Top 27 Best Free Hairstyle Apps For Men Or Women To Try Different Makeovers And Styling 2024

If you are on the lookout for the best free hairstyle makeover apps for men and women, you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, you will get to see a useful list of Hairstyle Apps. If you wish to write an essay on it, you can mention these apps. And if you need assistance, you can hire an essay writer.

So, let us delve right into it.

Hairstyle Makeover

This app has a smooth user-friendly interface. You will get five sample styles for each type, and you can unlock hundreds of quality hairstyles, mustaches, and beards. The app includes hairstyles of both men and women. You can access this app on any iOS device, and enjoy features like social media sharing like Twitter, email, Facebook, and more.

Hairstyle Apps


This is another popular Hairstyle Apps that lets you try out different looks. You can try a brand new hair color with a Hair Color Application in a matter of seconds. Click a photo, employ automatic hair detection, and apply various hair colors. The app will let you know which style fits you the best.

Hairstyle Changer Men

With this app, men can try different hairstyles and various designs. With these styles, you can see a change in your personality. You will also find the option of giving yourself a fresh haircut and picturing how you will look.


This is a free makeover app for Apple and Android devices. You can transform yourself into a model with an instant tap on the screen. No wonder it is the best digital makeup and styling app in 67 countries, with 55 million users and counting.

Cute Girls Hairstyles

This app is for both iOS & Android users. You can easily get french, fishtail, waterfall braids, and more. The amazing interface is easy to use, and you get the most recent video tutorials and tips. The app allows you to tweet, and comment share features.

Hair Cast

This app offers you hairstyle tips based on the weather in the place you reside. There are particular hairstyle maintenance routines and requirements that are essential for a specific region. And with this app, you can finally bid farewell to your hair styling woes.

Celebrity Hairstylist

Celebrity Hairstylist is an innovative hairstyle app. Here, you get to check out the list of hairstyles donned by celebrities or movie stars. You can easily pore through the top hairstyle of your favorite celebrity. You can view new colors, shapes, and fashion trends on social media.

Hair Saloon

This app is a fun one. You get amazing expressions if you use the 6 live characters. You will come across applications such as grabbing the scissors and combing and creating the hairstyle. You also get to share the edited character with your peers via social media platforms.

Hairstyle Magic

You can use this free app to experiment with your hair. You are free to alter the hairstyle with a plethora of colors and styles. Users dig the interface, and it is congruent with Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you will find lots of different colors listed on the app, and create a custom color.

Hairstyle Lite

This app is perfect for both men and women. You can upload your picture and see if the hairstyle fits you. You can try 15 free hairstyles and buy around 600 hairstyles in total. Furthermore, this app can be accessed on all devices.

Hair Zapp

Hair Zapp is one of the best platforms for trying out different hairstyles. Apart from editing your hairstyle, you can share the changes on social media platforms as well. A few of the preloaded designs will help you figure out whether it is apt for the face or not.

Hairstyle Apps

 Hair Color Booth

Every person has a unique style, or they think about applying different colors to their hair. The app is designed especially for men, and one gets a realistic feel, and accuracy when they check themselves out. In addition to this, users get to choose from several options.

Hairstyles and Haircuts

This particular app has around 1,000 types of haircut styles. You can have your own personalized catalog consisting of your preferred styles, determined by your face structure. You also get to see video tutorials to get a grasp of the functionality of the app, and how you can achieve braids, cascades, beams, etc.

 Fabby Look

This is another popular hairstyle app for Android and iOS users. You can change your hairstyle pretty easily. It has listed about 10 trending hairstyles as magenta, blue, platinum, purple, pink, and more. You can also try live hair change, which is done in real time.

Hair Makeover

This app barely takes a minute to provide you with your desired makeover. With this application, you can try numerous kinds of hairstyles and haircuts in less than a minute. All you have to do is choose a hairstyle and match it with your face.


If you use this app, you will get to find Coloriser, Pimple Eraser, and Eye Coloriser. Not only can you check out hair makeover options, but you also get to edit your photo.  Imagine how you would look without acne, drowsy eyes, scars, moles, rough skin, etc.


When you use these Hairstyle Apps, you will get a striking resemblance with Pinterest. This app is meant for finding beauty products and trends. You can discover the latest trends, get insight into makeup tips, and even shop for amazing products online.

Crazy Hair Salon

You can change your hairstyle on iOS and Android smartphones easily. You get different options to bring about variations. You can curl, cut, color, straighten your hair. What’s more? You can also adjust the length of your hair using a cut with the help of virtual professional scissors.

Hairstyle Apps

 Change Hairstyle

As per the reviews, this app is different from the rest of the makeover apps. You get to check out different hairstyles, and cosmetic and makeup products. And you can use these options to apply changes to your face. All you need to do is click your face, and voila!

Virtual Makeover

This app is great for applying different cosmetic and makeup products to your face. You get to experiment with a lot of hairstyles, and cosmetic accessories and see how you look. Some of the products include concealer, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, lipstick, etc.

Hairstyle for Your Face Shape App

This app aids you in achieving the perfect length and style by eliminating hairstyle guesswork. With this, you can walk out of the hair salon confidently. This haircut simulator analyses the photo you upload and generates a list of suggestions. It tests whether a pixie cut or a bob cut would be good or not.

Your Perfect Hairstyle – Women’s App

You can try a brand-new style, cut, or color. This app will help you decide what’s going to look best on you. You can experiment and see what you’d look like with curly hair, or with unexpected hair color. This is another fun app, especially meant for women.

Hairstyle Try on App

This is another app for women. The hairstyle options offered here have been deemed safe and wearable. One can choose between various lengths, hair colors, and hairstyles. With the help of the editor tool, you can tweak each one to further customize them.

Hairstyle Wizard

This app is compatible with only iOS devices and has great ratings on the iTunes store. Furthermore, you don’t need to use your own photo when you try out the different options. Once you are done, you can share the results on Facebook.


This app relies on 3D technology to convert it into a computerized model. You can customize your hair in various ways and can purchase additional haircuts. However, users can only use this app on Apple devices.

Hairstyle Apps


This is one of the most promoted apps online, and you can use this only on an iPad. You will get recommendations; save the styles you like and forward them to others. As you can imagine, this app is very addictive.

80s Hair

There are plenty of people who adore the classic 80’s haircuts and styles. If you are one of them, then this Hairstyle Apps is for you. You can try new designs and share them online.

These are some of the Hairstyle Apps that one can try out. If you need further examples for your essay, you can seek essay help online.

According to Fortune Business Insights™, The global hair extension market is projected to grow from $ 2.38 billion in 2021 to $ 3.43 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 5.3% in the forecast period, 2021-2028

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