY compete for the same keywords by checking their Title Tag. Write on Google: all in the title: “keyword and”. Let me not waste a lot of time, just check out the website/blog that appears on page 1 of Google only. Do not forget to check Backlink, Pagerank, and Age Domain.

You can estimate for yourself how strong the rival you will face if later on you actually work on keyword niche research tools.

Additional Niche Research Tools Doing Keyword Research:

To find out which trend is on the internet can use Google Trends.

Alternative to another Google Keyword External: Free Keyword Wordtracker.

In addition, there is also an SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool and niche research tool which is all still free.

What’s Next? After Keyword Research is done it’s time to create a blog and optimize with the Keyword.

Do not forget to bookmark this page to handle keyword research by pressing the “CTRL + D” key simultaneously. If you want to be rewritten on your blog may ok 🙂 But do not forget the links must be intact yes. Plus backlinks to this blog are also allowed by Flingster. Thank you!

There is a child who managed to produce 800,000 dollars/month because he found high-valued keywords that are not ogled by someone else. Mentioned by Gary Vaynerchuk in a seminar with Jay Abraham. So who knows you can get the same thing. The key is to be “creative” and to think of something “unthinkable”.

As Aristotle Onassis says  “The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows.” Good luck with your keyword research! If you have experience or want to comment.

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