Foundation in England: where to study and why?

If your goal is to graduate in England, it will take a lot of effort. And for all school children, this path often begins with a foundation program. Information on why you need it when you enrol in a British university and how it benefits you, and where you can study in this course, can be found below.

Why there is a need for a foundation in England

The Foundation Program in England is required for most applicants who have graduated from high school in another country. Usually, secondary school education takes 11 years, and in the UK – 12 years. This is a difference of one year, which the Foundation helps to compensate.

Skills are another important difference in high school education in England. After passing the GCSE exams, British students begin studying in the A level program. Mostly they study four subjects (often three or five), more precisely the ones that will be required for a university in the UK in their chosen speciality. This initial specialization allows them to access the moment of entry in specialized subjects with the best knowledge. It is difficult for different high school students who studied everything from physics to literature at the time to compete. However, a year of study in the Foundation program in the UK can close this gap.

What is being studied at the Foundation in England?

The Foundation Curriculum in the UK consists of several blocks:

  • Academic English
  • Profile items
  • Project work
  • Develop the skills needed to study

English lessons are on the Foundation’s daily student program. By the time this course is completed, the graduate can speak English fluently and specialize in vocabulary (biological, medical, legal, etc.) at the level required to study at the university.

The list of special subjects depends on the specialty selected. These are usually 3-4 key disciplines.

Foundation students in England are not limited to learning theory. The course includes a project that must be completed by an individual or a group. It can be a study of a problem with ways to solve it or some other work suggestions. The results of such a scheme should be included in the documentation package after admission to a university in the UK – this significantly increases the chances of admission.

The fourth block includes seminars that help the future student develop useful reading skills: the ability to write, present, collect and analyze information, and so on. If a student is just beginning to get acquainted with the education system in the UK, such as classes will be especially useful for him, because here the forms of work and testing of knowledge are different from the methods we use.

In England, the Foundation requires students to work hard throughout the study period. There are some online resources in the UK to help students in their Foundation tasks like Nursing Assignment Writing Service UK.

Foundation specialization in England

Before you start studying in the Foundation program, it is important to determine what the student intends to study in the undergraduate program in England. The list of options for preparation programs is long, and in it, you can find a course that matches any feature.

Foundation Programs Offer in England

  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Exact sciences
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Jurisprudence
  • Art and design

Where to get a foundation in the UK?

Many centres, schools and universities in England are offering undergraduate preparation for the Foundation Program. Therefore, in answering the question “what to read”, the next applicant has to answer the question “where”.

There are two training options for the Foundation program:

In a small centre, which is more like a school than a university in its structure.

This is the first case, the primary benefit will be the size of the learning centre. At the same time, hundreds of people can study in it, but the foundation group will not have more than 10 students, each of whom will be able to pay attention to the teachers. This type of training allows you to easily adapt to British education and is perfect for those who are not yet ready for maximum freedom on university campuses. Examples of such programs are Bell Foundation in Cambridge or University Foundation Year at Earls Cliff College.

At university with the opportunity to feel like a real student.

This is the second option, right on the university campus, where the student will continue to pursue undergraduate studies. Many universities in the UK collaborate with educational companies that provide such curricula, especially Kaplan Inc., INTO and others. In this case, the students of the Foundation program become full-fledged students of the university and can use the infrastructure i.e. libraries, laboratories, sports facilities. Students also live in university dormitories, that is, they can already get used to all the features of student life. Read more about this training option and its benefits in the article. “How to get admission to a prestigious university in England or the United States”.

The duration of the foundation program in England is usually one year. But there are fast course options that are suitable for students with English and solid knowledge in advanced subjects.

Foundation Program in England: Admission and Education with Ultra Education

The Foundation is a strong foundation for further undergraduate education at a UK university. But only if you have chosen the right skills and place to study.

In many cases, you don’t even have to go to the bachelor’s program at all – a place in the required speciality is guaranteed to everyone who has successfully completed the foundation course. UltraEducation Specialists will help you choose a program that allows you to take advantage of this.

Planning to get admission to the foundation in the UK, hope this article will help you.

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